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Bacardi black rum

Originally named Bacardi Black, this rum is now called Bacardi Select. The recipe is the same, which consists of a blend of aged rums, charcoal-filtered once before resting for at least 4 years in American White Oak.

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111 Bacardi Black ratings

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Got a sore throat and ran out of robatussin? NO PROBLEM. Introducing Bacardi Black! For when regular robatussin won't cut it, Bacardi is there!

The worst rum I have ever tasted. The flavor resembled bandaids, like a medicinal/chemical taste. Does not even hold a candle to CM Black.

no comment, stay away from this thing, dont even think to drink this miserable liquid

I tried this on a trip to Alaska, and they charged a pretty penny for it, and it was horrible. I couldn't finish it and it was mixed with Coke.

Artificial and gasoline is what describes this gem for me. Buy captain morgan or havana club instead! Or eben better: Flor de Cana & Wray & Nephews

Tastes like nail polish. The only positive to it is giving out free shots just to get rid of it. I would never buy it again.

na přechod od tuzemáku dobré, ale v porovnání s rumy s vyšší kategorie, zcela nedostatečné. Je ovšem v celku levný a dostupný, nicméně OAKHEART je lepší.

I'm not sure why all the bad ratings as I find this rum very drinkable. It's smooth but doesn't have the fine flavors and aromas of higher rated runs in my cabinet. This rum is doable and OK on the rocks and I find it excellent as a mixer.


I go to this rum because it has good flavor, no burn, and is not as expensive as other rums similar to it. It's not the top shelf but is way above the bottom!

Cough syrup tastes better. If you enjoy this rum there is something seriously wrong with your taste buds.

I thought it was a joke then I realized the bottle read "Rum" on it. Nice try, Bacardi...but, no. This is a total mess.

Tasted ok, but too sweet, this is one of the rums that give me a headache. Too sweet when mixed with coke.

Very intense flavour of.... YUK, you can't even use it for mixing with coke.
The only bottle i ever bought aged out in my cabinet until now, and every time i dare to unscrew it, a noseful of the scent reminds me of never drinking this again.

Not recommended. Not enough mix to make it taste better.

Není až tak spatny. Ale nejvíce se hodí asi do míchaných koktejlů. Na popíjení v čisté formě jsou jiné rumy.

Bad on its own, medicine flavor. Whoever said bandaid nailed it. It's weird. Bad to the point that cola can't even cover it. It still has a weird aftertaste.

This is not a special one or anything like that... hence not the best taste even in cocktails...

As a broke college student, this is not the worst thing I have had (this is coming from a guy who doesn't mind drinking cheap). It does not taste like a rum at all. It is rum disguised as a whiskey. To me it tastes like a cheap scotch that the makers realized that it tasted like shit so they tried to make it as oaky as possible. But if you were to say, mix it 3:1 Bacardi Black to Amaretto, it might give you a decent godfather, but that means buying amaretto in order to drink it.

Bra att ha i grogg. Definitivt inte för sig själv.

Mixed with Coke and it is okay. Pure is the taste not so okay.

This is undoubtedly the worst rum, I ever had. Its taste was horrible somewhat like paint thinner. I would never dare to touch this horrible thing ever again.

Really not into mixing Rum anymore. Reminds me of spring break fun.

Tried drinking this on the rocks at a wedding recently and just couldn't stomach it. Certainly made me appreciate my rum cabinet at home. Didn't try it in a mixer, but I couldn't recommend this rum to anyone.

Horrible. Could Bicardi have put just an ounce of effort into this?? The official that authorized this release should be fired. Nothing else to say.

"hint of plum/prune and a little hint of treacle..."

Bacardi Black rum review by The Fat Rum Pirate

Bacardi black rum