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Ron botran solera 1893 rum

Botran Solera 1893 is a dark rum from Guatemala aged using the Solera method in casks that previously held sherry, port and bourbon.

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96 Ron Botran Solera 1893 ratings

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I was full of expectation when I bought Botran Solera 1893 Gran Reserva.

The smell is sweet with caramel and fruit. Some sticky alcohol too but that goes away after a few minutes in the glass.

The taste is sweet but it is too much spice and barrel for my taste. I expected it to be sweeter.

The aftertaste is long with spices and barrel. In my taste this is a blender that goes well in drinks and with cola. I don´t think it´s good as a sipper.

It's nothing atypical of a rum. It's a very standard oaked vanilla rum with a lot of cinnamon/allspice in the back. Horrible straight. It acts like a nice guy in front of your girlfriend and then secretly tries to steal her when you're not expecting it. Basically it enters the mouth pretty smoothly and then a second or 2 later rains down like hell fire on your tongue, roof of mouth and back of throat. You must ice this one at a minimum or add cola. It makes a good rum and coke but for the price no thank you. I got this from a friend on a trip to mexico because it isn't sold in the states here. I would recommend cruzan gold over this. Very very similar, the only thing you might notice is the 40$ or you just saved.

It's a very good rum, not too sweet like many rums of the region. Nose I got lot of caramel and dry fruits. Mouth is more mineral which I like but I think lacks of something to get a better rating, in that price range.

Taste caramel but not too sweet. Good daily rum. Really smooth.

I would use it for drinks but some of my friends like it straight up, normally the ones that likes Whiskey.

I really don't like this, and am contemplating throwing it away. I've never considered doing that with ANY rum before. It has very few redeeming features. The nose is OK, and the initial fruit on the palate is OK, but then there is a really disgusting mish mash of flavours that almost makes me gag. I do wonder whether I have a bad bottle. The problem is that I will never buy this again and if it is a bad bottle, I won't know as I doubt any of my friends/colleagues will have a bottle of this.

I'll probably keep it and palm it off on unsuspecting visitors, but every time I open my drinks cupboard, I'll know the bottle is lurking in there.

Update - the bottle has now been open for a couple of years and I am finding it very palatable this evening. Possibly now that the weather has got a little chillier and I haven't turned on the heating, the rum is a touch colder than it has been in the past thus taking off the edges that I didn't like. It's not my favourite and I wouldn't buy again, but tonight I am really quite enjoying it.

Ce rhum élaboré à base de miel de canne, en fait un pur jus réduit en sirop, est un modèle d'équilibre, de délicatesse et de rondeur. Il pêche justement par son manque de relief mais il reste riche. Très agréable, il est parfait pour déguster avec quelqu'un qui n'est pas habitué aux alcools forts ou pour se détendre avec un bon rhum "facile".

This is a very nice rum. It uses wine casks as part of the solera. Intensely smooth no burn at all. No funky taste or harshness or overpowering notes. This is a great blend and I highly recommend this to anyone. The price point is amazing for this quality. Could easily drink an entire bottle of this in one sitting.

Une couleur généreuse et ensoleillé...très ron en bouche, des aromes de bois épicés sublimes, je ne regrette vraiment pas mon choix !!!

Sweet taste with honey but still strong feeling of alcohol.

very smooth taste. vanilla and caramel. Easy to drink. very good price for this quality.

This is a great blend and I highly recommend this to anyone. The price point is amazing for this quality. Could easily drink an entire bottle of this in one sitting.


Nice, sweet, above average quality and easy to drink rum.

I've gotten this rum as a gift in a different bottle.

The rum has beautiful dark color. It needs some time in a glass to settle down its wild taste and scent.
This Botran is straight with mostly oak barrel scent and taste. Spices and vanilla appears as well.
Has a long ending that will keep you warm.

This is rather dry rum, and because I prefer sweeter rums, I'm giving it 6/10.


Little dry for my taste, little caramel - vanilla . Gong little stronger. Could be cheaper for this taste.

Ron Botran has much better stuff to offer than the 1893. It is not a neat sipper since the alcohol smell and taste are strong and the burn at the end is not pleasant. Go straight with the 12 or 15 year Botran if you are looking for a neat sipper rum.

I got it from my wife and I really like it. Smooth and nice. A rum of my taste.

A fantastic rum, for me a good substitute for zacapa 23. Equal or very close. A must to Try.

Klasse Rum zum Top Preis. 22€ habe ich für diesen vollmundigen Rum nur bezahlt. Leichte Würze, wenig süße aber mild. Klasse!!!

Rather rough at some points but could be a good mixer but not a sipper.

This rum has a really good dark colour, almost a hint of red. Good legs in the glass, and a pleasant fruity, woody aroma on the nose, a hint of vanilla.
Its not too sweet for me, very smooth, little if any burn, a long aftertaste and leaves a warm feeling in the throat and chest.
Not sure if i would mix this one, but i can understand others who have and say it makes a good mixer.
Probably stick to 1 ice cube or a drop of water personally.
cheers graham.


Very dark brown rum; but I am afraid, that is because of some color added. Smells of wood and alcool, tastes like wood and alcool. With time, it is slowly getting better - i.e. the alcool evaporates and there rests some caramel. To the end, it is even getting sweet in the nose, although on the tongue, there reste a great deal of wood.

Tasty, enjoyable rum that has a sweetness that affords this rum to be enjoyed neat. The fact that this rum was aged in the solera method using casks that were previously held by various spirits really works nicely in producing a wonderful flavor profile.

Sweet, smooth, spicy, lingering finish, little burn.