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Ron Caney Anejo Centuria is so strong on alcohol smell and taste that you don't want to have it as a neat sipper. Mix it with Coke and you are golden, or upgrade to the 10 or 12 year old Caney, which are slightly better than the Centuria.

Un rhum assez spécial! Pour ma part, il m'a laissé un petit goût très désagréable en bouche!

Ein prima Rum für Cuba Libre und diverse Mixgetränke.

Good rum for the money.In my state you can buy it even for 15 euros.Earthy hit and little bit of chocolate.Taste like HC7 but half the price.A little bit of fruity springles here and there.

Za tu cenu jeden z nejlepších rumů. Výborný rum, cítím čokoládu, kakao. Krasná harmonie chutí. Vřele doporučuji.


A sharp taste reminiscent of perfume, unnecessary acidity. Drinkable but give way to many others. Given the exposure of rum - 6.5 points.

bon cul-sec tablette, en drinks, avec glace... ce produit est fabriqué dans l`ancienne rhumerie Bacardi avant que Fidel ne fasse le ménage.... donc un Bacardi avec un autre nom. un des favoris des cubains plus agés.

In Czech republic this one is currently priced just between Bacardi black and Havana Club 7. In my opinion it is not worth the price (but neither is HC7). But it makes very good buy when you are lucky enough to find some discount or sale.
As I wrote in the title, the taste as well as aroma are quite simple, without any surprise, but OK for casual drinking or for cocktails. Aroma is mostly plain alcohol with just some fruity shades. The taste is better. Not complex but balanced, pleasant and gentle. Mostly fruity with some vanilla and nuts and little bittersweet background.

Slighty surprised by the positive reviews here. Makes me think I missed something. I picked up a bottle of this stuff at the Havana airport. Compared to the Ron Cubay Anejo, which was my favourite cheap Cuban at the time, I thought this was disappointing. I also preferred the Santiago de Cuba and the Havana Club Anejo over this one. I remember there was something medicinal lingering in the flavour-spectrum that didn't agree with me. Ended up mixing it with cola, which I seldom do.

I bought one bottle a couple of years ago, and it's still half full. So it's obviously not my favorite. But when I don't want the sweeter Zacapa Solera it's a good option.

slabsi aroma, chut prekvapive slabsi, bez vyrazne alkoholove chuti ci ocasu
chut se rozvijejici do tropickych plodu a vanilky


For that money you cannot buy better rums. But i prefer diplomatico anejo in this price range. The bottle doesnt look as rum bottle at all :D.

Perhaps the best kept rum secret from Cuba. Pretty hard to get outside of the airport though. But at only 7 CUC a bottle, this gives Havana Club a rum for their money.

Cuban taste, to me it is slightly better tasting than the Havana Club 7

Typical spanish style rum. Much less sweet than Diplomatico. Fruity taste.

Als Alternative zu Havanna Club wärmsten zu empfehlen.

The bottle of the Añejo Centuria is different to the pic here at rumratings where a 5yo label appears. The añejo centuria is about 7yo and has a black label. It is a typical cuban, not that smokey or intense as HC7, sweet for a cuban, mild and pleasant. Had to review it again after a second bottle as I recently drank different cubans from HC7 to Cubay 10 (one of my favorites) and it is in between of both.
The quality/price relation is superb for the Caney Añejo Centuria (about 12 euro here) but recently my wife saw it at Cuba in a new presentation costing 4 times what it costs here, what is definetly too much. In Cuba it comes in the same presentation as the new 10yo Caney that I have only seen in Italy so far, but the labels and colour are different. So if you can grab some of the old black bottles for about 12-15 Euro pick them as they are great value.

Nice Cuban style rum, with dried fruity notes. It is quite dry and flavoir is rich and komplex. If you are looking for quality Cuban rum for good value take it.

Sugar: 0 to 5 gpl. I was quite surprised by the taste of this rum. The aroma is nice but not overpowering with any one smell. The taste is soft on the palate with a bit of sweetness and traces of oak and honey and perhaps a lingering bit of ginger. It can be a sipping rum or a great mixer. What impressed me is that most "Tourist Rums" have that lingering phenol taste, but this one does not. It's not available in Canada but if you are in Cuba, be sure to try it out.

its a really nice rum i would say around 7 years of age but its cheaper and tastier then havana club. Difficult to find rum

Herkomst: Cuba
Abv: 38%
Fles: 70cl
Aroma: hout, Tropisch fruit, vanille en een beetje tabak.
Smaak: hout, karamel en vanille, gewoon rum dus.

Voor deze prijs (€15) een uitstekende rum, zeer zacht en een lekkere smaak.

Rhum très frais, très floral. Note finale très longue. A tester.

This very inexpensive Cuban rum is quite good. For most, the only Cuban rum available is Havana Club.
You are missing a good sipping rum, bit sweet, vanilla and oak nose, smooth finish for a rhum not aged very long. Nô information on bottle, but i would say 7 years old.