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Ron centenario 20 year rum

Ron Centenario 20-Year rum is produced from Costa Rican sugar cane which is turned into molasses before aging in American white oak barrels up to 20 years using the solera aging system.

The company producing Ron Centenario 20-Year rum used to be named Seagram de Costa Rica, but in 2002 changed its name to Centenario Internacional. The rum wasn't sold outside of Costa Rica until 2007.

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I prefer sweet Rum , and this one is a good choice,less sweet as the A.H.Riise Family .
Nose: sweet ,chocolate, caramel , dark fruits , vanilla,spicy
Taste: sweet ,chocolate, caramel , dark fruits , vanilla, light alcoholic,light sharp, wood,spicy

Nice dark colors. Smells chocolate, caramel and vanilla.
Taste is sweetish, chocolate, caramel,vanilla.
One of the best on my shelf. I'll stick to this one.

Smooth, full of flavor and nice texture! A great sipping rum and well worth the price.

I am admittedly a beginner in the rum world, but this is by far the best rum I've ever had. I've sampled a few rums at bars, etc. but have only recently started buying bottles for my home. I don't think this bottle is going to last very long, as I will surely go through it quickly. It's so good, I almost hate to drink it by myself.

I normally enjoy rum on the rocks but could easily see myself drinking this straight up. Has absolutely no burn or bite and goes down very smoothly. Some rums have a good flavor once you can get past the initial sharpness, but this is smooth from start to finish. I can't imagine what the 25 or 30 year tastes like. I assume my mind would be blow if I tried one of those.

Dark, mahogany. Moderate tear in the cup

Nose 1:
Not too much alcohol perceived, definitely sugar cane notes, honey, do not smell much wood but if there is a memory of it. Very similar to the Zacapa 23, but thinner, less alcoholic punch in the nose.

Taste #1 pure:
Something creamy, slightly burning but decreases rapidly as soon as you hold in your mouth, it does not burn in the throat and has a bitterness in the end, however has a memory of tasty honeys sugar and bitter cocoa would say.

Then nose a little water:
Water fades a little bit the perceived earlier, a slight odor memory of sugar honeys.

Taste #2 with little mineral water.
By lowering the alcohol, not any burning present in your mouth, completely smoothness.
Still tastes of chocolate, the memory of the concentration of honeys have lost some

Recommendation: to take straight in the glass or add a solid big ice cube, lowering a little alcohol if you prefer, but mostly pure is better choice.

The product is rich, smooth, however the complexity is higher in products such as "Dos maderas" from Spain or "flor de caña 18" from Nicaragua.

As it is a rum to enjoy and share, in the market there are similar profiles such as Cartavio 12 years from Peru (slightly less smooth) and Ron Zacapa 23 from Guatemala.

this is the rum that made me realize rum is so much more than drink mixer. Lots of taste and nose

One of my favoriet
Tasty of soft wood
Good choice

Nice color.A little spice.Not too strong.Good with a cigar.

Since you gang buy the xx in the leather pouch anymore, this is a perfect deplacement.

Sweet, very smooth, just delicious. I prefer this over Zacapa 23 in that it has a hint of honey and seems a tad fuller and creamier. Is it as good as Zacapa XO? No, but it's also 50% less expensive.


I REALLY like the Centenario 25 and 30, and so I tried this side by side with them. It was a VERY close competition. This smelled a bit sweeter, much like the El Dorado 15 smells sweeter than the El Dorado 21. It was a little more difficult to pick a winner on the taste; I like the extra aging on the 25 and 30. But I also like the sweetness of the 20. I'm torn between the three; I'll call it a tie. An exceptional rum that is very underrated in my opinion.

En rom der kan gå begge veje og vinder ved det. Har både den dejlige sødme, men også lidt krydderi, der gør den spændende.

All the flavors to make a superb chocolate cake are in this rum. Smooth, some sweetness, limited burn. Complex characteristics come out from the lengthy time aged in American a white Oak. Excellent sipper...don't mix it...too expensive for that!

J adore les rhums sur le sucre et c est Un de mes rhums préférés. Il lui manque juste un petit je ne sais quoi pour être extraordinaire.

Lovely hint of caramel, chocolate. Sweet, easy, not too strong in alcohol flavor..Women like it more, but a nice every day rum

Excellent rum, delicately sweet, warm and soft, my favorite...

$10 less than the 25 yr yet is fantastic Rum. Smooth, sweet, lingering finish!

This is a top notch rum. For $45, It's really hard to beat it. The only other rums that I like as well for the price is the plantation 20th or the diploLatino exclusive. This rum does not have the depth or complexity of the 25 or 30 year, but it's a very nice rum.

Meget rost rom som ilke faldt helt i min smag. Synes den mangler noget sødme til mig. Dufter dejligt.

Well balanced rum. Not too sweet, a bit of a burn of alcohol, long lasting after taste. Good to have in my collection. Might get another bottle if it's finished. Luckily it lasts quite some time.

En Ok rom ikke mere end det - noget sæd i smagen..

Nose is somewhat flat with light alcohol and vanilla smell. Color is dark golden/ copper. Flavor is a step above Kirk and Sweeney 12 year with a bit more alcohol burn. More vanilla, nut, toffee flavors. Would compare to Plantation 20 year. Priced at 39.99 in New Jersey. Was a more mature/ complex than expected but not persay "smooth". Worth getting it again except more alcohol burn than expected.


Très bon équilibre pour ce rhum au goût boisé avec une dominance du caramel.
Le nez est un des meilleurs que je connaissaise avec des odeurs de vanille et de cerise.

Novice alert, this was my first ever sipping rum purchase.
I'm generally not a spirit man & have never particularly enjoyed whisky or cognac. I bought this bottle on a whim, because at the time I was browsing in a wine shop and started looking at the rum collection & became a little seduced by the idea of rum, its reminiscent of beaches and pirates and lazy days in the Caribbean sun. As I walked out, it dawned on me that I might have made a rather rash decision...

...Upon tasting, though I released I hadn't and I was immediately very impressed, I have no reference point to compare it to of course, but the taste was marvelous.

The initial taste was a pleasurable burn (not as harsh like whisky though) and then replaced by a sweet, velvety honey sensation as the liquid coats the mouth. swallowing was even better.

It would be safe to say I'm now a rum convert and I look forward to exploring some new flavours as I learn more about the rum world.