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Pusser s british navy 15 year rum

Pusser’s British Navy Rum 15-Year is a blend of five rums from Jamaica, Guyana, Trinidad and Barbados which are produced in mainly wooden pot stills. The blend is aged for 15 years.

The company derives its name from the British Navy 'Purser' who distributed a daily 'tot' of rum ration to each sailor - a tradition which lasted from 1655 until 1970. In 1979 Charles Tobias obtained the rights to blend the original recipe of the British Navy Rum.

Pusser's British Navy Rum is casually known as “Nelson’s Blood” as a nod to the famous death of Admiral Nelson. After being mortally wounded in a naval battle in 1805, Nelson’s body was preserved in a barrel of rum.

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(I adjusted this down from my my initial 10 ratng when I found out it has a lot of added sugar)

One of the very few rums I like better than the regular Pusser's blue label. Really personifies what a great aged rum should be - chest-warming and robust, woody, complex. I just opened my bottle and it will probably take a while to plumb its depths.

Anyone (Verner catsey) who rates this a 5, while giving 10's to Malibu coconut and Captain Morgan Private Stock really shouldn't be rating rums. Maybe there are sites for rating sodas or something.

A must have. An aged and mellowed version of the blue, slightly sweeter and more noticeable vanilla due to the mellowing of the rum in oak. This is rum at it's best made by non greedy craftsmen.

This tastes like a 100$ rum. In my opinion. It is very good and one of my favourites.

Nose: Lots of oak, planks and cut wood, that sort of thing. Baking spices (cinnamon, clove, brown sugar), vanilla, a little bit of liquorice and some tropical fruit, maybe dried mangos.

Palate: Dry at first, sappy with a medium to heavy mouth-feel. A touch of coffee and slight bitterness, a little tingle of black pepper. Not what I was expecting from rum at all.

Finish: Medium to long, but I get the feeling that it’s hanging around because the sugar has coated my mouth. Too syrupy as it moved from palate to finish, the interesting bitterness goes and there is a flatness that is brought on by the sugar. The final and lingering taste is strongly of over ripe bananas. I like bananas.

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I have not had the basic Pusser's rum (blue label) even though just about every liquor store in town carries it. I will get around to it eventually. However one of the stores carried the 15-year rum and I decided to get a bottle to try. The first thing I noticed was the incredibly wonderful aroma in the bottle. A full rich aroma hinting at things to come. Tasting it was indeed a treat. At first I tasted some sweetness with a little vanilla but then I got a woodiness to it followed by a little bitterness. It seems to have a little oiliness to it which coats the tongue more. A rather smooth rum equally workable as a sipping rum and as a mixer. Definitely one to try. For whatever it's worth, I do like the heraldic label.

Finally bought this one, had a soapy like flash of flavor at first. Now the bottle has had a gasp of air, the flavors are woody, warm, and deep. This has a uniqueness like the Zafra, a bold but developed journey of flavor!!!

Never heard about this rum and it's a very good surprise, a mix of strong and sweetness with a long finish.
A must have !

Up there with the 1703 in the fact that i would give this a 10 if i hadn't tried the Appleton 50yr. As well as being aged in wood for 15 years, Pusser's are one of only 3 rum producers left that distil the spirit in wooden stills. Much smoother than the original Pusser's with dark demerara and deep spice at first with a rich, raisiny, oaky long, long finish. One of the best rums ive tried, Definitely in my top 5 so far!

Mouth: Dried fruit, dates, tobacco, and a little caramel. A little spicy but not harsh. The warmth lingers for awhile and allows the caramel notes to resurface later.

Nose: blackstrap molasses.

I would call it a "must", if you're starting to assemble a good rum shelf.

It is what a good navy rum should be... woody tones, a little bitter, smoky aroma but smooth and pleasant in the mouth. I doubt the sailors ever accessed such an aged and fine rum, but I could imagine sailing with a bottle of this one :)

Great for rum tasting, to provide a different feel amongst the other rums...

I rated this higher than most reviewers because of the unique quality of this rum that I think works for those that are looking for a great rum that is a bit different. You can taste and smell more of the barrel than with other rums and it gives this brand a woody but also rich - but not harsh - profile. If you are looking for something sightly different with a rich taste, I would highly recommend this.

The first thing you notice when you pop the cork is the smell. Rich and spicy and with a promice of somthing streng. The taste is rich and strong with a hint of sweetness. It explodes in the mouth with a little burn.

I see all nice comments around this one. I was because of that probably expecting more out of the product. I prefer a little bit less oaky whiskey taste . But I can understand the ones liking it.

Smells of vegetal sugarcane, molasses, oak, and bourbon; the taste adds some spiciness. A little too much bourbon for my liking; I'm more of a rum fan.

'The single malt of rum". Lives up to the hype. If you like a good woody whisky, you'll love this.

Leaves a nice peppery molasses tasye in the back of the throat.

Well! A friend of mine brought a bottle of this (wonderful) rum over to my house, and proceeded to give me yet another addiction to outstanding rums. With the first taste, I found it wasn't as sweet as the Barbados rums, but it had MUCH more character! The flavors(as I understand it) come from the distilling method using a wood pot still, rather than a more modern copper or stainless pot. Whatever, the reason, this is a Must Have in your rum collection-

I'm in complete harmony with the analysis of Da'rum from Germany: This rum is sweet with a strong touch of vanilla and a very long woody finish.

I presume that the woody fnish is the reason why some people do not like this rum, mainly people enjoying sweet rums. I must admit that I've hesitated between 8 and 9 ... Compared to its equivalent 15 years El Dorado Special Reserve for example, I find this rum a bit less complex and fruity.

My ideal rating would have been an 8.5 because it is superior to the Clement Vieux 6 yo agricole rum (rated 8) with which I discovered the world of aged rums.

I completely agree with the advice of Scott T considering the rating of Verner Canatsey: This should never have been so much underrated. My biigest disappointment with an extra old rum was about the Diplomatico Reserva rum (6 yo, rated 6) which is definitely very dry, slightly astringent, very tannic with notes of spices, predominantly pepper ... Verner, never try this one ^^!

this is a navy rum like it should be. strong but also sweet. it's good to have it.

worth the extra $ over blue label. great balanced flavor.

Nice blend of various rums from the Caribbean to give this exquisite rum all the nuances of a fine sipper. Moderately priced for a rum agree as long as this rum is. Flavorful and complex with no harsh aftertaste, burn or funky flavors to degrade the enjoyability of sipping this rum neat.

Would give a higher rating if not for the fact it has been sweetened. Still pleasant sipping experience. Not a mixer at all.

It would feel disrespectful to use this as a mixer as it has a beautiful blend of flavours - well earns it place at the top of the Pusser's range!

A good quality rum.
As mentioned in other reviews this rum is sweetened but I like it....a lot.
It is a bit harsh on the nose but the taste is great. The flavours remind me of Ron Millonario xo.