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Ron medellin a ejo 3 year rum

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11 Ron Medellin Anejo 3-year ratings

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Dont expect much of this alcohol-scents aged rhum ... Good for parties and cocktails


Well well, curiosity... Cheap party rum, can't expect so much!

One of those rums to drink if your need something fast. Not a rum to enjoy neat as the limited aging hasn't been able to mellow and flavor this rum. An inexpensive mixer from Columbia that is just that...inexpensive! Strong burn and not too mellow or flavorful.
Similar to low end Bacardi rums...

don't expect much from that...simple ok for party mixing. nothing else.

Not the greatest country for rum but there where some decent brands. If I remember correctly I mostly mixed this one with coca cola. It had a nice note of chocolate when drinking neat :-)

Así lo defino fuerte con carácter y de matiz a café tostado

Rien d'exceptionnel mais se laisse déguster pure...

It others in the Ron Medellin line are available, upgrade. I think this deserves at least a 5-rating. Good for a CubaLibre or other mix.

This was a very gracious gift from some friends who traveled to Colombia. It has a hot, almost spicy palate with a hint of smokiness. It bears some similarity to scotch, but without the long burn. Where this could really shine would be in sweet mixed drinks to calm the sugar a bit.

My first experience with Ron Medellin was in Medellin, Colombia enjoying it with friends so the sent and taste of this rum always brings great nastalgia.
As far as my taste in rum, i prefer sweet and full of character and depth. Ron Medellin is not one of those rums. It is a light rum with a slight escence of bourbon. This is a rum that I enjoy mixing with cola and drinking with my Colombian friends while we reminisce about the artwork of Fernando Botero and the days of Pablo Escobar.
This is not a rum for sipping.

its a simple rum for mixing and nothing else then mixing