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Sharp sweet sugar cane aroma with a feather tickle of alcohol on the nose. First taste slaps that ass with a sugar cane flavor you find in agricoles but without an overwhelming grassy vegetal taste. Goes down with no alcohol bite on the tongue or in the chest. The back end has a rich burnt sugar flavor that is just shy of being too heavy. Definitely a sweet one, and definitely delicious. I can see going through a whole bottle quickly since its such an easy sipper. Would like a touch more heat though, like some hot candle wax drippings ;) Worth having in your collection because of the sexy ass bottle and that sexy ass flavor.


While not the thickest rum, I have tasted, the taste just lasts and lasts and....
You'll find notes of banana and roasted nuts along with vanilla.

Nå man første gang hælder denne rom op i glasset vil man bemærke de kraftige "gardiner" der er på glasset. XO er både sødere men også kraftigere i smagen end sin lillebror 15'eren.

Lækker fed fylde, super duft og smag, med en god lang eftersmag.
Absolut et genkøb.

The Ron Millonario XO might be the top rum in my collection. Paid $125 and had it shipped to Chicagoland from the UK. To my knowledge, I bought the last bottle. As good as it is, you really can't justify the price. I am a serious rum collector and the top rums (rated by yours truly) in my collection are listed below. Many are a fraction of the price and almost as good. In a blind tasting, any of them could win, including the cheapest one, the $20 a bottle five year old Plantation. No serious rum consumer would ever mix any of these rums with anything. If God drinks, he drinks these rums. If the public every knew how good these rums really are, cognac sales would fall off the map. The aged rums are simply better. There are several hundred rums in my collection, but I am only listing the best of them below. I have attempted to list them by price. I don't drink much these days, but I sniff every bottle, every day. Mortals can only dream about pairing these rums with a limited edition Augusto Reyes cigar. They have some age now and they are wonderful. They are also available in the US. One of the few as good as the real Cubans. Enjoy the journey. Aged rum is nothing less than the history of America in a glass. A cognac glass no less. Like other mass produced products, I don't like anything from Bacardi. I am also not a fan of Appleton or Mount Gay rums. If you want an excellent and low cost rum for mixing, buy the Cruzan from St Croix for $11.

Ron Millonario XO (Peru)
Ron Zacapa Solera 23 (Guatemala)
Plantation Extra Old 20th Anniversary (Barbados, but shipped to France for aging)
Vizcaya Cask No 21 (Dominican)
Zaya Gran Reserva (Trinidad)
Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva (Venezuela)
Pampero Aniversario Reseva Exclusiva (Venezuela)
El Dorado 12 (Guyana)
Atlantico Private Cask (Dominican)
Plantation Grand Reserve Five Year (Barbados, but shipped to France first)

Virkelig lækker Rom, har ikke endnu smagt en med bedre smag og især eftersmag, lækker lækker

Sweet no alcohol aftertaste, luxurios my favorit so far for the a little more expensive rums you dont drink often.

Crushed sugar cane on the nose, with some dried fruits.

Immediate honey and vanilla to taste, with a very light almost watery (not in a bad way) middle. Then a slight vegatal taste which rapidly transitions into a quick burn and then more honey and vanilla.

Some tropical citrus flits in and out as well.

This really has to be a significant part of any rum lovers collection.

Subtile, doux, rond et homogène. Une attaque sans éthanol, pour une suite incroyablement maitrisée. Très complexe, de nombreuses notes fruitées, vanille, sucre cuit, légèrement boisé. Génial.

Edit : après m'être longuement renseigné ce rhum contient beaucoup de sucre ajouté. Je laisse ma note initiale mais j'ai les boules pour 90€...

A beautiful bottle in an nice package. When you smell the rum you get a lot of fruit. The taste is very sweet with some vanilla and syrup. A little bit of spice at the end.

Definitely a easy to drink sipper that goes well with some sweet chocolate.

If you are new to the world of rum and want to have a very nice and easy to drink sipper I highly recommend this rum.


This is a great rum, no doubt about it. Many different flavours and the aftertaste lasts. Maybe its just me, but I find the taste of banana too powerfull. I like it, but I think it is overpriced - therefore 8 and not 9.

Sugar: 42 gpl. A very sweet but flavorful rum. Maybe just a touch too sweet for some which is why I downgraded this from a 10 to a 9. The sweetness, smoothness, and the flavors are well balanced. In the glass it has a wonderful aroma like fresh baked pie or cookies. It is hard to stop smelling and proceed to sip, but you will. I describe the taste profile as Bananas, coconut, toffee, spices and just a touch of almonds and apple. If this was a food it would be similar to Banoffee pie. No afterburn or sharpness, just a lovely glowing of warmth in your throat. The taste lasts and lasts. If you see this available buy 2 bottles! It's so good that this will lead to a hoarding disorder. If you are hosting a tasting, save this one for the last.

Denne rom er gennemført. Sød men ikke for sød, masser af nuancer.
Mester rom !

This rum covers a wide base of rim drinkers and those who are new to the world of rum. Just delicious and an absolute must have.

King Kong is in my mouth! :-)) Incredible taste, incredible aftertaste, so smooth, so good, I can stop. Trully fantastic!


Soy amante del ron y creo haber probado la mayoria de marcas en casi todos los paises donde se produce ron. Definitivamente Ron Millonario xo es el mejpr ron de todos los que he probado en mi cida. Inclusive rones mucho mas añejos y caros

A rum made with lots of added sugar (44g / Liter) and additives should never be called "premium". Its an industrial produced rum, certainly no true craftsmanship.

Der beste Rum, den ich bisher getrunken habe! Wahre Aroma-Explosionen. Ich kann nur schwer beschreiben, was im Mund nach kurzer Zeit passiert. Als Musiker würde ich sagen, die Gitarre hat sehr viele Obertöne. Oder: es schmeckt so vielfältig wie ein schöner Regenbogen Farben hat. Der Vergleich hinkt: aber ich habe mich an das Gefühl erinnert, das ich nach meinem ersten Joint vor 45 Jahren hatte! Besser als der Bentley B 13.

It sure is a great rum, but overrated in my opinion.
To much of a alcoholic burn in my mouth.

Ein Rum mit ausgewogener süsse und einem schönen Abgang. Dieser Rum macht viel Freude und darf gerne mit den Liebsten genossen werden.

Virkelig lækker sød rom. Ligger helt klart i toppen af de bedste rom. Skal prøves. Det er hver at give det ekstra for denne flaske.

Un super Extra Old qui nous vient tout droit du Pérou !
Après avoir été distillé dans de vieux alambics écossais à colonnes, ce ron de mélasse péruvien Millonario XO est ensuite vieilli en méthode solera dans des fûts de chêne américain, ex fûts de bourbon et des fûts de sherry d’une grande qualité.

C’est un assemblage de rhums vieillis entre 12 et 20 ans.

Les notes de dégustation du maître rhumier

Nez doux et chaleureux, avec des notes de banane séchée, de toffee, très fondues.

En bouche, après une attaque plutôt suave, le corps très équilibré développe une large palette aromatique : caramel au beurre, chocolat au lait, café froid, vanille, relevée par une petite pointe épicée.

L’ensemble est assez moelleux, presque sirupeux, se dirigeant langoureusement vers une finale à peine boisée, d’une longue persistance.

C'est sans doute un de mes rhums favoris... un délice

Seems to highly rated. maybe I need to give it a second chance and revisit my rating. It just didn't seem to have a spectacular finish.