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Ron quorhum 23 year rum

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I bought this rum on recommendation when I was searching for sweet rums. I was a bit disappointed when I was comparing this rum to other sweet rums that I like.

This rum smells sweet fruit and some smoke and barrel. When the rum rests for a while in the glass it has a very nice, mild, sweet, vanilla, caramel and smoky aroma.

In the mouth there is a lot of alcohol, spices and smoke. The sweetness is there but not much. I also sense barrel and a bit of whiskey. This rum is a bit more powerful and sharp than I am use too.

The aftertaste is long with smoke, sweetness and barrel.

I am not sure how to handle this rum. I will probably give it to a friend that can appreciate more than I can.

This one is similar to 30.. The 30 years is better but in such small differences that the 30 years old don´t make up for the pricetag in my oppionion..

Something to discuss with a friend. Aromas that intrigue your mind. Cigar and spices? Well I ain't no pro but it tastes so damned good. Whisky is for sissies. Where's my parrot?

Gillar den här!
Vacker mörk färg, söt fyllig doft och kraftig smak

Sázka na javorový sirup v kombinaci s karamelem a podpořeným rozinkami, je pro mne neotřelá, ale velmi příjemná a rozpoznatelná vůně. Rum tedy získal zajímavý originální rukopis, což se rozhodně nepodaří každému. Vůně jsou vyvážené, rozeznáte jejich individualitu a zároveň žádná nenarušuje celkovou harmonii. V chuti citelně sladký, s karamelovo-rozinkovým tělem i známkou alkoholového podtextu, završený dlouhou dochutí. Vše působí na velmi vysoké úrovni, jako většina produktů z dílny značky Oliver & Oliver. Na druhou stranu nemohu ovšem také opomenout, že celkový dojem v mých očích bohužel snižují následné dva faktory. Za prvé pochybil marketing, při velmi lacině vyrobených samolepkách, kartonu i zátce, které degradují prezentační podporu produktu takové ceny a úrovně. A za druhé zejména fakt, že aby výrobce dosáhl kýženého výsledku, dosladil uměle rum o 46 gramů cukru na litr, aniž by se slůvkem zmínil. Proti tomuto skrytému triku se naštěstí postupně vzbouří jakékoliv trénovanější chuťové pohárky, které onu zvýšenou sladkost v ústech avizují již zhruba od třetí skleničky.

It's a solera, didn't know this until after I drank it.
Very dark rum, probably added colouring. Sweet but not overly sweet. Notes of arrack, wood, caramel, dark fruits and hints of smoke. Smooth. It's a lot of sugar in this rum, 46 g/l, almost same amount as Diplomatico reserva exclusiva that one is way more sweet than this one.

Funny that most people (including me) rating this rum is swedish. hah. Skål!

This is one of my absolute favorites, second only to the 30 year version of QRM. So rich in its bouquet, full with caramel, nuts and sugarcane. The taste is also heavy with caramel and sweetness, sugarcane especially, but after tasting the 30 year old version, which has a slightly pronounced hint of tar I also found it in the 23 year QRM. Slight and very pleasant peat (if you can use that term on a rum). A little sharp alcohol sting, but slowly sipping this one in your favorite couch on a Friday night is pure heaven. One of my top choices!

Denne yngre "orm" er ganske ok lidt mere krads, men ellers sød som 30 års

A price worthy rum in Sweden now sold in the same 50cl bottle as Unhiq.
Nice aroma of sweetness and nuts. The taste is quite sweet (vanilla) with significant notes of barrel.
As a summary it’s powerful and sweet in a quite nice combination.
Right now I don’t have it on my Spanish shelf. Instead I have the Quorhum 30, but haven’t tested it yet. Maybe the “23” will come back after that test.

Inte en favorit. Passar bättre med cola än ren. Kommer ikväll inte att köpas igen

In a word... buttery. In more words.... buttery with loads of vanilla, some cinnamon. French toast in a glass without being sickengly sweet.

I really enjoyed this one, lovely scent and nice sweet taste, more smooth than the younger 12 and 15 YO.

To start with, the bottle looks fantastic. This was one of the first bottles of better rums that I was recommended when I started getting more interested in rum. I love how it smells, how it looks and how it tastes.

It smells of many different spices, yet it's sweet. It made me very curious to how it would taste and I was not disappointed.

It tastes as it smells but a lot more. Everything about it just explodes and it becomes so much and its just lovely to sit and experience a whole world of spice and sweetness. It clearly tastes of cask and but still has a lot of other flavors such as chocolate, orange, coffee and vanilla. Loved it at first and I still do. It sits at the top of my cabinet has been there since it first came there!

Jeg elsker denne serie, og synes 15,eren er rigtig god. Men jeg tænker mere på 12,eren når jeg drikke denne. Fin smag, men synes hurtigt den forlader munden

The Ron Quorhum brand is very difficult to find this side of the world , i liked the 12 which i bought in NZ so i thought i'll give the 23 a shot.. Lovely colour in bottle but no doubt its been added like most Dom. Rep. rums have. Rich aroma of caramel, toffee and spices.. left in glass for 20 mins as usual , tastes very sweet but not cloyingly so , plenty of heat in the mouth which i like , wood , spices , honey , brown sugar all come through.. nice finish but not long as i expected after the warmth in the mouth.
Typical Oliver & Oliver product , they know how to dress up a rum.. very similar to Ron Esclavo XO and Presidente Marti !9 (without the chocolate )
I brought a bottle of the Quorum 30 back with me from the UK , cant wait to compere it with the 23 as its rates so highly on Rumratings !

Äntligen!!! Min första 10-poängare! En sanslöst god rom! Den blev snabbt min nya favorit!!!

Ikke funnet den på polet i Norge så må til Svergie, men det er verdt det. Rund og god sikkelig kose rom😁 Mørk og fin

Oak, warm and complete mouth filling experience! One of the better rums.

Denna rom är jävligt god i ett par cl, härlig hasselnöt och choklad men sötman tar över och blir för klibbig, alltså den blir för söt. Måste prova 30 åringen och hoppas på att den inte är lika söt.

A sweet and nice rum, maybe a little bit to sweet...

I like sweet rums and was a bit disappointed. Smell and taste rather average...

For the nose it's straight in your face full of different aromas from fruits and caramel. The taste strikes you in the same way. Rich and full of exotic fruits and caramel. The taste stays in your mouth for a long time after you sipped it. If you like plums this is for you and it's sugery as hell. Not for me.

Nez savoureux avec des notes de caramel qu'on retrouve en bouche. Une finition boisée qui manque d'accroche et d'allonge.

Ve vuni opravdu sladky. Klasicky rum, vanilka,karamel. Na prvni dotek jazyka celkem sladky. Postupne prejde do celkem velky sily. Je celkem citit alkohol, pepr. Dozvuk je pomerne dlouhy a prijemny.