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As far as I know this is the only rum on the market infused with macadamia nuts. You can smell the nuttiness in the bottle but there is also a distinct sweetness to it. Tasting it reveals a whole lotta sweetness to it along with the macadamia flavor. Very unique. But is there rum in there? The flavors from the nuts and also the fruit and vegetable juices (for color according to the label but it's gotta be affecting the flavor) make it more of a liqueur than a standard flavored rum especially being 35% ABV (70 proof). Definitely not a sipping rum but one to use in mixed drinks especially tropical ones. Anyone for a Mojito or Mai Tai with this? I'd like to try it in a hurricane. I think it would be better if they cut back on the sweetness just a little. Definitely a one-of-a-kind rum to have on hand to give your mixed drinks a nice uniqueness. (Also it seems like some of the reviewers were reviewing the Sammy's Beach Bar Rum which is a white/silver rum and completely different from the Red Head macadamia nut infused rum.)

strong spirits, a mouth feel like tequila. Good in a mixer, but that's it.

The reddish color should have been an indication to how much it would taste like rum. It reminded me of a strong cough syrup with a consistency similar as well. Unfortunately it’s now a decorative bottle instead of a treat to have occasionally.

Pretty disappointed. Looked forward to trying this one for a while? Very heavy on the syrupy robitussin flavor. Light on the macadamia nut. However it may be good as a mixer. I haven't completely given up yet.

This rum "product" is way to sweet. I cannot think of what kind of cocktail to pair it with. Maybe it would be good in a coffee drink or baked into a cake.

Opened the bottle and the first thing you notice is the strong scent of macadamia nuts. The next surprise is the red color when you pour it into a glass. The taste is not your typical rum taste. The taste of macadamia nuts is the only thing I can taste. It actually tastes more like Amaretto or Frangelico than rum. It has a good taste, just not for a rum

Not bad, not special.Funky Jamaican pot still type flavor which admittedly I rarely care for. Not worth the price.

Did not like very much tasted like tequila should be a goid mixing rum for fruit drinks that is about it

This is a smooth sailing sipper. The taste of the sip is not main stream. It is a funky alternative to other American made white rums. I call it an American white agricole. I would rate this in preference higher to some white agricole if looking for a clean sipper not overly intense. It is very smooth and not harsh at all just tastes a bit different than your standard white rum.

Not what I expected for a white rum, definitely pot stil flavors. Not great straight but interesting flovors with coke.

Great rum for mixed drinks. Crisp yet a bit fruity

Good mixer, great taste.