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Ron Carvatio XO comes in a classic bottle with a wooden cork. The rum is delivered in an tin box (picture). Hight class!

At first you smell some alcohol but when the rum have been resting for a while in the glass the aroma explodes with toffee, caramel and vanilla. One of the best aromas.

In mouth you get vanilla, caramel and fruit. You also get some spice in a very nice way. It is a very smooth and well balanced rum.

The aftertaste is long and sweet with some spice.

This is a favourite that I truly can recommend. The price is a bit high but it only costs half as much as Diplomático Ambassador Selection and I think this rum is in the same class.


fantastic bottle look, aromatic, smooth, tasty... and expensive :)
But worthy.

This just appeared at my local liquor store for the first time, so I grabbed a bottle. I was VERY impressed with the taste based on the reasonable cost ($69.99 K&L Wines 2015).

Though I don't count it in my scoring, this is one of the nicest bottles in my collection. A beautiful shape, and a beautiful color (see rumratings photo).

Smells of vanilla, spice, sweet molasses, honey, and hazelnut; the taste is equally nice. I like this a lot!

A Solera process rum with the oldest in the mix coming in at 18 years old. I was surprised there was a rum from Peru.... but hey! I'll try that. Glad I did. A rare find in most parts outside Peru... I'm tempted to buy as much as I can find before it's gone... so I don't have to find some excuse to fly to Peru so I can bring home more than I'm allowed to bring home. It smells fantastic and tastes the same. Sweet and smooth with a beautiful long finish. I've tried rum in nice bottles and thought... "they had to put this in a nice bottle to justify the price." When I drank this rum... my thought was, "this is in a nice bottle because it's a great rum and should be in a nice bottle." 3 thumbs up.


This is a great rum that I enjoy with a smooth cigar like an Undercrown Shade. The back-end caramel and vanilla is amazing. THE rum for me.

Best rum I've ever had. So smooth and perfect to drink on the rocks.

Great rum in a nice pacakage. The nose is potent with sweet, burnt, brown sugar, baked banana, raisins and barrel notes. The palette offers a medium brown sugar sweetness on a background of oak and fills your mouth with lovely spicy tingles. It reminds me of a slightly deeper, more refinded but less sweet version of the Millonario solera 15.

Spicy and sweet. I enjoyed this rum at the Rum Festival in Miami this year. Fantastically fruity, with hints of vanilla and nuts.

En rom jeg har glædet mig meget til at smage, og som forventningerne har været store til. Da den jo netop har vundet prisen som verdens bedste rom i 2016. Førstehåndsindtrykket ved åbningen af flasken var "hvorfor plastic prop i en rom i den prisklasse?".
Flasken er dog rigtig flot med indgraveringer som er guldmalet.
I glasset dufter den af karamel, vanilje og citrus. Efter lidt tid åbner en lidt krydret duft med et snert af sød pibetobak.
Smagen er fuldstændig som den dufter. Den har dog en fantastisk krydret smag også med et strejf af nødder. Sødmen er i perfekt balance så man fået det hele med. Eftersmagen er god med masser af fad.
Den lever fuldt op til mine forventninger.

Dolcezza, morbidezza e delicatezza in un unico prodotto. Non da bere in grandi quantità ma godersi il momento.

Nose: soft and sweet

Pallet: sweet and creamy with a medium burn.

Sweet, smooth, easy... boring...

...i like the complex pot still types more, so a 7/10 is what i'll strech it to.

Dybde og kant og efter et kort stykke tid bliver endnu bedre. En top Ron.

Den er bare så dejlig masser af fylde og smag bestemt på ønske listen

Ich traue mich nicht an die Höchstnote ran, aber ich kann nicht beschreiben was diesen Rum noch toppen sollte.

This is a very smooth and round sipping rum, with a spicy aftertaste.

I had expected something very sweet, judging from the caramel colour, but not so. It's a little sweet, and mostly spicy.

Not much bite, so it's very easy to just sip and enjoy.

Fantastischer Rum. Er ist mild, süss und ausgewogen. Keinerlei Ecken und Kanten. Könnte man auch als typischer Frauen-Rum bezeichnen.

Sugar: 26 GPL.
The 2 year search for this one was worth it. Cartavio XO has a taste profile that is similar to another Peruvian rum (Millonario XO), however I give the slight edge to Cartavio XO on the basis that it is not as sweet.
Banana, raisins, toffee, walnuts, nutmeg, and oak are all present and boldly accounted for in taste and aroma. Wonderful aroma, nice balance of flavours and a very smooth rum with a lasting finish on your palate.

A real sipping rum.
Taste : vanila, caramel and spices
The finish could be longer.
If i could give it an 8.5 i would.

Quite good and nice rum. But to expensive compared to taste/quality. But don't get me wrong still a good glass :-)

it was also a present from my friends Conny and Alex from Switzerland, i like it! It`s a great rum!

I Can understand why this won the title of Best rum In 2016

Pro mě celkem zajímavý rum, dost odlišný od všeho co jsem zatím měl (zas tolik jsem toho neměl). Měl jsem ovšem lepší rumy, tento v chuti připomíná vanilku, banány, sušené ovoce a ještě vícero příchutí, ale ty neumím pojmenovat. Rum jsem si užil ale čekal jsem daleko víc.

Quite interesting rum for me. Different from all the others I´ve had already (I´ve had just few bottles in my rum career). I tasted better rums that this but that is always personal. In flavor there is vanilla, bananas, dry fruit and more but I cannot identify that. I enjoyed this rum but my personal expectation was higher.

Wooow the bottles shape the colour of this rum woow what an presentation and it doesn't stop there. The nose the taste so sweet honey vanilla neat fruity doesn't overpower in any whays. Its an very beautiful Rum whit the presentation ant taste all in all 10 p

Very good rum, fancy bottle if that is important to you. We all enjoyed this rum but thought it was over priced.