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Despite being a young rum, it has a nice taste and aroma, comparable to many of those aged for a longer period. I prefer it on rocks, but could go neat, as well.

Not bad. Not bad at all. It's quite drinkable but.. smell is much more expressing than actual taste. While your nose is screaming OMG!! Your tongue ends somewhere around meh. But still okay rum.

Good price, nice taste and aroma
Was introduced to this rum in Florida
Enjoy on the rocks or a bit of coke and with my son
My number 1 rum

Por lo barato que es, es un buen ron.
Fuerte, con olor a alcohol y poca madera.
Genial para cuba libre (al estilo de Appleton)
Abuelo es buena marca, pero no esperes tanto de un ron de menos de $10

It's hard to believe this is rum. Barely passable as rum. Drinkable, but barely.

Great entry level rum. I prefer it on ice, lemon and mint with loads of ice but can easily be appreciated straight.

Tastes like cheap whiskey with added sugar. At some point I actually doubted if it was rum or bourbon. Awful

This to me exemplifies what a standard rum should be. Very versatile.

This one is a very nice and smooth rum from Panama, with some vanilla and spiced notes. Nice one to serve with a cigar to me.

Rhum correct pour boire seul, mais très bon pour le cocktails

You can taste à lot of sweet and some note of tobaco at the same. Very nice straight and suitable for mixing.

That's cheap so I wasn't expect much.....but that's nice surprise.....maybe nose is nothing special...but taste quite good. I feel something new there. If you thing about cheap and common rum that's very good example to try.

Smells faintly of molasses. Mild and toasty flavor, with a bittersweet dark-chocolate flavor that develops as it breathes. Mixes great with coconut water. Can find it most places for $20 at most, though I happily pay $13 a bottle. Can't complain too much for $13.

To the nose there are hints of vanilla and caramel. Not too sweet, luckily. Passes the "eye-test" (alcoholtest) with flying colours.Drink it neat, from a tasting glass (no tumbler!!). Lingering taste. Great value for money.

Very smooth and enjoyable to drink. Not happy about the smell but it tastes much better than it smells. Very smooth.

On the nose this rum has so much potential. It's a little harsh, but as you let it breathe it softens up considerably. Initial fruity notes become sweet and sugary. Let this one get some air, you will appreciate it more. On the tongue it's still a young rum, but tasty, and oddly, seems appropriate for a Panamanian rum. It's not sweet tasting, and a little too much alcohol for an everyday sipper; I suspect this would mix nicely. (I've only had it neat, and a few at that :) ) Not a bad rum at all, I'll happily drink it. But I tend to judge my rums by how they taste on their own, not mixed. And for that, this gets a 6.

I am an exclusive cheap rum drinker. I typically spend between $15 to$ 25. So when I found this rum for $15 and saw the reviews (rating this rum at 6.5) I thought this would be a decent rum. However, the initial taste and finish is terrible. It's not full and the favor is off. Major improvement is needed.

Bude rozhodně luxusní v drinku, ale takhle samostatně je to silný ostrý hřejivý rum. Dlouhý propolis ale v puse pak zanechá sladkost. Nicméně nástup je neukázněný, nevyzrálý. V poměru ceny a kvality by dostal 8 bodu. Pokud mám hodnotit jen kvalitu, hezkých 7.

Its a good rum, not everybody knows him. Its a good rum for the Cubas Libres

Lidt sprittet, men absolut en som hører til i mit skab.

As I have said before, big fan of RA's stuff, but this one does not pass the test. I am hoping I just got a bad bottle or something. Got several bottles on a closeout deal and after trying one, just not good. The smell of heavy alcohol is strong and the flavor is grainy and bitter. Tried mixing, but didn't work.

Love the technique. Love the flavor. Old school. Makes me want to go to Panama.

Very similar to the 7 with a harsher finish and a shorter flavour. For the extra £5-10 it's definitely worth getting the 7.

Me pareció un buen ron a un buen precio. Se deja tomar hasta en las rocas. De sabor medio dulce y se siente fuerte el alcohol. Ideal para mezclar.