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Ron centenario 7 year rum

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25 Ron Centenario 7-Year ratings

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Bottle: Nice bottle 1/1
Colour: Very light amber
Aroma: Not so rich but pleasant 0,5/2
Taste: Midly sweet but I do not taste anything specific. 2,5/5
Aftertaste: Smooth 2/2
Generally I like this rum when I go on a trip. As a first aid kid. It is not fancy drink for the evening. Never tried it as a mixer but I'd guees that would be great.

Buen ron para tomarlo combinado o en mix.Ideal para cocteles. El ponerle 6 no significa que sea malo, es bueno pero para mezclar.

Un très bon rapport qualité prix pour un entrée de gamme de chez centenario

It’s golden colour and light smell is inviting. It is not very smooth but not too harsh either. The after taste is woody with a little caramel, not bitter.


My first experience with Centenario and not exactly the best one. Probably better as a mixer.

I tried this side by side with the Centenario 9 year and the 12 year. Though I feel the 12-year is best, I prefer this to the 9 year as it is sweeter and tastes better to me.

Smells and tastes of sweet caramel and brown sugar. Very simple, but good; and it's a bargain for the low price of only $17.99 (2017 price)!

I had a tasting of 7y, 9y, 12y and anejo special. The best was 12y and anejo special. 7y and 9y were behind. But these are not exceptional. 12y and anejo are average rums and the others are below average.

I bought this on my first trip to Costa Rica several years. I believe it was $10. I bought it to mix with fruit juices, 7-up, and coke. I remember I really liked it. So one night, I tried it by itself as a shot. It was the best shot of rum I had ever had to that point. So then I tried it neat. And I was surprised I coh I'd enjoy it by itself. Now I am a kind of a rum guru thanks to this rum. Try to 20, 25 and 30 year of this brand. Those are 3 of my top 10 rums out there. This is a great CHEAP rum.

Very good cheap rum but a bit sharp for me. Could be smoother

Nice solid flavor. Touch of molasses, but not overpowering

Nice full flavour, nice colour and nice bottle. That makes Centenario above average.

Not to sweet and great sipping rum for it's price.
Nothing wrong with it.

asi nejslabsi z ron centenaria. velmi blizky k ceskym " rumum" velmi silna alkoholova chut. mozna dobry ke kombinaci.

Frankly this is basically the same as the 9-year rum but with a little more of an edge. Just as with the 9-year it has a nice aroma Some little woodiness to it along with a nice vanilla flavor. A little more of an edge to it than the 9-year. I give both a 7 but it's more like a 7.75 for the 9-year and a 7.25 for the 7-year. Not much difference between the two. Whereas the 9-year makes for an acceptable sipping rum as well as a mixer, I feel the 7-year is best suited as a mixer and not as a sipper. Other than that they are pretty much twins. Works GREAT in Coke Zero.

This is a good sipping rum, and so far, goes well with ginger ale. Unlike my previous adventure I didn't have to let it breathe before I could drink it. I wish they would stop putting those pour spouts in the bottles.
I can smell a bit of vanilla, some oak, and something sweet I can't quite put my finger on. I may keep this in my cabinet. Good all around rum.

Nicely flavoured, but little bit harsh in the throat. But it was great fox mixing and it was excellent replacement for Chivas in Chivas crush drink

Quite delicious. Light toffee/caramel notes. It comes across though as if the barrel aging mellowed it out too much. Could be a little more complex...

good rum, but nothing special ... drinkable with cola

Menej sladký, ale kvalitný a chutný rum. Bez nejakej výraznej korenistej chuti.

Very good rum. Taste is little bit stronger, but very pleasant.

As a costa rican I used to drink centenario 7 in most of the bars (it is the option when flor de caña 7 is not available).

In Eye, it has a good tear, quite slow and kinda amber dark color.

In nose there is some memories of sugar juice, a bit of vanilla and sweetness.

In taste it is quite smooth, creamy and kinda sweet, you can drink it straight from the glass but also a mix with Coke, Lemon and Angostura bitter feets really good.

Around 7.8 points

I would call this a middling rum. The case is smooth gold, but the nose and finish are slightly astringent. Not a bad rum, but not what I'd consider a great rum.

This isn't a bad rum, little light in both color, body and flavor. It has good notes of vanilla up front but unfortunately it doesn't last through the finish. It isn't bad with a single ice cube however it is best destined for mixing.

Okay on the rocks but I prefer this one with some Coke. Would be interested to try the older ones.