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Ron abuelo centuria rum

Ron Abuelo Centuria is a limited edition rum derived from a blend of fine rums aged in oak barrels for up to 30 years. The name recognises the 100th anniversary of the family estate in Panama.

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Sugar: 26-30 gpl. Smooth, rich with all kinds of flavour and an overall feeling of luxury. Oak, caramel, vanilla, smoke, spices, a hint of sherry. Really well balanced rum. It's expensive but go ahead treat yourself to some luxurious rum. As one rum aficionado so aptly said, "when you drink this rum, you know your ship has come in".

The best rum I have ever had. Complex and smooth with lovely hints of vanilla.

This will make you buy a Panama hat and smoke cigars, if you don't already. This is the best rum, I have ever tastes. Period.

Rich and delicious, a touch earthy, and remarkable long spicy finish. One of my go to's. When I found 2 bottles of this near me in Boston I grabbed both, thinking I would give one as a gift, since the presentation case is sharp. But... I kept them both.

After months of looking for it, I finally got a bottle of the Centuria. The color is dark brown. long lasting legs on glass. Aroma reminds me of vanilla and caramel. Somewhat sweet but not over the top. Very long finish. If it wasn't so difficult to find (and expensive), this could be the best sipping rum ever.

i recently discovered the Ron Abuelo brand, and had my local liquor vendor order the Centuria. Velvety, opulent mouth feel, lingering flavors of caramels, tropical spice...simply one of the finest liquids i have ever had the privilege to consume!

I read a lot of hype on this rum online as well as the ratings here.

I decided to spend the $125 making this the most expensive rum I've purchased thus far.

With all the hype and for the asking price I expected a high standard.

I was disappointed.

I wish to make it clear...this is not...I repeat NOT a bad rum whatsoever.

It's just not a rum worthy of a $125 price tag. $40-$50 USD would be much more reasonable.

Although it has a pleasant aroma and looks great in the snifter with a deep mahogany color, the flavor is...well...lacking.

Surprising it's not nearly as smooth as I expected. In fact it's rather harsh. This is an expensive mixing rum in my opinion, not a sipper.

One source says only 200 cases of this rum were imported into the United States...another source says only 3000 bottles were produced.

However the ready availability of this rum makes me wonder if the bottle I have is a "second generation" Centuria. I read several reviews on this rum and what I am tasting in my bottle does not even come close to resembling what is described in this reviews. Makes me wonder....

As I said, it's not a bad hits you with a initial mixture of sweetness and vanilla which receives a peppery kick. A nice strong warmth hits the throat leaving a toffee/vanilla finish. But it has an strong oak bitterness about it that reminds me more of a younger, maybe 3-yr, rum rather than one that is a blend of older rums. What gives? I just cannot give what I am trying more than a 7.

WTH is it with the added sugars?!? Burnt at that. Exceeds even the moderately+ sweetness of the 12 year. The nose is excellent and you can literally nasal-taste the older rums in waiting...until you actually taste it. Sweet...more sweet...absolutely defiling the rum that could have been. Not until mid-finish do you get reintroduced to what this rum might have been throughout the palate; some really nice dark tea, leather, citrus & fruit intertwining with slight clove, chocolate, nuts and, and...well, after lingering for a bit, it's over. A shame; it could have been great. Very nice texture on the tongue. Almost a 7, but the burnt molasses - present but much better balanced in the Abeulo 12 - says "6".

Maybe a few months of decanting will help, but at this price should one have to? money and buy a bottle of Plantation 20 XO and Mount Gay XO instead. You'll have two better distillations and won't mind telling your drinking buddies what you paid.

Just bought this excellent Rum and i have to order one more.
What an enormous experience of flavours

This special reserve rum was made to celebrate Abuelo's 100th anniversary.

Trully amazing experince. So silky, smooth and round texture. Easy to drink. Notes of Vanila, spices, smokey hints.

What a shame seeing others mixing it up with coke :(

Great balance. Café, vanilla and eventually chocolate! A long beautiful finish. It has everything. I don't even know why I'm not giving a 10. I guess I'm just hopeful to taste something even better.

First fine rum I ever tasted and still what I compare all others to.

A premium rum! Well balanced, smooth, sweet tasty rum. Virtually no after burn with a nice meidum to long finish. I suggest that you drink this alone or with very special friends who appreciate fine rum. Whilst doing this take some time to appreciate what you are drinking and saviour the moment. Must add that the presentation box is very nice too

Cannot say it better than Forbes Magazine. Read their review.

Great, amazing, flavorful rum. So far the best I have had. Once a yr on my bday I buy a bottle if I can get my hands on one.

Simpelthen top rommen, sikke en duft, man kan virkelig sidde i lang tid og bare dufte den meget fyldig aroma der er i glasset. Smagen er superb, meget voluminøs og en helt fantastisk afslutning med en lækker sødme.
Helt klaret et genkøb.

Picked this up for upcoming trip to Charleston with the wife. Hey, it will be October, on the coast, why not rum? have some ghost tours scheduled and the presently unopened bottle of Abuelo Centuria. Rating to come!
p.s. I'm hoping for a 10!

Tengo la suerte de tener 3 botellas de este excelente Ron, el cual es muy equilibrado con notas amaderadas (roble), vainilla, caramelo (ligeramente) y especias. Y un atrayente color caoba.
De mis favoritos sin duda.

I believe this is the best I ever had! Abuelo has created a unique rum!

Un señor ron, valió la pena cada uno de los $150 que pagué. Sin lugar a dudas dentro del top de mi colección solo por debajo del Millonario XO. 100% recomendado.


After tasting well over 300 aged rums, I had very high expectations in relation to Ron Abuelo Centuria. I have tried it so far in 3 different occasions and my opinion has not changed. The flavor profile is very mature, deep and delicious, but there are easily 25 better rums which are much better value. In my opinion the Centuria is way over rated in the rum forums.

Here's my top 20 list:
1. Legendario 15y
2. El Dorado 25y
3. Millonario XO and 15y
4. Plantation Barbados XO 20th Anniversary
5. Pusser's 15y
6. Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva / SVG / Ambassador
7. Presidente Marti 23y and 19y
8. Black Tot
9. Pampero Aniversario
10. Edmundo Dantes 15y
11. Bacoo 12y
12. Cubaney 18y and 15y
13. Opthimus 21y
14. Dictador XO Insolent
15. Bumbu
16. Ron Cartavio XO
17. Ron Quorhum 30y
18. Ron Abuelo Centuria
19. Flor de Cana 25y / 21y / 18y
20. Plantation Gran Anejo Guatemala & Belize

While this is smooth I don't feel it offers enough complexity and doesn't deliver on the sweetness that so many on here brought up. I have many sweet rums and this isn't in a Ron millonario xo or dos luxus kind of ballpark. Instead it is quite powerful and even after breathing I still found it to be overpowering. I'm going have to come back to this in the future but for now it moves to the back of the cabinet.

Not over powering but smooth wonderful flavors and a lingering finish.

Deosebit de rom :) Extraordinar! Un rom de excepție straight sau on the rocks...