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Ron centenario 20 year rum

Ron Centenario 20-Year rum is produced from Costa Rican sugar cane which is turned into molasses before aging in American white oak barrels up to 20 years using the solera aging system.

The company producing Ron Centenario 20-Year rum used to be named Seagram de Costa Rica, but in 2002 changed its name to Centenario Internacional. The rum wasn't sold outside of Costa Rica until 2007.

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I prefer sweet Rum , and this one is a good choice,less sweet as the A.H.Riise Family .
Nose: sweet ,chocolate, caramel , dark fruits , vanilla,spicy
Taste: sweet ,chocolate, caramel , dark fruits , vanilla, light alcoholic,light sharp, wood,spicy

I am admittedly a beginner in the rum world, but this is by far the best rum I've ever had. I've sampled a few rums at bars, etc. but have only recently started buying bottles for my home. I don't think this bottle is going to last very long, as I will surely go through it quickly. It's so good, I almost hate to drink it by myself.

I normally enjoy rum on the rocks but could easily see myself drinking this straight up. Has absolutely no burn or bite and goes down very smoothly. Some rums have a good flavor once you can get past the initial sharpness, but this is smooth from start to finish. I can't imagine what the 25 or 30 year tastes like. I assume my mind would be blow if I tried one of those.

I REALLY like the Centenario 25 and 30, and so I tried this side by side with them. It was VERY close. This smelled a bit sweeter, much like the El Dorado 15 smells sweeter than the El Dorado 21. It was a little more difficult to pick a winner on the taste; I like the extra aging on the 25 and 30. But I also like the sweetness of the 20. I'm torn between the three; I'll call it a tie. An exceptional rum that is very underrated in my opinion.

Nice dark colors. Smells chocolate, caramel and vanilla.
Taste is sweetish, chocolate, caramel,vanilla.
One of the best on my shelf. I'll stick to this one.

Smooth, full of flavor and nice texture! A great sipping rum and well worth the price.

Dark, mahogany. Moderate tear in the cup

Nose 1:
Not too much alcohol perceived, definitely sugar cane notes, honey, do not smell much wood but if there is a memory of it. Very similar to the Zacapa 23, but thinner, less alcoholic punch in the nose.

Taste #1 pure:
Something creamy, slightly burning but decreases rapidly as soon as you hold in your mouth, it does not burn in the throat and has a bitterness in the end, however has a memory of tasty honeys sugar and bitter cocoa would say.

Then nose a little water:
Water fades a little bit the perceived earlier, a slight odor memory of sugar honeys.

Taste #2 with little mineral water.
By lowering the alcohol, not any burning present in your mouth, completely smoothness.
Still tastes of chocolate, the memory of the concentration of honeys have lost some

Recommendation: to take straight in the glass or add a solid big ice cube, lowering a little alcohol if you prefer, but mostly pure is better choice.

The product is rich, smooth, however the complexity is higher in products such as "Dos maderas" from Spain or "flor de caña 18" from Nicaragua.

As it is a rum to enjoy and share, in the market there are similar profiles such as Cartavio 12 years from Peru (slightly less smooth) and Ron Zacapa 23 from Guatemala.

this is the rum that made me realize rum is so much more than drink mixer. Lots of taste and nose

By far the best rum I’ve ever tasted. Absolutely amazing. Smooth, not overly sweet. Good quality rum.

Toto je veľmi podarený kúsok rumu. Je pekne zabalaný v elegantnej fľaši s hrubým dnom. Rum Centenario 20 Fundación je v mojej top 10 rumov. Má peknú svetlo jantárovú farbu. Veľmi mu pristane, keď ho po naliatí do pohára necháte chvíľku odpočinúť, rum zjemnie a zaguľatí sa. Aróma rumu je veľmi pestrá, prvý krát som cítil banány, pražené orechy, neskôr karamel, sladké medové plásty a čokoládu s tabakom mierne v pozadí. Veľmi pekná komplexná vôňa, takto sa mi to páči. Chuťové vnemy kopírujú tie aromatické, rum je rozhodne z tých sladších, čo mu skôr pristane. Cítiť opäť karamel, plásty, tropické ovocie a niekde v pozadí troška korenia s jemným nádychom po dubovom sude. Je to skutočne dobrý rum a určite ho každému môžem len odporučiť. Okrem iného tento rum už získal nespočetné množstvo ocenení na svetovej úrovni.


