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Pampero  aniversario rum

Pampero Aniversario was first crafted in 1963 to commemorate the Pampero company’s 25th anniversary. The rum is a blend of rums ranging in maturity from four to six years and aged in whisky and bourbon barrels.

The Pampero distillery was founded by Alejandro Hernández of Venezuela in 1938. The brand is now a division of the world’s largest liquor holding company, Diageo.

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Beautiful color led me to beleive this could rival the el Dorado's for flavor. It was slightly disappointing though based on the beautiful reddish black. It has nice molassas and vanilla with a little bit of butterscotch on the nose and just a hint of oak spice. There is something I cannot place when I swirl it covered and then sniff. Almost a buttery nougat or toffee. Very light on the palate with a tinge of bite. It finishes very smooth giving more molassas and vanilla. A little bit of clove and burnt sugar were also present. Very good sipper and I highly recommend it as a change up. Tried it again and wow. The spices you.get just holding it in your mouth are great. Try to enjoy it slowly and really switch it around.

Nice smooth sipping rum, like a more upmarket Chairman's Reserve. No alcohol burn but leaves a nice lasting warm belly sensation

Awesome nutty and sweet taste. Cant go wrong with this sipping rum. Do not waste by mixing it. An ice cube will help tone down its sweetness.

A 8 year age rum, solid with a very complex sensory notes, round and balanced, at sight its deep amber color shows us its long, its intense but deep with complex aroma of wood, vaibilla, caramel, dried fruits and chocolate, is the art of blending, winner 5 times gold medal in San Francisco World Spirits Competition

Pampero Aniversario - like it for well balanced aroma and taste.

Very good rum. Perfect choice for those, who don´t like sweet rum, but want top quality tasty rum. The first tase is spicy but then after second try you will feel very interesting taste. One of my favorite even if it isn´t A.H.Riise.

The Pampero Aniversario is a dark rich amber colored rum with a wonderful smell that opened my noise up. I don't remember the exact smell of the rum, but I do remember the way my noise opened up to the rum. This was an incredible buy for around $35 that had tones of sweet flavors from the molasses, and hints of vanillas. The finish on this glass was a bit stiffer, which I liked, slimier to a bourbon. This finish comes from the pre-aged bourbon barrels the rum is blended in, and is currently my favorite rum that is put in bourbon barrels. This rum is far better than the Flor da Cona 12 year, and is half the cost. I would recommend this to any bourbon fan, or blended rum fans.

This is a delightfully dark sipping rum that has a great finish! I love the lite fruity and slightly vanilla taste. This rum equals or surpasses many higher priced rums. Definitely worth having on hand.

Most prominently in the taste is a leathery and bitter tobacco flavor with a touch of vanilla. This is masterfully balanced out with brown sugar. Although this rum is very refined, I prefer to mix high-end drinks with it, which I personally think makes better use of the bitter taste. So far my favorite drink with this is a classic Mojito.
If you drink it straight up, I find that its character is much improved when you let it rest in the glass for at least 5 minutes.

Pampero really nailed the presentation on this one. Lovely bottle and an amazing colour. A great sipping rum for those who dont like their rum really sweet.

Pampero Aniversario Reserva Exclusiva used to be on my Top 10 out of well over 600 aged rums for years, but several new findings have dropped it to the Top 20 list. Pampero has plenty of traditional aged rum flavors, hardly any burn and would be a great addition to your rum collection. Blind test Pampero Aniversario Reserva Exclusiva with the Bacoo 12 year old and I will get you have a hard time figuring which is which.

Here's my top 20 list:
1. Legendario 15y
2. Plantation Barbados XO 20th Anniversary
3. Ron Esclavo XO
4. Cubaney Centenario 25-30y
5. Millonario XO and 15y
6. El Dorado 25y
7. Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva / SVG / Ambassador
8. Presidente Marti 23y and 19y
9. Pusser's 15y
10. Cubaney 18y
11. Black Tot
12. El Pasador de Oro XO and Gran Reserva
13. Punta Cana Esplendido
14. Edmundo Dantes 15y
15. Pampero Aniversario
16. Bacoo 12y
17. Ron Esclavo 15y and 12y
18. Brugal Leyenda
19. Exquisito 1985 and 1995
20. Punta Cana XOX


Great sipping rum. Not as rich as Diplo Reserva Exclusiva, but in the ballpark. Sweetness is subtle. A personal favorite to have with a flavored seltzer (usually lime or orange-vanilla).

Great rum that I consistently find around $33. It's good enough to drink on the rocks, but also great for a dark n stormy. Great value in this smooth drinking rum

It definitely worth's to test it, for that money it is good and I would say nothing more. Package and bottle is stylish and color of the rum is very promising. But over all I would say it is just average, good choice for someone who is able to find there more than just a obvious tastes, I would say this can really evaluate professionals.

