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Sailor jerry spiced rum

Sailor Jerry’s Spiced rum is crafted from a blend of Caribbean rums that are blended and infused with spices and other flavors including vanilla and cinnamon.

The rum is produced by Sailor Jerry Ltd., a company founded to honor the sailor-turned-tattoo artist, Norman “Sailor Jerry” Collins.

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If I'm going sailing, its with my buddy Jerry.
Chances are if I've got only one bottle of rum in the house, It will be Sailor Jerry.
It is the go to rum for my roommate and myself.
whilst I do still try other rums, If I need a safe choice, I'll take Jerry.

the hint of Vanilla makes It go Especially good with Coke. (I mean, Vanilla rum and coke! heck yeah!)
However this doesn't limit it, I found That SJ makes quite a good Daiquiri

The Simplest Term to Describe SJ is that it is "Ghettolicious" It's Quite cheap. being only about a dollar or so more than your average to low end rum
Yet it just smells. tastes. mixes so well that I can't see myself grabbing something else consistently

This popular rum is really well marketed, and it's "OK", but may be a little over-rated. It's colour is a decent amber with a bit of a red tinge. It definitely smells of vanilla... I can't quite say what the spices are, besides vanilla, however I think I taste nutmeg/allspice and it has a bit of a harsh "peppery" finish, which I'm not too fond of. Good with a cola, but's there's so many other options...

Introduced to this by a Bother-in-law. A very nice spiced rum. Aroma is almost candy. That burnt sugar/caramel smell is a delight.
Sweet to the taste. Caramel, butterscotch and a touch of vanilla.I do get a bit of a tongue burn, but a smooth swallow with very sweet after taste. Real good with cola. Not at all bad with a rock - straight up

I don't have enough room for all the sailor jerry tattoos I want because of the pleasure jerry has brought me and my top party companions.

Sailor Jerry spiced has a lighter spice taste than some spiced rums, that doesn't make it a lightweight though.
I drink it with 7up, ice and a piece of lime. I love the vanilla and caramel undertones.

And the tattoo stickers under the label have become collectibles and are now decorating my fridge.

Not a bad Rum and a spicey one at that with a touch of vanilla and a kick like a mule but it is over priced compared with others of the same kind and that is its down fall.

Spiced rum is a tough category, and if your going to buy it off the shelf of a standard liquor store, Sailor Jerry's is a fine choice, and will go great in cocktails. You could probably do better with El Dorado Spiced or Crusoe, or better yet make your own!

Sailor Jerry spiced and Ginger beer is a lovely drink, try the 'firery' ginger beer for an extra kick.

Wouldn't normally be trying a spiced rum like this, but adventures in tiki drink making brought me here. And it works wonderfully! Makes a great Krakatoa punch!

Rhum dégageant d'agréables arômes. Doux en dégustation

Wow..very nice.alot smoother then i expected.. alot of vanilla and almond flavor..will always keep a bottle..........or 2 of the sailor around...great rum

Extremely strong & sweet vanilla aromas, vanilla again in mouth with leathery warm finish, tobacco there too.
In the end I was nicely surprised by this spiced rum. It is definitely not an everyday's rum as I would be rapidly fed up with the monotone flavour but an interesting once in a while sip...

I go finally got around to drinking this and have to say it was nice. I would go as far as saying it's better than Capt. MORGANS spiced rum but depending on who you ask that is not saying much. Its all about whay you desire in a spiced rum. For me it was a hearty drink full of flavor and just enough bite. If anything it would make a great mixer. Especially for a different breed of mojitos.

I glad to find so many spiced rums other than the Captain on shelves here. Sailor Jerry has done a nice job of sailing in a bit of a different direction. The spice is much bolder. I notice the bottle on this site shows as 80 proof but we have a much higher octane on our shelves. Also not sure what they mean by "The Original", are there other versions? I haven't seen anything but 96 proof and that grade detracts a bit for me; perhaps saying more about me as a wimp. The strong alcohol burn is not what I seek in a rum but I like most else about it. The back story is great with one of the tattoo artist's hula girls on the label but its only a story; the rum is what counts most.

Very good rum....But strong....

Preferred over Captain Morgan

This is a solid rum however I have found it really only works well with Coke or Pepsi.

Not really smooth enough to sip, but makes for a good mixer.

Not the same since they changed the recipe, too sweet now, can only have 1 or 2 at the end of an evening really

I'm very picky about spiced rums and this just doesn't make the cut. Good price I guess.

Ok but not my favorite spiced rum. Vanilla and a mix of other flavors and spices but very sweet.

I have recently tried this on recommendation. Just doesn't do it for me. Got a taste in there somewhere that I don't like but can't put my finger on it

I've had a love/hate relationship with Sailor Jerry for the past several years. I love to put it in a nice mix of coke or cocktail and he congratulates me with highly embarrassing moments amongst friends and strangers alike. Still my favorite rum mixer. Even though it has a bite, it's still nicely spiced and gets the job done. I love to go sailing with Sailor Jerry.

This was the first spiced rum, it may not be the best but I liked it with coke. I'm excited to try different types because this was a fine introduction!