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Railean small cask rum

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4 Railean Small Cask ratings

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I get a lot of tobacco and a hint of nutmeg. No bite or heat to it at 80 proof. Cood color, some floral and oak on the nose. It is not sweet like I was expecting, that is not a bad thing. Maybe it is just me, but there is a hint of salt air on the nose as well.

The finish is lacking a bit in my opinion, wish there was some spice on the tail end. I think it would really set this one off.

Overall a good pour. Next time i will try it over an ice ball and see how it changes the profile.

Railean Small Cask is a really smooth, nice single barrel rum. I have only tried a few single barrel rums cause they are hard to find and usually a little pricey. Railean Small Cask holds up to the others I have had. I bought the rum at the distillery which is definitely worth going to. Its a cool place to go and sample some rum and have a few drinks. I highly recommend going there if you are in the Houston area. I will be trying the Railean spiced rum tonight.

I feel like I have to review at least one rum on National Rum Day. I've tried this Railean for several days, but I just can't get past comparisons to others. I like it's dark, deep flavors like the El Dorado dark. Even so, it is lacking something else to make it better. I have not tried the other Railean offerings, and might not at this point. I'll keep it around, but I will not replace it once it is gone.

There are way too many better ones for half the cost . . .

Smooth, clean, saved for sunsets on the beach and special occasions.