It has a smooth taste... you can drink it alone or combined with coke.. a bit pricy for what it is

Good tasting rum, good nose, mouth and finish. For the price it is what i would call a reasonable purchase. I like it with one rock or neat. No sweetness just plain ole man's rum. Arrrrrgg.. update as this has aged it has stepped up a level I like it and it is very enjoyable as it ages. Get us sum uh dat!

Beautiful design with the leather pocket and beautiful barell like bottle. Flavour is tasty, full and spicy. I like this rum very much

What can I say about this rum? It's smells nice, one of those that become quite better with a little bit of air. But still, the good smell is not on the surface.
The same with the taste. It has that hard and bitter leather with tobacco taste, wich is nice. But (the Obvious but), it is not as good as it suppose to be. At least that is what I kept thinking. I liked it, but something was off there.

This rum left me guessing, like the flirt of a lady you saw that afternoon on the station. Was it a flirt, or something you wished for?

I've got a bottle of this rum about 30 years ago from my then ex-girlfriend as a goodbye present when she found her love for live in Venezuela. The rum was delicious so it was kind of fair enough. It was the first rum that was not that white Bacardi stuff that you could only drink mixerd with coke. That first bottle lasted quite long because I only took some on special occasions and sipped it very slowly. But inevitably there comes the moment when every bottle is empty. But the Pampero Anniversario imprinted my love for good Rums in my brain. A bit more than 15 years later I started my first rum collection and one store in town had (still has) an impressive selection of all kinds of spirits including very nice rums. One time I told the shop owner that the Pampero Anniversario would make a excellent addition to his rum section and some 1-2 months later there it was in the shelf! They had an open bottle for tasting and I immediately remembered the dense, almost oily texture and the delicious taste of sugar cane and some vanilla, ripe fruits with a hint of orange that immediately spreaded over my mouth mucosa without being either too sharp or too sweet. Very well balanced. The color is pretty dark brown copper. Just a week ago I discovered the Pampero Anniversario in a large supermarket at a reasonable price and right now I'm sipping and sniffing on a glass of it.
I thought the Pampero Anniversario would make a rather good first rating here and I promise that my upcoming ratings won't be this long! Just one last thing: I don't quite understand the difference between the Pampero Anniversario and the Pampero Anniversario Reserva Exclusiva, as "Reserva Exclusivo" is even written on both labels. My guess is that they are actually both the same. Can someone teach me better?

Ohodně lepší než anejo esspecial ten cenový rozdíl za to stojí

Not bad at all, tasted it in not really ideal circumstances (crowded bar, late at night in Venice) so I will give this one a second shot some time later.. No impressions on the nose, taste: quite nice, touch of leather and tobacco, sweet but less than f.ex. diplomatico or barcelo, a surprisingly peppered, almost subtly spiced feeling on the tongue... I repeat: deserves a second chance..

Zajímavé prodejní intro Pamperu předchystal řetězec Makro, který jej na Vánoce 2017 nabízel zdarma za nákup v hodnotě 6000 Kč s poznámkou – pouze pro prvních 10 000 zákazníků. Zřejmě efektivní, ale marketingově tak degradující reklamu si tento rum opravdu nezaslouží. V chuti sice nevyniká ničím specificky zajímavým, přesto se svou kvalitou lehce přehoupne přes jiné průměrné konkurenty. Stejně jako ve vůni lze i chutí rozeznat zejména robustní dřevitost s nestálou (těkavou) sladkostí karamelu a vanilky. Výrazně alkoholový závěr pak pečlivě uschová i 12 gramů přidaného cukru. S cenou okolo 500 Kč si zaslouží pochvalu v podobě hodnocení 6,5/10, nedostatek kreativity a zjevná masovost produkce však ponechá finální hodnocení o půl bodíku níže.

Bon petit rhum, dans mes premiers de ma collection, à découvrir

Один из фаворитов в моем баре. Не из за супер эксклюзива чего-либо... но исходя из цены-качества. В зоне моей достигаемости могу приобрести бутылочку за 20-25 евро. (2016-2018 год)

Говоря о самом напитке, то он достаточно мягкий и очень насыщенный вкус. Очень выраженный вкус фруктов.
Приятный темный цвет, выглядит богато.
Пью только чистым.
Так же не могу не обратить внимание и на сам дизайн. Бутыль очень аппетитный, и попросту приятно держать его в руках)

Вообщем моя оценка 7. Не больше не меньше.
Если бы цена на данный ром была бы на порядок выше, я бы дал в итоге 6, 6+. Но исходя из того что вы можете получить заплатив данную стоимость это очень достойный вариант что бы гордо поставить на стол. Только не говорите, что купили его аж за 20 евро...)