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Ron abuelo 7 anos reserva superior rum

Ron Abuelo 7 Anos Reserva Superior is produced in Panama and is one of three rums produced in the Ron Abuelo line. As the name suggests, it has been aged for 7 years in oak bourbon barrels and is blended before being bottled.

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124 Ron Abuelo 7 Anos Reserva Superior ratings

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Quite a good rum, taste of hazelnuts and toasted bread. Very smooth mouth. My girlfriend who usualy doesn't like rum but really apreaciates whisky loved it. So if you want to bring a whisky fan to the wonderful world of rums... This one is a great starting point!

I think that Abuelo 7 years is really smooth and sweet, spicy tasting rum. Hint of choclate. And prize is pretty low.

This is one of the truly wonderful rums you can get without breaking the bank. The funny secret is it is cheaper but somehow slightly better than the Abuelo 12 anos. I've met others that agree, it has a smoothness that its older brother lacks. Perfect with a dash of seltzer and a squirt of fresh pineapple juice.

Not a great nose but I love the mouth. Nose Israel syrupy with aromas of woods. Mouth is smooth with a very good blend of spicies. Very aromatic, with a good dry/sweet balance. Coffee is the stingiest note but has also some vanilla and something else, some herb which I like but can't tell what it is.


good balance and a good rum. This is the second rum from Abuelo that has proven excellent.

A well balanced nose with vanilla, caramel and some sweet (dried) fruits. The taste even gives way to some faint cocoa notes. Also quite a pleasant toasted finish. Considering the price level in the Netherlands of just over 20 euro's it's one of the better deals on a rum available.

Good choice, smooth rum, in Abuelo chart in the middle.

I will admit that i only tried a sampler of this rum. My memories recall a decent experience, with some melasse sweetness, and a slightly dry tobaco finish on a medium body.

One of my go to day-to-day rums, and one that I bring to friends instead of wine. Mixes well and also nice over ice.

This is my wife's favorite. Even though I am constantly trying new rums, she always comes back to this. Aging gives this Panamanian rum a host of flavors. Smooth mouth with nice blend of spices. Creamy with a little hint of vanilla at the end.

Very nice in a well made old fashioned. Smooth finish


Has a heavy Sweetness and good power. Not too much at all. With a hint of orange. Very good compared to the price.

So there I am, standing in the Rum isle of the liquor store looking for a good rum as I was all out at home. There wasn't what I'd call a great rum amongst the lot of them. I then I see this rum and it has a little write up with it and rating that it's been given. It's a little pricey, $58.00 ish, but if it's as good as they say I don't mind paying for it. On my first sip I was extremely disappointed. Not much nose and it's BITTER to the taste. At the time I wasn't even sure I would finish the entire bottle. However eventually I did and in the end I didn't mind it as much as when I first tried it but not enough to spend that kind of money on it.

I believe this is the best product they have. Great for mixing. It tastes like no other. The more aged abuelo rums are better than this one.

I may be in the market for a $100+ bottle of rum as a celebratory rum due to something that may be coming up for me. In the discussion area I asked for recommendations and Ron Abuelo Centuria was recommended. Unfortunately no one locally has that in stock and the best I could find was the 7 Anos Reserva Superior. So I picked up a bottle to try. I will say up front that I find this one of the best values for rum. Definitely a fine rum that could be sold for double the price. Right off the bat I noticed the rich aroma in the bottle. Sipping some revealed a very noticeable sweetness...perhaps too sweet for some...however it is balanced with a multitude of flavors that sadly my uneducated palate cannot identify. However after the slow, rather mild burn (yes, it is a smooth rum) faded, I could detect some caramel to it. And that tempts another sip. This rum is a bargain and should be a required addition to any rum cabinet. A "must have". Extremely versatile as well.

Sugar: 15 GPL. A lighter version of the 12 year old Abuelo. Not quite as sweet as the 12 and nowhere as complex and tasty as the Centuria, which is to be expected with the price. I would say that this version has a thinner version of the 12 and has more of a whiskey taste. Caramel, oak, and spice are prevalent with that whiskey taste at the end. I suggest you let it breath for about 10 minutes if you are going to sip it straight up. Overall it's a decent sipping rum and an okay mixing rum, but you can use a less expensive rum for mixing and get the same result. Overall I find this rum to be good value, but a little thin on the wow factor.

Really good on the whole. Rum gets a lot better than this, but this is a solid rum to keep in the cupboard. Good enough to sip, but cheap enough to not feel bad about mixing and a full enough flavour that it’ll stand up to ginger beer.

N- Drifts of leafy and dry straw notes before the caramelized sweet fruit with sour plum and clove. Juicy citrus-y lemon underlay at the tail. (19/25)

P- Oxidized coffee with dried fruits, Christmas pudding, dried fig and clove from the oak. (19/25)

F- Short, caramel, rounded with no burn, creamy sweet patisserie. (18/25)

Balanced:- Is sweet but with identifiable fruits and presents of oak for the characters (19/25)

Weighted Rate:- 75pt

— at The Rum Bar KL.


Un buen ron, no raspa mucho al pasar y tiene notas ahumadas y vainilla. Bueno para combinar.

Recently tried a glass of this neat. Was what I expected from a 7 year rum. Not overly smooth or flavorful but not bland and harsh either. All around not a bad rum for the price but easily forgettable. Others in the same price range are better.

This is a fine sipping rum with lots of complex flavor. I would have rated it higher but it is a little too sweet for my taste. This stuff hit the spot after skiing powder all day in Colorado.

The 7 yo Abuelo is a well balanced rum like it's 12 year old brother. Not the same roundness in taste though but nice. Nose: caramel, nuts and vanilla. Palate: butterscotch, light chocolate and vanilla.

I thought this is an ok rum first time I've tried it. Got two bottles, the 7 and the 12 anos directly from Panama during holiday travel. But then I tasted the 12 anos and I felt like I had to spit the 7 anos one. The 7 anos just tastes rough with too much burn.

Doesn't add much to the regular abuelo. Maybe more rounded and easy to drink. taste great straight.