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Ron abuelo 12 anos gran reserva rum

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This bad boy is a little hard on the nose. Strong alcohol smell followed by caramel and apple aroma. First taste you get the barrel flavor followed by sweetness. Has a very similar flavor profile to Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva with the addition of oak and not as syrupy. No alcohol taste but decent lingering burn. Very good rum when looking for a sweet and oaky flavor.

Benchmark for sipping rum. Smooth, sweet, complex, and well balanced. Outstanding value.

The aroma is the best part of this rum. It's quite tropical. I get ripe mango, banana, some vanilla and coconut and the inside of a cigar box. Initial sip is smooth and pleasant, but after that it quickly becomes cloying, saturating my taste buds with sugar. This is overly sweet and has been sugared beyond a doubt. Not many redeeming features beyond the sweetness. Lots of banana, honey and vanilla, some orange peel and baking spices/cinnamon, but ultimately very one dimensional, because the sugar overpowers everything else. Having said that: there's also nothing in the Abuelo 12 that's unpleasant and it's a good bottle to have on the shelf in case of visitors who like their rum sweet and soft. Finish is short with a subtle oaky bite that's somewhat pleasant. Final point of critisism: the bottle is very brown and very boring. Maybe they went for rustic, but it looks cheap

The tastes are good and there is nothing special to complain about but
I feel there are better options even at more affordable prices.

Pretty sweet rum compared to the entry level and 7years Abuelo.
Super caramely and vanila aromas / flavors with himts of orange notes.


I liked this a lot for my first time trying it. I tried it with coke and sipped on it as a shooter. I can drink either way but prefer with coke. I will definitely buy again.

This is one of the two top sipping rums I have tasted in my life. Mildly sweet with a long finish. Beautiful color. Please try it straight; you won't be disappointed.

Netradiční láhev v rustikálním stylu u mne namísto rumu vyvolává představu hutné verze červeného vína a tuto fantazii podporují i příjemné ovocné tóny a celkový koňakový dojem vyčnívající z aromatu. Sladkou chuť s lehkými štiplavými odstíny připomínající domácí višně na chvíli narušil pouze zemitý až trpký střed, který se ovšem postupně uvolnil do jemného, ale znatelně sladkého závěru. Ačkoliv si odnáším dojem mírné nevyváženosti v chuti, celkový profil rumu lze hodnotit hlavně kladnými body. Výsledné hodnocení 7,5/10 zaokrouhluji nematematicky směrem dolů kvůli vysokému doslazení (29g).

It's worth a try if you want to try a selection of different rums. It's quite nice but I won't re-order, there's others I much prefer at the same price.

Duft af kirsebær, portvin og vanilie.
Smag af vanilie, røg og fad god sød eftersmag

Delicious rum - a deluge of flavours ranging from candied oranges through baking spice and vanilla to milk chocolate and oak.

It has a little bite so it is not entirely smooth, nevertheless a huge improvement over the 7 YO bottle.

Very long finish. The rum tastes better than it smells which is something i have also experienced with Rn de JEREMY XO.

In terms of complexity of falvour, this is one of the richest profile to come across, which some people may not like as it is kind of distracting and it is a little tricky to enjoy the rum without constantly analyizing what was in it.

But I really enhoyed sipping it. 8,5

Fruit in abundance, cognac like aroma and after taste. Somewhat medicinal aroma though. Probably added sugar, color and vanilla.
sugar test results-29g

Though a bit sweet for my palate, really nice in every way. The only reason I wouldn't take four bottles of this instead of one bottle of Centuria is so I can trade the Centuria for, say, a bottle of Opthimus 18, one of Mount Gay XO, and a Depaz Blue Cane to round out the price bracket.

Value alone, it's a no-brainer at $32ish. It really gets better as it airs out in the bottle or decanting. Dark berries, cherries, apricot, some buttery/salted toffee, coffee. Initial sweetness fading towards the finish with the tiniest hint of leather and tobacco bringing up the rear; really nice medium body texture. If you dislike oak/wood notes to your rum, they're almost completely missing here. There's a delicious cognac note here, too.

If you find yourself unimpressed with the adulterated sweetness of most rums but don't fancy the drier examples like Appleton 12, Brugal 1888, this is a center-line rum you just might come to love. An critical rating of 7 but a cumulative rating of 8 given the great value. A staple.

Bottle normal
Taste vanilla but nothing special. Strong aftertaste.

Miel fruity nose, hay. Leathery mouth with miel, banana, oak.

En nariz especias,pasas,miel,un cuerpo imponente,un sabor aumado ,dulce pero no empalagoso,y un final extraordinario


This rum contains a very large amount of added sugar which makes it seem "sweet and smooth", but which masks the rum's actual flavors. What does this rum really taste like? We'll never know.

What a nice rum this is.
A great complex aroma in the glass which you expect with rum's that are a bit older and in a higher price range then this one.
I really like the taste of it and it's very smooth.
The after taste is also very nice.

Je ne le connaissais pas mais bon choix, je le conseille

Taste is good, a little to sweet for me. Similar to Zacapan but with more oak taste.

Why unexpected? Was for some reason not too sure what to think, it initially had a cheaper alcoholic whiff which burnt off quick. Very shortly afterwards I realized that I need to keep a bottle of this around, like a Ron Barrilito or a Diplomatico Reserve Exlusiva. Has a really nice unique flavor; wood, sweet chocolate and some vanilla. Wouldn't dare mix this, would through a bottle of Zaya instead to save it!

first tried abuelo 7 and did not like its thin taste and fany sweetness. 12 is a different story, very fruitfull smell, yet you know you are drinking rum. Seems somehow filimial to Barcelo Imperial. Long sweet aftertaste.

fantastic says it all. The smell is sweet and alluring. Tastes of raisin, molasses, and a little oak. Truly one of the best I have tried recently.

This one reminds me very much of the El Dorado 12 year. I am fairly certain there is some substantial added sugar, as I recently found out there is in the ED 12 - but it has enough flavor to hold up and not be overwhelmed by sweetness. Smoky, woody, with leather and tobacco notes. I don't smoke but it seems to me this one would be excellent with a cigar.

Edit : I have since found out that this rum and El Dorado 12 yr have almost the exact same amount of added sugar, around 30 g/ltr. This is a substantial amount and makes the usual $30+ price tag something I would not pay - although I am not unhappy that scored several on closeout for under $20.