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Red leg spiced rum

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I bought a bottle of RedLeg Spiced Rum during my last trip to London. It was my first taste of the drink. My first impression was of the fantastic packaging - an appealing logo and hand-drawn design, and a nicely shaped bottle. On opening the bottle I was struck by the wealth of aromas - strong but not overwhelming. The ginger really comes through, which is great because I love ginger. I enjoyed RedLeg both straight and with mixers. No doubt it is my favourite rum now.


Red Leg Spiced rum is five star delicious rum. No cocktail cabinet should be without a bottle of Red Leg Spiced Rum.


My absolute favourite! Excellent to mix or enjoy straight!

Found this for about $13, and have to say I was amazed. It's a good spiced rum! Good enough to enjoy straight, perhaps easier to drink with a splash of some mixer. Will buy again!

Unbelievably smooth. Normally I drink spiced rum with coke but the taste is too nice to mix - tad overdone with the vanilla though.

I'd put this about on a par with Rebellion. Whereas that one is very sweet, this one is medium-sweet with a ginger kick. This one is tangy, that one is warming. They are both high up on the list of good quality, reasonably priced rums. This is easily drunk neat or on the rocks, but it also goes well with coke as that will sweeten it a bit and the ginger will still come through very nicely.
After ginger, the main flavours are mixed-spice and a subtle hint of vanilla. There's also a hint of something citrusy, maybe orange.
I'd say it was much more interesting than the rather dull Sailor Jerry and the even duller Foursquare.

Spiced rum is always a hit or miss for me. In case of red leg we have an almost Bull's-eye. I love the branding and the subtle vanilla and ginger taste of this rum. Even if your preference goes to other styles of rum I can definitely recommend adding this one to your collection

What a legendary spiced drop! Super smooth on the rocks, only real way to enjoy this rum.
Delicious spiced flavours!

Ok flavours with hints ginger and vanilla but a little to harsh on the throat to be a sipping rum. Best drunk as a mixer.

Smooth, well balanced and unique.

Would and have served in cocktails and on the rocks. Have also then promptly hid them for my own personal consumption before anyone gets any wise ideas.

Would recommend putting your relatives off rum with cheap, store-band rum to minimise the risk that could befall your bottle of Red Leg.

I bought this in tesco on a budget and now on my third bottle. Find it difficult to drink some rums straight but this was incredible on its own not even with ice. You can taste the vanilla and ginger. Smooth rum and haven't had better!

Very vanilla in flavour and taste nice with vanilla coke and ice.

A bouquet of spices, ginger, then alcohol. Swallow easily, tongue and mouth burns slightly, syrupy sweetness, spices, then there is bitterness. Easy to drink, but more suitable for cocktails. In my head it becomes turbid, my stomach is hot, but my desire to continue does not go away.

Vanilla is the main element of its aroma and taste. Also like design of this bottle.

definitely a rum for those exploring rum without coke or mixers as its sweet vanilla flavours arent overbearing. really good drink for newbie rum drinkers!

In its price range, this is a decent Spiced Rum. It is very smooth and does a good job with Ginger beer and lime. I would stay away mixing this with coke as its sweetness can be a bit overwhelming.

Might buy again.

A decent new spiced rum I now see regularly in London bars

Currently my favourite Rum. Incredibly smooth, very subtle (not in your face) with a genuine Vanilla Rum Flavour coming thru. Love it!

Named after the locals apparently... This a good spiced rum , vanilla and a nice amount of ginger , plus either caramel or honey (sugar). Lovely nose and spicy finish with a decent warming of the throat. Makes a pleasant sipper with an ice cube but an even better mixer with both Bundaberg ginger beer or a quality cola , will buy again.

Trials have begun. Always try first with old Jamaica, then cherry Coke, and finally Vanilla Coke. Cherry Coke wins on this ocassion. Over lots of ice with a squeeze of lime

A nice spiced rum, goes well with coke or ginger beer. Very good value for money

It's ok, if you're happy to experiment and try different rums then this one is worth a go. After a bottle I see no need to revisit as there are so many more to try.

Gone through about 5 bottles now it's my bottle of choice for weekends away in our motorhome. Sweet lushness, vanilla, caramel tones and not a hint of anything too unsettling as regards afterburn. Quite easily could consume half a bottle in an evening, this is such a comforting enjoyable drop.

This is the absolute sweetest rum I've ever tasted. I would classify its taste as more of a liqueur, than a regular rum. Strong vanilla nose, then sweetness, vanilla, sweetness, ginger, sweetness, rum, and more vanilla in the mouth. Did I mention it was sweet? Being 37% alcohol, and highly sugared and flavored, its easily sipped neat, but I'd recommend an ice cube or splash of mixer to cut the sweetness down. If you're looking for a super-sweet dessert rum for sipping, and really like vanilla, this one might interest you. Its priced very reasonably to try out, which is always a good thing for me!