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Ron centenario 9 year rum

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19 Ron Centenario 9-Year ratings

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Alkohol: 40 %
Původ: Kostarika
Aroma: Nenáročná rumová vůně, která není nijak bohatá. Jemně vanilka a náplň rumových pralinek, navrch příjemně dřevitá, trochu nasládlá. (80 b)
Chuť: Chuť už je bohatší, než aroma. Vanilka, dřevo, mléčná čokoláda. Dozvuk je ostřejší, štiplavý. (82 b)
Shrnutí: Investice 432 korun v akci u Vykupto (díky Jerry!)nelituji, vzhledem k ceně se jedná o dobrého společníka na všední nenáročné popíjení. Běžná cena je kolem sedmi stovek, tolik bych za něj nedal, v této cenové třídě se už dají sehnat rumy mnohem lepší. Přímo jsem srovnával s Matusalem 10y, který se prodává za stejné peníze, jako Centenario v akci, a Matusalem byl v chuti vyrovnaným soupeřem, ve vůni pak jasně lepší.
Body: 81

Excellent, balanced rum for every occasion. for the price to drink very well, surely try. price 25 eur


Ron Centenario 9 year old is easily available in the US. The initial flavor is pretty decent, but the taste turns into whisky like very quickly. The most surprising fact is that the 9y is much more smoother than the 12y. The 9y is quite dry and woody, with very mild afterburn at the end. Easily available in liquor stores if you are into whisky like rums, but this is not my kind of rum.

I really like the Ron Centenario Rums, and I like this one as well. But to me, this falls just a bit shy of their 12 year (more sophisticated) and 7 year (sweeter).

Smells and tastes of brown sugar and caramel. Not as smooth as their 12 year and their even older rums, but good. If you're into budget rums, I'd recommend their 7-year to this (or better still the 12-year if you can afford it). But this is good too.

I had a tasting of 7y, 9y, 12y and anejo special. The best was 12y and anejo special. 7y and 9y were behind. But these are not exceptional. 12y and anejo are average rums and the others are below average.

It's a strange one.. I think it really does taste like a blend of basic Rum with basic Whiskey. Woody, little citrus, little vanilla, not very sweet, lightly colored. Quite warming.

I will say tho... it mixed excellently with Ginger Ale. The light mixture of flavors, warmth and it being not very sweet really enhances the flavor and bite of normal ginger ale while diluting the sweetness.

This rum is aged in whiskey and/or Brandy casks. Therefore it is getting specific taste from these spirits. It means that people who likes these drinks probably will like this rum very much. Mine experience was mixed, on one hand taste is different than expected but it is not maybe as pleasure as it should. Definitely taste to remember but nothing that I would specially look for.

Tento kousek si mě opravdu nezískal. Ale na takové to domácí žvýkání se určitě hodí.

This one was not bad, but very ordinary taste. Je ne suis pas impressionné. OK pour les mix.

maly vitez mezi svymi kolegy 12 a 7. dobra chut doplnena prijemnou cenou.

Personally very surprised how different Centenario grades are. 12 is exceptionaly good, 7 is ok, 9 is just worst. It has been a while since I tasted this, but all I remeber was bitter taste and featureless ending.

ce rhum veilli en fut de chêne lui donne une note de caramel, épices et noisettes. merci a mon voisin qui m a permi d'y goûter! Je cherche déjà les autres de la même série.


A nice aroma in the bottle. Fairly straightforward rum...a little woodiness to it along with a nice vanilla flavor. Although it is 80 proof it is quite smooth with a mild warmth to it rather than a burn. This is a well-rounded, journeyman type of rum...good for sipping as well as in mixed drinks. A good one to have on hand for many uses.

This one was not bad, but very ordinary taste. Didn't impress me.

Not bad, there some sugar honey and wood there in nose, mahogany colour and mealy tear; straight up taste good, some bitter chocolate, old wood, the alcohol is not so strong you can keep it in your mouth, a bit spiced and memories of sweetness and kind of mealy in your tongue; it is good enough to drink with friends straight up, with Ice or mixed with something with something a bit sweet.

centenario 7 is a bit more sweet then this one in my opinion.

Not really my style of rum. Too simple, lack of weight made up with caramel. Spicy finish but too short. After a few seconds there is little trace left. Having said that, I finished my bottle pretty easily so it can't be that bad, although I wouldn't rush out to buy again.

Sweet and reminds Bacardy 8. Not so sweet as plantation 5year.

very smooth rum with pleasant aroma. I lack suitable words for describing its taste - well this rum is not very sweet and I taste a little bit of cocoa there. Generally it is smooth rum but its finish is a little bit stronger.

Very Nice Smooth rum, great daily drinker