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Ron viejo de caldas 3 year rum

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12 Ron Viejo de Caldas 3-Year ratings

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This is a cane juice rum similar to the rhum agricoles and as such will have an unusual grassy, vegetal taste and aroma. It is quite good especially for the $12-15 pricetag, but not that commonly found. I have not yet gotten ahold of the 8 yr but am looking forward to trying it at some point.

Strong aroma and taste of candied bananas, kind of easy to drink (I assume it has a lot of added sugar). Disgusting!

I could not believe my eyes this getting an above average rating! Even Colombians avoid this "gasolina"!

To relax after an stress week, the flavor of this Rum bring me to my mind when i was having good time in Colombia after hard work

it s a rum to drink as a cuba libre..flat but not bad

If you are just looking for a cheap rum for rum and coke this will do. However, for anything else this falls very short.

Most people like to use intricate vocabulary for meticulously critiquing a rum. I am not one of those people. To put in the most basic terms, this tastes like walnuts, and nothing else

regular rum to mix with due to the high continent of alcohol

Da schau her. Rum aus Kolumbien. Nicht der Highclass Rum aber doch eine Erfahrung. Auch nicht schlecht. Mir zu alkoholisch

un gran dorado para disfrutar solo o con gaseosa cola

It is perfect to drink on the rocks in a very cold day

An interesting taste, but I'd like to try a longer aged product for sipping.