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Do not waste your money on this completey rubbish ... Do not buy at all ... Boring flavour harsh afterburn no thanks

Another rum that proves you don't have to pay an arm and a leg for a great rum. I found this locally for $24 and after reading some reviews decided to give it a shot. Glad I did. This rum is produced by Industrias Licoreras de Guatemala, the same distillery that brings you Ron Zacapa. But make no mistake, this is not the just a cheap version of the sugary Zacapa. Wonderfully smooth, and just enough sweetness to compliment the play of flavors without over powering them with a syrupy, sugariness. According to other reviewers, it's coming in at a 0-5g sugar test. It mellows into a comfortable finish, with virtually no alcohol burn. I'm giving this an 8 based on quality and price. Will definitely buy again.

Vanilla, toffee and slight spicy aromas from the glass. It doesn't smell as heavy as I would've thought. It is very smooth with no harshness. Prolonged sitting in the glass reveals a warm peach, oak and leathery aroma. The taste is warming sweet oak and toffee with a dark sherry like edge. The finish is pure dairy fudge, oak and a fruity sweetness. I can't fault it and dip into the bottle more than I do the 1893!

Good rum tasting. Very interesting subtle vanilla aromas.

Főleg a karamell és az aszalt gyümölcsök a dominánsak..talán még pici fahéj...olyan "klasszikus" rumos, alkoholos...kicsit unalmas !!

I've been drinking rum for over 50 years, so i think my rum palate is as good as any.
My preferred drink is Bacardi white with Coke no ice. Yet occasionally I'll try another brand for educational purposes only. I was delighted with this 15 year Botran's rich sweet molasses aroma, which lights up all your taste buds. I always use a mix; coke or eggnog. This is top quality rum.

Tried the Ron Botran Reserva alongside the 15y Botran and they both have a healthy dark color, very similar smell profile, surprisingly strong coffee and oak taste and a bit of a kick at the end. Botran Reserva somehow is a tad more expensive than the 15y Botran which is surprising since the Reserva is a blend of 4 to 14 year old rums.

Not a bad choice at all. Was definitely worth the $40.

Connected with my Rome visit, I appreciate the balance of taste, roughness and aroma.

This is an ok rum i guess. Me personally I did not like it, not a fan of the taste at all, its almost like drinking really cheap liquor. I'll pass on this one.

again one of the rums, that are suitable for a good quality Old Fashioned cocktail.

The Botran Reserve is not a bad drop, neat. The nose is good, the initial taste is on par with faint burnt toffee notes but the after taste kills it for me.
If RumRatings let me I would score it higher than a 7 but not by much.

A step up from the 12 year anejo, if you ask me. Little more sweetness and flavor with less burn and funk. This rum can be enjoyed neat or mixed. Guatemala sure makes decent rums as is evident in this representation from Industrias Licoreras de Guatemala. Not as sweet as Zacapa!

Pleasant and fruity. Overall well balanced with full body and decent aftertaste, that could have lasted a bit longer.

Less Carmel than the Solera but I enjoyed savoring it and it was less sticky alcohol than the Solera. Pairs well w/light seafood.

Dieser Ron bietet viel für sein Geld.
In der Nase und Gaumen eine schöne süsse, Vanille und Karamell.
Der Ausklang könnte länger sein (wie immer).
Bevorzuge Ihn dem Solera 1893.

This Ron offers plenty for his money.
In the nose and palate a nice sweet, vanilla and caramel.
The ending could be longer (as always).
Prefer him to Solera 1893.

Aftertaste has just the faintest molasses. Maybe a very small hint of oak. Mostly an antiseptic flavor unfortunately. 

I would recommend if you like more sweet rum with neutral taste.

Traído de Guatemala por mi hermano es digno representante de las tierras centro americanas. No se puede dejar de probar

One of the classic solera entry level rum. Is a blend of selectet rums aged between 5 and 14 years in solera system. Natural sweet notes of vanilla and dried fruits on the nose. Between guatemalan rums, I still prefer the Zacapa high end's.


I spent $23 US on this, and I expected something more along the lines of a mixer for that price. Instead, what I got was a delicious, complex, smooth rum perfect for drinking straight, with a splash of water, or on the rocks (my preferred if I can't put it in a freezer... I love my spirits very cold, for some reason).

Another surprise is how sweet it is, considering the results of the sugar test conducted by nomad and edited into their review back on page 1 (0-5g).

This rum is made from virgin sugar honey and aged via the Solera system in bourbon, port, and sherry casks. It definitely shows from the amazing palate. There's some dried fruits, almond, and orange (I love that orange citrus note on the tongue). The finish is almost like a chocolate cinnamon, only more on the dark/bitter-sweet side than the milk/creamy side.

The nose is also wonderful, giving off some charred wood aromas like oak, as well as creamy caramel and honey.

I absolutely recommend this one, especially as a baseline for introducing someone to Reservas. Obviously better can be found, but this is definitely the definition of a good Reserva.


Nice taste, it can be drunk neat easily. Good choice for that price

Es un ron muy agradable para beber solo. Buena relación calidad precio.

Beautiful color, Nice Aroma, Taste is good in the mouth, but the after burn is too much for me. I tried adding a small amount of water which really brought out the wonderful aroma but still too much burn. I can't recommend this one.