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Ron cartavio xo rum

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Ron Carvatio XO comes in a classic bottle with a wooden cork. The rum is delivered in an tin box (picture). Hight class!

At first you smell some alcohol but when the rum have been resting for a while in the glass the aroma explodes with toffee, caramel and vanilla. One of the best aromas.

In mouth you get vanilla, caramel and fruit. You also get some spice in a very nice way. It is a very smooth and well balanced rum.

The aftertaste is long and sweet with some spice.

This is a favourite that I truly can recommend. The price is a bit high but it only costs half as much as Diplomático Ambassador Selection and I think this rum is in the same class.


fantastic bottle look, aromatic, smooth, tasty... and expensive :)
But worthy.

This just appeared at my local liquor store for the first time, so I grabbed a bottle. I was VERY impressed with the taste based on the reasonable cost ($69.99 K&L Wines 2015).

Though I don't count it in my scoring, this is one of the nicest bottles in my collection. A beautiful shape, and a beautiful color (see rumratings photo).

Smells of vanilla, spice, sweet molasses, honey, and hazelnut; the taste is equally nice. I like this a lot!

A Solera process rum with the oldest in the mix coming in at 18 years old. I was surprised there was a rum from Peru.... but hey! I'll try that. Glad I did. A rare find in most parts outside Peru... I'm tempted to buy as much as I can find before it's gone... so I don't have to find some excuse to fly to Peru so I can bring home more than I'm allowed to bring home. It smells fantastic and tastes the same. Sweet and smooth with a beautiful long finish. I've tried rum in nice bottles and thought... "they had to put this in a nice bottle to justify the price." When I drank this rum... my thought was, "this is in a nice bottle because it's a great rum and should be in a nice bottle." 3 thumbs up.


Smager som den dufter. sød, men ikke for sød og med god eftersmag.

This is a great rum that I enjoy with a smooth cigar like an Undercrown Shade. The back-end caramel and vanilla is amazing. THE rum for me.

Best rum I've ever had. So smooth and perfect to drink on the rocks.

Ron Cartavio XO is coming in a nice bottle where all the information is graved into the bottle. I like this detail instead of the cheap labels that a lot of other rum makers are using.
In the nose this rum is sweet, a little spicy and I find notes as toffe and vanilla. The palate offers notes as, caramel, vanilla, nuts and oak. The aftertaste is long with hints of molasse and oak. This is really a fantastic rum, and for 750 DKK (100 EURO) I think it's worth every penny, and maybe more. Buy this rum if you haven't tried it before, you will not be dissapointed!!

Great rum in a nice pacakage. The nose is potent with sweet, burnt, brown sugar, baked banana, raisins and barrel notes. The palette offers a medium brown sugar sweetness on a background of oak and fills your mouth with lovely spicy tingles. It reminds me of a slightly deeper, more refinded but less sweet version of the Millonario solera 15.

Spicy and sweet. I enjoyed this rum at the Rum Festival in Miami this year. Fantastically fruity, with hints of vanilla and nuts.

Rating kommer i morgen nå jeg er blevet ædru eller lige efter

The taste is sweet. The nose is sweet and sugary. The after taste is momentary and no burn on the nose or in the throat but a slight tingle on the roof of the mouth. This taste very similar to El Pasador De Oro. With the snifter glass I can really appreciate the difference nose, with the palate and the finish. It's worth the price. Bonuses is I got it for $55 instead of 70+. #Winning


I found this rum on a recent trip to Jacksonville and decided to mark one off my wish list.

Now I wish I hadn't bothered.

Apparently my opinion will be going against the grain here but this rum would be great if they hadn't sugared it so much.

Am I drinking rum or molasses with alcohol added?

This could almost be pancake syrup.

The syrupy sweetness is so overwhelming that it hides some elements and flavor profiles that would have made for a great rum.

But someone decided to ruin what could've been a great rum.


Paid way too much for this. Sad. My fault.

I forced myself to try to take extra sips and finally found some vanilla and toffee undertones to it along with some oak tannin. Even a hint of banana.

Beyond that, there's not much.

I read so many praises for this rum. Makes me wonder if I got a counterfeit because what I got sure ain't what others describe. Don't get me wrong...there are some sugared rums that I actually like but this one goes overboard. I cannot recommend it as a sipping rum unless you're into drinking syrup. I could see this being effectively used in drinks with an antithesis of sweetness such as coffee drinks or drinks using more bitters than the average. Any other suggestions? I cannot see this used in fruit-based drinks. The sugariness would be completely off the charts. And not in a good way.

My recommendation? Not worth the $65-70 price. Many better rums for half that.

Mahogni farvet. Sødlig eg, mørke bær og moderat alkohol i næsen. Kompleks smag af muscovado sukker, eg, modne bær og krydderier. Rigtig lækker.

A nice and smooth rum and deffently not to sweet. Long lasting taste tjat leaves a spicy after taste

This solera rum from Peru comes in a very nice decanter! Actually, the bottle itself is probably the thing I like the best about this rum. Its a rum blend with rum up to 18 years of age. It is smooth, sweet, has subtle hints of vanilla, spice, honey and caramel. I would love to try a higher proof expression of this brand.

Reminded me of a better version of the Kirk and Sweeney 23. Lots of licorice with a very velvety mouthfeel.

Glass : Mahogany color with nice amber reflects
Nose : a litlle bit strong a first breathing but nice afterwards.
Mouth : aromas are simillar as the nose : Coffee, chocolate with a litlle touch of spices at the end.

Well balanced, this Cartavio XO is a really nice product.

I had been waiting for 3 years to taste this rum and I had the opportunity during a rum battle around 10 best ron. It has a beautiful dark amber color. At the nose, there are notes of toffee, coffee and chocolate. There is also honey and vanilla. In the mouth, the dark chocolate takes the top with a beautiful depth and a beautiful roundness. The spices arrive on a medium finish but the chocolate is for me always very present. A little disappointed.

Really fantastic choice for all who love sweet rums with perfect balanced taste. Similar to Millonario XO.

En super god rom. Var meget imponeret over den. Den har det hele.

este es un rum que por su precio y calidad puede ser de diario con notas avainillada y suave sabor en boca al conjunto a un cohiba esplendio es para pasar una noche excepcional

This is a fantastic rum. From nose to finish it is most excellent. It has a slight sweetness to it and comes across the tongue like a cloud. Beautiful inlaid bottle, very heavy and matches the pure nectar that dwells from with in. Paid $70 and it is well worth it. You gotta drink it neat....

Started off slow, but am enjoying the oaky flavor more and more.