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Sangsom special rum

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I had a very good time with a few bottles of that liquid but can't call that rum. I'd like to learn more about how it's made. More of a caramelly whisky to me.

It smells of lacquer, alcohol, molasses, barrel, but does not repel. In the mouth bitterness, sourness, burns moderately, it is swallowed easily. Burns the esophagus, heaviness in the abdomen, the head does not load. The taste does not attract, only supports the desire to get drunk.

En helt ok rom att använda som drinkingrediens.
Har provat den ren men detta är inget jag rekommenderar då smakerna försvinner av strykan då den är en aning vass.

. . . but not by much. This was less than $4 USD in a Thai convenience store so as long as your expectations are lowish you will be alright. Still better than Captain Morgan's. Just saying.

Ferien in Thailand, sun, fun and nothing to do, ganz ok !
Den Fruchtsaft oder eine Cola nicht vergessen !
Ein sehr alternativer Rum.

Vacation in Thailand, sun, fun and nothing to do, quite ok!
Don't forget the fruit juice or a cola!
A very alternative rum.

Has nothing to do with rum. Great for a thai bucket. Becarefull with the hangovers

Ich war angenehm überrascht als ich im Urlaub in Thailand diesen Rum probiert habe. Angenehm mild eignet er sich wunderbar für einen klasse Cuba Libre.

Found this nice bottle in a Asian store in Flensburg, Germany, and it was also very cheap. Going to taste it in very near future :)

Typically thai this is strongly flavoured and the taste has nothing to do with rum anymore. After tasting I understand, why Thai people call this whiskey and not rum. They add spicy herbs to create a unique flavour, but that takes much getting used to. I think, this is quite similar to the thai Mekhong rum, but slightly better drinkable. Still not my preferred rum...

Alkohol: 40 %
Původ: Thajsko
Aroma: Koženě-karamelová vůně s trochou medové nasládlosti. (75 b)
Chuť: Karamel, kůže. Mírně nasládlý. Dá se říct, že chutná přesně tak, jako voní. Jen v chuti z něj trochu lacině trčí líh. (73 b)
Body: 74
Shrnutí: Dostal jsem vzorek od kamaráda, který měl lahev jako suvenýr z dovolené a dal mi 50 ml lékovku na překoštování. Čekal jsem mnohem větší průšvih. Není to sice nic světoborného, ale ani nic podivného nebo nepitelného. S colou určitě dobrá volba. Navíc byl prý hodně levný, pak asi není co řešit, na běžné popíjení v pohodě.

A boire dans un bucket avec du soda et une paille... vous voilà en Thaïlande pour une soirée fullmoon sur une belle plage. Souvenir...

Friends brought this back from a pan-Asian rumfest (don't ask). I was immediately struck by the distinctive aroma of flowers and incense. A little weird, to be sure, but not unpleasant. I have no idea whether this is "rum" as we know it, but it's certainly drinkable, and much less offensive than anything from the swill-mongers who produce Bacardi and Captain Morgan. Oh, and by the way, it's a decent accompaniment to Thai food...

While in Thailand, drink Thai rum!

Does it get any worse than this?

I had this at a rum event as a taster and honestly I wouldn't use it as dishwasher detergent let alone consume it... I spat it straight out and the burn from it was incredibly bad... Horrible keep well away

Un thai ? Pourquoi pas. Mais celui ci sera meilleur si il est mélangé. ..surtout pas sec !

A caramel and spice taste predominates. This is a cheap and cheerful drink. Mix it and enjoy your Thai time or memories of it.

peut être en cocktail, mais même pour ca il y a mieux...

It was sangsom that got me into rum drinking. For all haters out there try it as an Agricole and add a tiny splash of 50 % sugar water mix. It ain't quorhum but for me it's not far away considering the the price if you stay in Thailand as a farang. With the aviation ticket we have a totally different price per liter.

There is a lotta of alkohol in it.. But not much rum.

All you can expect from a Thai rum, it works with mixers and cola but not straight.

SangSom is not exactly what we can Call Rum. Taste of the rum not really here because caramel flavour is up on everything.

But ... if you drink Rum with Cola and not appreciate really taste of Rum, merger between Cola and SangSom is ok !

This has few equals. A unique almost spiced rum very good indeed an excellent mixing rum

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So this bottle of SangSom was probably one of the badest rums I've ever tasted. Thailand wasn't a good rum maker in my mind before and still stays...

Considering Thailand is the last place I'd expect to find a half decent rum, Sang Som was a welcome surprise. Won't win any awards for taste but I'd recommend a try if you're in the Far East.