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It took a very long to to make this rum and it took almost (seemingly) as long for me to find a bottle that I did not need to import from France!

With that said this is worth the wait, the price and I agree with many of the positive reviews. My first taste of Oak, Molasses, and hints of vanilla hooked me all the way. Now that I have found a place where I can easily purchase this rum, I have added a couple of bottles to the back of my bar, and would recommend that you do.

I don't agree that this is worse than the 25 year old. Not as sweet and much more complex. If it's worth the extra cash, is up to you. I'm glad I got it.

This is real good stuff!
It is very sweet and tasty!
One of my new favourites!!!!

My first tasting was in France, then again at Rumfest London 2016. It's a seriously beautiful rum with a butterscotch nose and sweet taste with hazelnut, slight oak, and vanilla. Ends with a loud floral finish that stays almost too sweet. I could easily sip this all night - MUST TRY!


one of the greates, smooth taste, no alcoholic flavour,

In my opinion. One of the best rums in the world. On the sweet side perfection

I really love the Centenario 20, 25, and XX, so I decided to open this bottle for my 75th review. It's truly exceptional as well.

Smells of caramel, molasses, oak, and vanilla. This is slightly less sweet but more complex than the Centenario 20 and 25, but it is still very nicely sweet (I have a bit of a sweet tooth, which is why I like rum to begin with). Another exceptional offering from Ron Centenario!

Pro tip - The Centenario rums are one of the rums that I've noticed get a lot better after they've aeriated. Let them sit at least 10 min after pouring before reviewing/drinking.

tycker nog 20 år är lite bättre,sötare framförallt.
mycket ek i den här,även viss sötma som gillas..

Oaky and woody and less sweet than 20 or 25 year. I prefer the sweeter ones which also cost less. I would go with the 25.

I had the chance comparing the 3 centenarios (20,25 and 30) and there is for sure a difference, but it is not so big as I expected, I think the price is just too high comparing it with the 20 years one. But please dont get me wrong it is a great rum.

One of the very good sweet rums. Incrediblely smooth with an almost dramatic sweetnees. Splendid when your in the mood for a sugarcane trip. Lovely full molasse body with cocoa notes, and a nice slightly spicy lingering finish. As mentioned by others, its just a bit to close to it's sibling, considering the price. If the retail was lowered, my score would be a 9.

Dégusté en parallèle d'un Millonario XO, il a su faire la différence :)
Ce rhum présente une couleur très foncée, issue de 30 ans de fûts de chêne blanc américain dont l’intérieur a été passé à la flamme, et qui ont élevé du whisky. Le nez est intense, profond, vanillé & fruité. Des pointes de caramel et de miel se font aussi sentir. Il est moins sirupeux que le Millonario XO ou le Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva, donnant dès le départ une sensation de légèreté. Le rhum fait des jambes sur les parois du verre. En bouche, tous ces parfums sont bien présents, et s’étalent dans un temps infini sans lourdeur au palais. Le final est légèrement acidulé, relevant ainsi cette sublime gorgée !

I had the opportunity to taste the 20 years and the 25 years and I waited to taste this version 30 years at a rum fest or private tasting because as some of you the price was a brake and the comments were not necessarily positive. The day arrived when I finally tasted this rum. The conditions were not optimal but to seeing the heads of my colleagues during this tasting, our opinions all went in the same direction. This rum is in line with the two younger ones with the same aromas. Caramel, molasses, pastry notes. In the mouth, the sweetness is immediately present with vanilla all in finesse. And this may be the problem, it is too sweet even though this is usually the case with very old rum. You get the impression that he has not much to say, that he expressed all the complexity and then nothing ... We were disappointed and seen the price a lot of people prefer the 25th on the 20th Now this is always a matter of taste and nothing should be taken away from the work behind this quality rum. But for the same price jump on the Malteco 1987.

A smooth rum. High quality, but a little sweet for my taste.

Comme dit dans le titre plutôt bon mais ne correspond pas vraiment pour cette tranche de prix.

I recievwd this bottle as a gift and was very pleasantly surprised! It had a very nice flavor, went down smooth, and had almost zero oak finish. Also, not the sweetest rum I've tasted....but it is on the sweeter side. This is a rum I will always have a bottle of in mu collection.

Llegamos a nuestra hermana República de Costa Rica y nos maravillamos con esta selección aunque un poco alto su costo valió la pena catar este mágico ron definitivo tiene que estar en tu colección latino americana de rones

Nochmal eine deutliche Steigerung zum 20er. Der ganze Mund voll mit Aromen. Viele Fassaromen, angenehme, leichte Süße. Meine Nr 1

die Flasche erinnert an den Zacapa Platino und der Rum ist auch fast so gut,etwas süsser und im Abgang leider nicht ganz so lang. Vom PLV her ist der 25 jährige klar die bessere Wahl,Wer aber ein paar Euro übrig hat kauft sich lieber diese Flasche als zuzusehen wie die Brüsseler Idioten mit Ihren Bankrottbänkstern den Finanzsondermüll ganz verbrennen,Für den Fall dass das Finanzirrenhaus implodiert sollte man solche Flaschen bereithalten als nette Untehaltung beim Feuerwerk --))

I just tasted the 25 year old sibling. They are very similar, but the 30 year old is a bit better, a bit more, a bit smoother. Also little caramel and vanilla. It is not too sweet but nice at the palate. It is long lasting. Great stuff, but a bit expensive.

Nicht so übersüsst wie sein 10 Jahre jüngerer kleiner Bruder. Ausgewogen, ohne Schwächen. Mild und angenehm zu trinken. Nach kurzem atmen lassen ein vielschichtiges Aroma das beim trinken nicht erntäuscht. Diverse Geschmacksnuancen wechseln sich ab und hinterlassen einen mittel langanhaltenen Abgang. Ein sehr guter Rum, aber es fehlt ihm ein bisschen Charakter für einen Spitzenrum.

I bought this one as a gift for a good friend and as a good friend he opened it and shared it :-)
This one is a real joy in the nose and the mouth. Perfect sweetness, some oak, molasses... a little caramel... just amazing on the same level as the opthimus 25 year with whiskey barrel finish!

Rhum très intéressant, très sucré avec un bon nez et agréable en bouche

This is one of my top 3 rum. Simply a Perfect rum.