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Plantation barbados 5 rum

Plantation Barbados 5-Year rum is distilled from molasses and aged 5 years in bourbon casks before being transported to France for further 'finishing' in Cognac casks.

Plantation rum is owned by the French company Cognac Ferrand, which was founded in 1989 and produces wine, gin, and other spirits to sell in over 40 countries. The Plantation range includes 7 vintages from different Caribbean countries and 3 blends of multiple regions.

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167 Plantation Barbados 5-Year ratings

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If you don't feel like gambling upwards of $50 on the XO 20th, buy this first. If you like, get the 20th expecting it to be about 3x better.

This 5 year, however, need to apologize to no one. Well-crafted, sippable indulgence and broad appeal to anyone who might enjoy rums to the plus side of moderately sweet, without being a raging sugar bomb. Tropical fruit galore with subtle spice to balance...

Another in my 'stupid good' category.

This may not be the best rum if you look at quality.... but when you look at the price its easily the one with most value.

Mature and sweet notes combined.

Perhaps one of the better rums in its price level. Sweet, but also with a bit of a alcohol bite. Still, nicely balanced.

This stays on the top of my bar and available at all times. It it one of my favorites and better than many of my rums that cost me 2-3 times the price. It might be closer to an 8 for most, but the price and the availability give it a nudge up in my book. Rare, expensive, limited edition rums should be expected to rate in the range.

An easy drink from start to finish whether neat or mixed. A great value and a must have for the liquor cabinet.

You can drink it on the rocks if desired, but I find it a little under aged for that.....still far more drinkable in that mode than any bacardi or the like will EVER be.
I have spoiled so many people with this rum, once tasted in a fine rum and coke, you will never be able to go back to the big name brands ever again. Smooth and flavourful with harsh aftertaste. Fantastic price point and without a doubt the best mixer rum I've ever bought.....
Best rum and coke mixer with no guilt from mixing a higher priced alternative.

This was a pleasant surprise, given to me by a fellow rum lover. If you loved the 20th anniversary edition as much as me, this is definitely worth a taste, at less than half the price. Its got that yummy coconut nose, and the hint of vanilla sweetness just like it's older brother. This is good for everyday sipping, and sharing, while the 20th anniversary you would save (hide) for special occasions/ special friends. Or just for yourself.

Has a very "confectionery" nose to it. Like walking into a candy store. Flavor has some sweetness to it but it's not syrupy. Very "bourbonish" which makes sense if it's aged in bourbon barrels. Vanilla, caramel, short finish. Overall very pleasant when drank neat. Made some air mails with it that were good too. I think this over ice would be amazing. Really enjoying it. For $24 I'd buy this all day everyday!

Having already tasted the xo edition, which ranks on top of my list, it's really hard to settle for anything less, especially when the word "plantation" is present in the name.
By any means though, I expected it to be nothing less than good.
And that's exactly what this fellow is.
In the first place, alcohol presence is dominant over the glass. The rum itself feels quite smooth in the mouth. Medium sweetness followed by well rounded vanilla aromas. Molasses are also present in every sip. Well balanced in every aspect. Lacks the richness of a premium but it is a total winner in the category "value for money".
Do not hesitate to try.

I bought the big bottle to use this as my (home) well gold rum. Lovely in cocktails, and respectable enough neat. A good value.

This is the perfect mixing rum. It's like the 2001 Barbados only lighter. When I mixed it with cola, its' flavours are all still present and very noticeable but don't overpower the drink (unless you over-pour).

Smell: Hot/Warm light butterscotch and banana,
same with the taste, but are very light flavours and a good warming finish on the back of the throat.

This rum is darn good. For price you can't beat it. I prefer to sip Zacapa Solera, Diplomatico Reserva Exclusive and Rumson's Grand Reserve, but anytime I am looking for something good and at a value this is it. I recommend this and Rumson's Grand Reserve rum more than any other rum's out there. Plantation for great taste and value and Rumson's Grand Reserve as just the best sipper I have had.

Like most of the other Plantation rums I have tried this is really quite good, especially for the price. Yet another rum from Barbados that I like, makes me think a trip there soon might be a good idea.

A very sweet and easy rum. No pronounced taste, but some banana, oak, smoke.

I bought this room once on vacation out of desperation. However I was not terribly disappointed. Not a bad rum for the price.

I'm a big fan of the Plantation brand. This is their first product that does not appeal to my taste. It tastes like gingerbread flavored rum. Yes it is smooth, so smooth even my wife loves it (she's generally appalled by rum). If you like sugared cinnamon potpourri, you'll be delighted by this rum.
(36.50 CAD in Apr 2017)

Helt ok inkörsport till rom. Andra jag provade efter diplomatico reserva som är betydligt sötare. Ok för priset.

I didn't particularly like the burn or the flavor. It has an excellent nose of vanilla, and caramel. I think there are more out there at lesser prices or maybe I'm dreaming. It's better than some that are higher in cost though. It mixes very well I must say. We quality mixer for those tastier mixes.

Picked this up just because I hadn't had it or heard of it, the shop had a rating label on for 92 I think, but I didn't think that was worth anything. Upon opening, it smelled great, first tried it with club side and lemon which was delicious but found it was equally as good sipping neat. Store only has it in 750ml so it goes fast

Another good rum from plantation .. starting to get a taste for there rum after mixed experiences to begin with.

Normally would have passed on this in favor of a more aged rum, but tried it on the recommendation of a friend and was pleasantly surprised. Butterscotch nose along with tropical fruits. Taste is slightly sweet, with caramel, vanilla, more of the tropical fruits and a bit of spice and bourbon. Can be sipped neat or on ice, but still has a bit of an alcoholic burn to it from the limited aging.

Ikke smagt. .

Mais sans plus, un rhum très (trop?) Classiques à réserver au initiation/découverte

Very nice for price. Best in $20 range so far. Great bottle

Plantation barbados 5 rum