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Ron mulata anejo 15 year rum

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25 Ron Mulata Anejo 15-Year ratings

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from the moment u sip it u feel your palate delighted by a wonderfull strong banana and papaya taste, rich woody notes well ballanced by the smooth after. although the after could have been longer.

My friend bought It from Cuba, and it’s top 3 I have ever drunk. Full of aromas and flavoures

Sec. Dur! Un rom foarte serios, fără adaosuri inutile. Nu se joacă. Nu e glumă. E.. Rom! Sec e spirtos. Cu multă gheață e o plăcere deosebită. Gustul de butoi persistent. Ăsta nu merge în mix-uri.. Este romul pe care îl bei pentru o poveste specială.. Nu îl guști.. Dacă vrei rom corect, ăsta e unul..

Gold color!
Sweet Medium
Dry in mouth
Good taste

Ron Mulata 15 year is so dry that it tastes like a cognac and what a burn at the end of the experience. I can totally understand high marks from folks who like their rums dry, but I'm a sweet rum drinker and the Mulata 15 year struggles to earn even a 5 on my tasting.

This is a top of the line Cuban rum. Smooth and lighter start than some of its aged Cuban peer rums, but solid finish. Mulata 15 can compete with a Havana Club 15 yr old but is considerably cheaper. Goes very well with medium bodied cigars.

Purchased in Cuba for $75 CUC (~$75 USD) along with bottles of Santiago de Cuba 11 yr ($40 CUC) and Santiago de Cuba 12 yr ($50 CUC). I really enjoyed the SdC 12 (cannot compare with SdC 11 yr as it has not been opened yet) but this Rum is even better than the SdC 12. Fruity to the nose and sweet (but not from added sugar) this premium Rum is well worth the price. Absolutely delicious. Too bad it is not available for purchase at home. Excellent Cuban Rum.
Update: I have sipped on this rum on two more occasions and like it better each time. I realize rating is subjective to one's own preferences and to me this is a 10, hence my new rating.


Smooth, fruity with a wooden touch.
Great choice for its price segment. Especially for those who do not like it to sweet.


Good product. Good taste. Not too sweet. Not too spicy.

Za tuto cenu velmi dobrý rum, ale pokud máte radši jemnější rumy na popjíení na terase, tak tenhle asi nebude úplně to pravé.

molasses. dry rum.
my impressions are leather, spice, banana, little smoke, wood. as a whole the rum comes very thin, but elegant. simple and good. and a good buy. for its age maybe a little too weak.

En rom som har karakter, den er krydret og ikke særlig sød, den har noget at byde på som klassisk rom

One of the best ron i ever had. Thank you Ron Mulata

Ron Mulata Anejo 15-Year er udmærket Cuba rom, med en kraftig duft, smagen er ikke for sød.

Super smooth.Not sweet at all. Comparing with other cuban rhum the Mulata 15 years is a sure shot imo better than a santiego de cuba 12 or Santero 11.

I expected more from this 15 year rum! It must been stored in Whiskey cask. It gets better after around 15 minutes briefing.

The look and smell in the glass is nice, and in the mouth its sweet and with a bit of toast, but then its gone. It just fades away Quick with a hint of sweetness but then its gone.

Good rum, but not for the money. I ordered pure for sipping but ended up mixing it with coke. I dindn't expect it so strong for a 15yo.

Plus sec, moins fruité, j'aime les rhums plus doux et moins epicé

nice soft taste, beautiful colour, luxury Bottle. Drink it pure!!!

De color ambar oscuro aportado por las baricas usadas en su anejamiento prolongado, se categoriza como un ron anejo oscuro. De aroma persistente, fuerte moderado, frutal moderado, con notas de frutos secos, coco y vanilla. En el sabor se presenta untuoso, llneado muy bien el paladar, grasoso largo y duradero, ligeramente ardiente. Exquisito para tomar solo o con hielo.

Wieder mal ein leckerer Rum aus Kuba. Zu empfehlen

Low tones in the nose. Covered with the pure scent of alcohol. The taste has a bit of a kick in it.. The finish leaves you with the taste of whisky. In my tasting there is to little sugar and body in this rum..

Der 15-Jahre alte Rum ist ein kräftiger Rum der nicht zu jeder Gelegenheit passt. Ich trinke ihn durch seinen scharfen Geschmack gerne in Cocktails.