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Ron abuelo anejo rum

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52 Ron Abuelo Anejo ratings

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Not bad. Not bad at all. It's quite drinkable but.. smell is much more expressing than actual taste. While your nose is screaming OMG!! Your tongue ends somewhere around meh. But still okay rum.

Great entry level rum. I prefer it on ice, lemon and mint with loads of ice but can easily be appreciated straight.

Tastes like cheap whiskey with added sugar. At some point I actually doubted if it was rum or bourbon. Awful

This to me exemplifies what a standard rum should be. Very versatile.

This one is a very nice and smooth rum from Panama, with some vanilla and spiced notes. Nice one to serve with a cigar to me.

Nez alcoolisé et banal.
Attaque plutôt franche et alcoolisée. Final adoucie avec canne prédominante.

My Ecuadorian family use to drink it on many occasions. I like it but it's not one of my favorites. It has a strong vanilla flavor.

I usually ask to mix drink with abuelo, much more better then havana, for great price.

It's hard to believe this is rum. Barely passable as rum. Drinkable, but barely.

Despite being a young rum, it has a nice taste and aroma, comparable to many of those aged for a longer period. I prefer it on rocks, but could go neat, as well.

For the price Ron Abuelo Anejo can't be beat. It has a syrupy taste of burnt sugar with a hint of wood (probably from an additive rather than a cask), sweet to the palate and kind to the throat if you roll it around a bit. The impression it gives is of a rich artisan rum instead of a thin commercial offering. I don't imagine it's artisan but the sweetness, depth of flavor and slightly piquant aftertaste linger longer than that of its price competitors such as Ron Centenario 5 years or Ron Flor de Cana 4 years. For rum lovers on a budget, look no further.

So smooth you can drink it straight! I have been buying Ron Abuelo as gifts on my numerous visit to Panama. I'd never tried it until recently I'm hooked!

Une maison formidable ne peut que faire des rhums formidables
Une entrée de gamme qui tient ses promesses
Vanille sucre rond fin tout y est

Extremely cheap rum here (10 euro). For the price you get a sweetened, vanilla flavoured rum, not harsh, not complex. For me it makes a good Cuba Libre with lot of lemon and Angostura Bitter in it, but would never even try to sip it.

lot of vanilla and flavour...sweet but not dry...this is my favorite rum for this price...

Good quality. But the rum does not want to drink more than two servings, because the finish is hard.

Ron abuelo is the rum with the greatest value for money ratio I own. Although an entry level, it features some interesting characteristics that in my opinion, are rare in other standard rums.

Colour: Golden to bronze
Aroma: Alcoholic and woody fragrance, although several sweet notes of cherry and caramel don't go unnoticed.
Flavour: balanced
Taste: Sharp alcoholic at the start, then smoother and sweet cherry and caramel to end up woody.

Ι really appreciate its quality for the price. It is versatile regarding its use and sincerely, I wouldn't mind sipping it straight up. Better on the rocks (small portion of ice always), in order to soften its sharp alcoholic start and release the aromatic notes.

Tips: Go buy one bottle or two. It always comes in handy!

OK rum, not a sipping rum. Makes nice rum and coke.

Un très bon rhum à prendre avec du coke! À racheter!

This is a simple rum with it blends and flavour... Nothing special but nothing to mark it down on

It has't been aged for a long time, it has no extra vlavours, you can smell and taste how the rum tastes by itself. Maybe it wont be a bad idea to mix it.

Excellent rhum avec le coke ou le perrier après quelques un on cri abuellllllloooooo

Initially has quite a bite, but then softens. Oaky and sweet.

Smooth and sweet, molasses flavor a little strong but still quite nice for the price