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Definitely the worst I ever tried without mixing. Smells so strongly like bananas that I didn't want to eat a single banana for a month. Doesn't go with Coca-Cola either. Perhaps a fantastic ingredient in a dessert, but absolutely undrinkable. 11.December i romkalenderen 2017

63% ABV. N: Bananas, salt, smoke, baby powder. Very briny. Agricole funk (with fermented corn). Big and salty. Medium finish.

Very good. I generally love Worthy Park rums, but this marque is a bit too raw and briny. Not quite as good as the venerable W&N (but I do prefer it to Rum Fire). They are all delightfully different, though.

8-, 7+

Worthy Park, 63%, white overproof. Aromas of pure Jamaican funk! Lots of green bananas, olives in brine, blue cheese, petrol or varnish. On the palate, hot(because 63%), ester heavy with green herbaceous undertones. Vegetal and sweet with almond notes. I love this rum. The funkier the better.

What can I say.. Etanol fuel tequila something something yuk..

Dette er det værste jeg har smagt. Har en smag i munden som om jeg lige har kastet op.

Oh my God, this has to be the worst "everything I've ever tasted.

The extreme synthetic smell and aroma could wake up a dead man...

I'm lost for words on this one, even after 5 minutes of building curage to actually taste a tiny sip (had to goole it to find out if it was supposed to smell this bad) I still had to spit this foul liquid out.

Got his thing as a 20ml sample in a rum christmas calneder, so I can only say that it was an interesting experience, albeit the horrible tatste.


Le meilleur mixer overproof que je connaisse. Un véritable stinky rum dunder style et distillé en pot still. Incroyablement puissant et avec des notes douces de réglisse et de fruit à noyau très mur. Terrific en ti punch et peut se boire pur aussi mais en petite quantité bien sûr.

molasses. dry rum. white rum. overproof 63%
i´ve tried this rum in berlin directly from alexander kong from worthy park. great guy, great rum.
as a lover of white rum i had to taste this. very mild, smooth and fruity. great taste. little peppery notes. great jamaica taste!
like i understood, it will be relaunched under worthy park.

It's not as gasoline-like as Bacardi 151 but this sucker packs a punch and demands respect. This isn't for sippin' or shots. This rum is for a big bowl of punch!

It is an ok taste but has to be mixed with something or it gets overbearing.


A great ovenproof to mix in punch. Found this at a state store in South Philly.