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Très bon straight et très doux! Il coûte $20 à Punta Cana, attention de ne pas le payer $160 la bouteille comme un vendeur me l'a offert la première fois!
C'est toutefois un rum qui est doux comme de l'ea et qui a un bon petit goût de caramel brulé mais très subtile sans rentrer dans un rum très sucré! À goûter absolument! Un très bon rum pour s'initier dasn le rum straight

A very solid Dominican (almost Cuban) style rum. Very approachable and easy to drink.

Very good nice buttery taste

Flavorful and somewhat complex due to its lengthy time aged in barrels. Some sweetness combined with just enough heat. Spice, vanilla and butterscotch flavors keep you coming back for more.
Enjoyable neat or mixed, the moderate price allows you to do both and not feel guilty about it!

This one was a bit too harsh for me. When just poured into a glass, the nose has a lot of alcohol. You'll need to let it breath for some time. After that it's ok, but nothing special. A small bit of vanilla and maybe caramel, but not enough for me. For the price it's an ok rum. But I prefer this one in a mix with coke zero and there are better priced rums for that.

Wurde mir damals vor langer Zeit auf den Domis empfohlen.
Heute weiss ich das es besseres gibt !
Nase ein wenig spritig, im Gaumen leichte Holznoten, ein wenig Karamell und Toffee.
Abgang, ja wo den ?

It was recommended me in the Dom Rep a long time ago.
Today I know that there is better things !
Nose a bit cleanser like, light wood notes on the palate, a little caramel and toffee.
Finish, yes where?

It was recommended when I travelled in Dom rep, but didn't enjoy it.
Clear colour, alcohol taste, Bad finish on the bottle... Didn't taste good neat and average in a Cuba libre

A little caramel and vainilla small. Rather strong and a bit dry.

At first I felt only the alcohol also in taste and aroma, and regretted the price I paid for the bottle. However after a couple of try I found something interesting in the taste, although the taste of alcohol is still quite strong. It is at the border for me for sipping. The appearance is of a cheap cognac, screw cap among others, they probably should improve that.

Though I am not fond of the Bermudez rums, I find this one quite sippable. Sweet with some spice, as I like them. I even risk saying it is too good for the cheap price.

thats not my fall, my neighbor brought him from the dominican repuplic

Einfacher, für den billigen Preis guter Rum. Man sollte allerdings nicht zuviel erwarten. Pur ohne weiteres trinkbar, für mich allerdings besser mit Cola und Eis.

As this rum is among the cheaper ones I have had, I can only recommend it. It takes a while for the wood to develop in the nose, but it gets there and on the tongue, too. Usually a rum of this price is just cheap artificial orange and sugar; this one is definitely a rum worth the name.

Very Very good, enjoy this with a good cigar. Is well balanced.

Un bon gout de vanille, caramel d'épices, café et de bois brulé. Il est doux en bouche et une longue note. On goute le fut de chêne, je l 'aime bien et je suis pas déçu. Merci a JC pour cette bonne bouteille.


Alkohol: 40 %
Původ: Dominikánská republika
Aroma: Velmi hřejivá, kořenitá vůně, docela výrazná, středně plná. Hodně kůže, skořice, lehce kakao a ž káva, cedrové dřevo. Při přechutnání pak trocha ztrouchnivělého dřeva. (87 b)
Chuť: Chuť dobře odráží vůni. Není nijak moc sladká, spíš kořenitě nasládlá, pikantní, v dochuti mírně propolis, hřebíček. (85 b)
Shrnutí: Ochutnán společně s josém na naší společné nepravidelné degustaci. U josého mi chutnal víc, než doma při přechutnání, ale mám pocit, že za to mohla plastová miniatura. Došly mi skleněné lékovky a tak jsem v nouzi použil plast, pak jsem toho litoval a lékovku už nadobro vyhodil. Konečné hodnocení jsem pak mírně ponížil oproti původnímu hodnocení. Výhodou je cena něco málo přes 500 korun. A chutnal mi víc, než La Mauny XO, který stojí skoro 3x víc.
Body: 86

This was a very good rum I enjoyed it with cola. Brought a bottle home.

Light with some spice and bitterness. Good sipper and also great to mix with cola.

Tastes and smells too chemical for me. Even coke can't hide the chemical/nailpolish taste. Was expecting much more from this rum as it has positive reviews. Most positive in my opinion is its nice bottle.

I agree on the good quality/price compromise.
Good taste, not too spicy, at the end a bitter taste keeps on your throat, that is not a bad point at all, but it is quite too long.

acheté il y a bien longtemps lors d'un voyage...
il m'a donné envie d'avoir une cave a rhum ;-)
il est assez sec, mais assez doux et parfumé et finalement intéressant.

I bought this bottle being recommended by the owner of the liquor store and I don't regret it. A very smooth and rich rum, without being too sweet, that's how I like them lately!

Nice Amber colour, smooth caramel notes. What's not to like?

The nose of this rum is of caramel. When you start to drink it you get flavours of soft caramel and dried fruit and a nice spice as it leaves your mouth with q nice spicy burn exit. It reminds me of a light cognac when you drink it as it is a light rum. Sip it slowly and this rum will grow on you. It has a sweet finish rhat that stays moving leaving a dry finish. If you're a rum collector this is not a bad rum to own I would say it sits on the fence in regards to the overall verdict.

Don't expect to much,but for 20€ its probably one of the best u can get.The milky glass bottle looks cool but the golden batch is cheap plastic .A light Dom.Rep. rum without much depth,not too sweet,a little bite at the end.A good introduction to the Dominican style rums.

"It’s smooth and quite dry."

Ron Bermudez Aniversario rum review by The Fat Rum Pirate

Ron bermudez aniversario rum