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Rum bar white overproof rum

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6 Rum-Bar White Overproof ratings

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Le meilleur mixer overproof que je connaisse. Un véritable stinky rum dunder style et distillé en pot still. Incroyablement puissant et avec des notes douces de réglisse et de fruit à noyau très mur. Terrific en ti punch et peut se boire pur aussi mais en petite quantité bien sûr.

molasses. dry rum. white rum. overproof 63%
i´ve tried this rum in berlin directly from alexander kong from worthy park. great guy, great rum.
as a lover of white rum i had to taste this. very mild, smooth and fruity. great taste. little peppery notes. great jamaica taste!
like i understood, it will be relaunched under worthy park.

It's not as gasoline-like as Bacardi 151 but this sucker packs a punch and demands respect. This isn't for sippin' or shots. This rum is for a big bowl of punch!

It is an ok taste but has to be mixed with something or it gets overbearing.


A great ovenproof to mix in punch. Found this at a state store in South Philly.