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Pusser s british navy rum

The Great British Admiralty first served rum daily to its Royal Navy sailors over 300 years ago until the ration was abolished in 1970. In 1979 Charles Tobias bought the recipe rights, formed Pusser’s Ltd. in the British Virgin Islands, and for the first time made the rum it available for public consumption.

Pusser’s British Navy rum today is the same blend of five West Indian rums as the British Admiralty issued to sailors.

Known as the “single malt of rum” Pusser’s British Navy rum is pot stilled using a similar method as that for single malt scotches, and with no artificial flavors is 100% natural.

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On the nose very a strong, dried fruitiness, mainly raisins, with a clean alcohol punch. Once in your mouth, not nearly as harsh as it smells like it might be. While not my preference as a sipper, it's not bad for that. As a mixer it's clean and versatile. While not high on my list, I'd not hesitate to pick up more when I find it at a good price.

I compare all the rums I drink against Pusser's. I love this rum and it hosts so many memories. Cheers!

At our last Naval reunion this was used at TOT time for our ration. It was just like the rum we were once issued and is definately not a sipping rum. It must be mixed as regulations demanded. I find the price is too high for the rating.

Finally got around to reviewing this excellent, funky pot-still classic. The full-flavored Guyanese component makes this an especially delicious sipping rum, best served neat. Reminds me a lot of single-cask Demeraras, but less intense and much less hot. A very smooth and savory rum, on its own and in cocktails.


A smooth, richflavoured rum, with a firm, spicy nose. A great sipper, with a mild spicy burn, filled with oak, caramel, and some baking spices. Surely got some references to "the black tot, the last Consignment", but at a lot more affordable Price, making it hard to choose from 1 bottle black tot or 27 bottles of Pusser's! Or NOT! The Pusser's worth every penny and get an extra bottle in This rating for the affordable price.

After getting this bottle as a gift I was glad that I didn't spend the $80 on it. We Canadians get hosed with taxes)-; Thats not to put it down because I really like it, but only save it for the odd occasion when I can tell my favorite person how much I love her. The woody flavours soaked into this one well. Sweet with a short warm finish...Definitely a sipper for me

the heat warms your very soul, the dry sharpness bites the back of your throat as a tear comes to your eye. God save the Queen!

Got the 40% version for around 20€ and a good value. Strong but not harsh, surprisingly cheap. Rum how it should be, in my opinion. Makes me want to try the 15yo version later, what is why I give onyl 9/10. The best I got in the 20€ area so far.

Nice aver color. Nose with hints of dried fruit candy and dates. Medium legs on glass. Mild sweet fruity flavor with minimal afterburn. The finish is somewhat short. I was not expecting greatness but it turns out this is a very pleasant good sipping rum.

Pussers is an original rum. I like to mix with coke a cola our make the famous pain killer with it.

Vild rom, med en stor smag med høje procenter.
Har rigtig meget glæde af at stå 30min. inden man hopper ombord i den. Overraskede mig positivt, da Jeg endelig fik den i havn.
Et genkøb.

One of my absolute favorites. Interesting mingling of wood, brown sugar, funk, and a finish that goes on forever.

A piece of history that will always be in my collection.
Ester rich, pungent pot stilled perfection. Stewed fruits, brine and spice.
The bench mark for Navy rum.

I only left a star off because the overproof is really the authentic deal but it's the same rum just with less water added.

This is amazingly distinctive and some of the best sipping rum for the money in the world, period. You won't be disappointed for the money you've spent.

A fine tasting rum. Nice smoothe complex flavors with a caramel texture.

Zatuchlé hrozinky v lihu. Užasné a razantní pití (a myslím to zcela vážně).

Nice aroma and good legs. The color was not as dark as I was expecting. A great sipping rum with a great finish.

I had some doubts before getting this rum. But what a nice surprise it is!
Nice dark brown. The nose has some sweetness, some smell of raisins or licorice (I think), which I like a lot in a rum.
The taste is a bit harsh, but good enough to sip. It's not very sweet and a bit dry. It might go well in a coke too.

MY bottle says made in Guyana, bottled in B.V.I. Thought it would be a little sweeter. smells funky like oranges. not very tasty,straight with ice will only drink with coke til bottle finished will not buy another

Try this harder rum and make a nee friend. Very special one.

Smells hot but doesn't taste it. No big flavors jump out. Easy sipper.

The body is not very dense, the "legs" are medium

Color: dark amber, strong tea
Aroma: the first thing that comes to mind is the sea notes. sea ​​salt. Bright herbaceous aroma, very similar to the style of agricole, treacle. Medicinal notes, licorice, caramel, spices, are caught dried fruits, light freshness, such a sea breeze.
Taste: a bit thin, a bit bitter, a herbal theme, salt, quite a bit of sweetness, oak, at the same time very mild taste, drink. Rum dry
Aftertaste: fast, a little bit of bitterness and at the same time it shows sweetness, salt, a little peppercorn

I would even call it light. I would like more density and strength . Rum justifies the name "military-naval". With him I think I would have sat on the beach)

Solid 81 points.

We introduced ourselves to this rum with some straight sipping, it was okay but weren't blown away with any flavours good or bad. We added ice and it seemed to smooth it out a little. Even tried mixing with coke, and tried with a dark gingerale too. Ran out of rum, will get more.

I found this to be an over rated rum. Its quite astringent in the nose with a hint of molasses. Does not deliver the depths of flavour for the price it is in Australia. I was half inclined to give it a 6 but for me this one under delivers. Will serve fine as a mixer