Nice sweet rum not to complex, with a hint of licorice in the end.... absolutely a keeper

Excellent rum, delicately sweet, warm and soft, my favorite...

One of my favoriet
Tasty of soft wood
Good choice

Nice color.A little spice.Not too strong.Good with a cigar.

Since you gang buy the xx in the leather pouch anymore, this is a perfect deplacement.

I loved the 20 tremendously and can't wait to get my hands on another bottle! It was definitely smooth and very relaxing. I'm ashamed/not ashamed to say that I might have enjoyed it a little to much that I was done with it in two weeks lol I"m still not sure which I like better when compared to the 25 however, when compared to the 30 I definitely loved it more so.

Sweet, very smooth, just delicious. I prefer this over Zacapa 23 in that it has a hint of honey and seems a tad fuller and creamier. Is it as good as Zacapa XO? No, but it's also 50% less expensive.


En rom der kan gå begge veje og vinder ved det. Har både den dejlige sødme, men også lidt krydderi, der gør den spændende.

Belle note de vanille et d’orange confite
En bouche.
Au nez on sent bien les fruits mûrs

Tento rum by mohl patřit klidně do řady A.H. Riise. Baví mně jak vymysleli silnou sladkost s mírně štiplavým projevem 40%, hned ale přejde do příjemného zahřátí a pěkným dlouhým závěrem. Přes tu sladkost těžko rozpoznávám jednotlivé chutě, ale řekl bych že jde z karamelu do banánu. Rozhodně žádný kokos a s vanilkou to tam taky přehnáno. Takže za mně o bod lepší než Plantation XO. Prostě mi to bez té vanilky a kokosu chutná víc. Navíc ta banánová sladkost přetrvá. Takže to není jen cukrové jako elixíry. Jak jsem psal na začátku dobře to vymysleli.

One of the best rum i have ever tried. Nice smooth and no after burn. And an amazing smell. Perfect price quality

I picked this one up in Florida yesterday for $40. Since my bottles of 12 year old solera and 7 year old solera have been long gone, I had to judge this one based upon memory only, along with my reviews for those two.

When I got it home, the aromas from an ounce of it in a snifter reminded me of El Dorado 12. Wow! Was I about to find another rum that could rival ED12? Upon tasting it, all such fantasies went out the window. All I could taste was pepper and extreme sweetness, with a slightly bitter after taste. If I wanted pepper, I would stick with some of those peppery tequilas. Then after reading fellow reviews, I found out that this one is a sugar bomb. Looks like I have to put some of my bland dry rums to use into toning down the sweetness on this one.

This one is NOT a good buy and I wound up initially rating it as a 7.2 in my spreadsheet. I am so glad that I waited so long to finally try this one because if I had started out with this one, I may have rated it as a 9 or 10. Comparing to my true 9 and 10 ratings, there is no way for this one!

A few days later, I tried it on the rocks. Not even ice cubes made from Ozarka spring water could help it. Then I tried it it in a Cuba Libre, which only fared as average. I then had thoughts about pouring the remainder of the bottle down the toilet, but luckily I had orange juice in the fridge to save it. OJ mixed 50/50 with this rum is the only way to save this stuff. They really goofed with the added sugars on this batch. My rating went down to a 6. I will stick with their 12 year solera.

A great rum for sipping neat. Highly recommend as this is one of the best bangs for your buck.

The taste of wood is normally not something you find in solera-rums, but somehow it hits the back of the palate in this 20-year solera.

Nose: Very sweet and smooth with hints of tropical fruit and raw molasses
Taste: Sweet, but balanced dominated by caramel, tropical fruits and with a hint of wood
Overall: A little sweet, but one of the better 40abv soleras around.

Typical rum flavors almost perfectly balanced, sometimes I feel like the sweetness might be a bit too much, but still miles better than most of the competition.