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Ron quorhum 23 year rum

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59 Ron Quorhum 23-Year ratings

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I bought this rum on recommendation when I was searching for sweet rums. I was a bit disappointed when I was comparing this rum to other sweet rums that I like.

This rum smells sweet fruit and some smoke and barrel. When the rum rests for a while in the glass it has a very nice, mild, sweet, vanilla, caramel and smoky aroma.

In the mouth there is a lot of alcohol, spices and smoke. The sweetness is there but not much. I also sense barrel and a bit of whiskey. This rum is a bit more powerful and sharp than I am use too.

The aftertaste is long with smoke, sweetness and barrel.

I am not sure how to handle this rum. I will probably give it to a friend that can appreciate more than I can.

Something to discuss with a friend. Aromas that intrigue your mind. Cigar and spices? Well I ain't no pro but it tastes so damned good. Whisky is for sissies. Where's my parrot?

Gillar den här!
Vacker mörk färg, söt fyllig doft och kraftig smak

This one is similar to 30.. The 30 years is better but in such small differences that the 30 years old don´t make up for the pricetag in my oppionion..

It's a solera, didn't know this until after I drank it.
Very dark rum, probably added colouring. Sweet but not overly sweet. Notes of arrack, wood, caramel, dark fruits and hints of smoke. Smooth. It's a lot of sugar in this rum, 46 g/l, almost same amount as Diplomatico reserva exclusiva that one is way more sweet than this one.

Funny that most people (including me) rating this rum is swedish. hah. Skål!

Muž a žena se podvědomě přitahují již svou vůní. Kdybych byl rumová žena, tak podle vůně bych právě našel svého rumového manžela. Okamžitá stobodová hranice za vůni mi podlomila kolena a jen židle pode mnou zabránila jistému pádu. Nebyl jsem připraven na tak fantastickou vůni hned na první dobrou, a proto jsem si ji užíval dobrých dvacet minut, než jsem poprvé zakusil i chuť. Mezitím jsem spřádal plány na vstupenku prvního zástupce do rumového nebe, čili k hodnocení číslo 10. A možná toto až neférové očekávání nakonec třiadvacetiletý Ron Quorhum těsně před branou zastavilo. V chuti pokračovalo skvělé představení lehce nasládlého karamelového charakteru, kterému ale chyběl ten poslední kousek skládanky, který v oné počáteční vůni představovala čistá vanilka postavená jakoby nad ostatní prvky vůně. Lahodná, beze stop alkoholu zůstala i dochuť, vše je tedy sladěné a vyvážené do komplexního celku. Právě jsem uvolnil místo ve svém baru a začal stopovat i staršího 30-letého bratra.

I have an old bottle at home, so maybe it is not as good. It is quite strong alcoholic. The 15yo was better to me a little bit.

Un rhum bien equilibre, doux. Un tres bon choix pour un prix plus que raisonnable.

Sweet and fairly easy to drink. Not as smooth as QRM 30 though. This one is heavier on the alcohol and less pleasant on the nose. Good dram, but not awesome.

This is a smooth one. Taste: fruity and sweet caramel, nose: caramel and vanilia

More sweet than 15Y.nice smell finally. Longer taste, Mild taste.

Nice golden browon colour. In the nose some licorice and some oak. The same on the tongue. Unfortunately there sets in some rather heavy burning of alcool on the tonge and in the palate. There is not much that stays. A little bit of oak, maybe.

A good rum to start with if you haven't tried aged rums before. Excellent value for the price!

Smak kontra pris ger en extremt prisvärd rom. Fyllig, söt med fin färg!

Un Quorhum autentic, plăcut, aromat si aftertaste deosebit. Absolut tot ce vrei debla un rom matur, serios fără păcăleli. Un rom cu care impresionezi pe orice cunoscători. Oricând.

Clasic Oliver rum, good texture, good aftertaste, nice colour. Woody and wild fruits in nose. Worth every penny.


en bra och prisvärd rom att dricka med vänner en sen kväll

This is a complete Rum. Smells and tastes great.
The product is Complexe and includes everything a well made Rum should taste of... at a reasonable price. Bravo! Next time I`ll try the 30-year old and I`m looking forward to it.

In der Nase karamellisierte Banane in Orangen-Honig-Sauce. Auf der Zunge zurückhaltender und mild. Leicht holzige Würze und dezente Rauchnote. Mittellanger Abgang.

Little light and not as flavorful as one could wish for

Very dark color, great smell. Taste nutty and maybe little to sweet. Like it anyway.

Nice taste. Maybe a bit too sweet but still good. Lots of other tastes.

In a very distinct bottle, there is a light brown rum tasting after raisins and caramel. The rum is quite sweet. Wanna taste the 30-Year soon, already have the bottle in my rum cabinet...

Ron Quorhum XO 23 42% (Dominican Republic)

Eye: Reddish flat Coke

Nose: It is so direct in its overwhelming sweetness it is difficult to imagine the taste being nothing but the same as the smell. It is round, sweet, fat and oily and absolutely smacked with burnt sugar, treacle, cotton candy, honey and embrowned butter. It gives away a notion of what it would be like to drink rich mahogany and resin. There is also a faint layer of stale Cola and a rather wonderful whiff of wet nettles. As top notes we find some flowery citrus and a touch of old dry leather. Despite the pleasant notes the overall olfactory experience is not that impressive. The alcohol burn is well balanced but I seem to lack a depth other than the immense sweetness. It has a (s)low development when poured but I think it is safe to say this is and will continue to be – a sugar bomb! Coming back to it I find some orange pralines, oak vanilla and molasses. Pretty heavy stuff in its simplicity.

Mouth: What surprises me at first is the power of heavy weight alcohol. It is a pleasant surprise I might ad. I would have thought it would be bland and weak. What does not surprise me though is the repugnant liquid sugar flow that smothers every attempt of other tastes to compete for the attention of my taste buds. I could be imagining but it feels like my teeth hurt. It is so sweet it can nearly be percepted as sour, just like very cold ice can appear to be hot. It is round, smooth and ingratiating but in a slimy, off putting way. The alcohol burn is excellent and there are definitely some forgiving features, scents and flavors in this fat, oily bastard but nothing can compensate for the crazy over load eruption of floating sugar.

Reaction: I think it is pretty obvious this is not a buddy of mine. I don´t see how anyone can enjoy this as a serious spirit. The price is alright I guess and the bottle is super cool (I drink from the cubic one) but this rum reminds me more of an insecure bully in need of a shower than a refined old gentleman with wits and wisdom. Of course we cannot all be astute and well-mannered but one can at least try. The quote for this one, pertaining the sugar level, will be taken from “This Is Spinal Tap” and the comment on their amplifiers: “these go to eleven”.


Price: 369 SEK (500ml)
Tasted: 2016, in a Riedel Sommelier Cognac XO glass at room temperature.