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Has a lot of wow factor as a gift due to the leather sack. Very smooth, so watch how much ice you use. Oaky vanilla flavour is really nice.

kann nicht verstehen, warum er hier von einigen als "nicht so Süß" beschrieben wird.
Meiner Meinung nach ähnlich dem Diplomatico sehr süß, dennoch gefällig mit viel Aroma. Kann pur getrunken werden, macht sich aber hervorragend als Basis für einen Cuba Libre.

This rum has a nice smell to it. Brown sugar, oak, spice, and tobacco. Taste is similar, but to me it's a bit harsh for a 40%abv rum. It's a fairly decent rum, but I prefer a little more sweetness such as found in other Venezuelan rums like the Santa Teresa 1796 and the Diplomatico Reserva.

This rum has a nice "edge". Not so sweet. But still very good sipping rum. Love the leather sack!

This rum has been sitting in my collection for about a year... I recall that it had a very strong bite, so I was not in a hurry to re-visit. That said, it was actually OK. It is nearly odourless, and has a dark brown colour, with a tinge of red. While it did burn the throat a little, it actually wasn't too harsh. It was a little sweet, but not too complex - I didn't really taste much of anything. I don't really expect much from a "tweener" rum (Aged > 4 but

Pampero Aniversario Reserva Exclusiva 40% Venezuela

Eye: Worn brownish copper

Nose: Pleasingly coy nose on this one at introduction. Smells a little too sweet and one dimensional to be refined and makes me think it is quiet young with the ambition to seem older than it is. Like a teenage boy with grandads perfume on. Kind of oily and thick which can be promising but the lack of edge raises a red flag for me. Then comes the compulsory butter scotch and caramel, some dried fruits, hazel and walnuts. Detect also margarine (that´s a first) and vanilla coke. It also reminds me of Versace Edt Pour Homme but I suspect I´ve bumped into someone with that fragrance on earlier today. It develops somewhat in the glass and after a while I love the smell. Nougat, some citrus like orange marmalade and grape fruit zest. Very nice, could smell this all night!

Mouth: Yes, very sweet. Oh, and it comes in waves. First a small swell of cool sweetness with some exotic fruits, then a slightly larger swell carrying dried fruits and nougat and finishes with a monster wave of embrowned butter and burnt sugar, molasses even. This is the fault in my humble opinion. It is very mellow throughout the whole palate and is evenly presented with its entire register of flavors. In that respect it is very well balanced. I like each and every element but it is just too sweet and sugary which in the long run is …boring. Taste good though.

Reaction: As usual I don´t have a clue of what I am drinking. Apart from the treacle-like sweetness it is rather gentle and cool which is an unusual but welcome feature. It is also anonymous and lack that individuality I do appreciate so much in 40%-ABV-and-above-spirits. After 30 minutes I don´t agree with myself about the age statement anymore. I feels older and more self-confident towards the end but it seem to have lost interest in itself. Like an I-am-what-I-am-attitude. Good stuff but a tad sweet and simple. Seems like a bargain taking the price into account, but again, when do I drink it?


Price: 289 SEK
Tasted: 2016, In a Riedel Sommelier Cognac XO glass at room temperature.

Package in leather sack is very nice. Gratifying as a gift for someone. Surely will not be disappointed what is concealed inside bottle.
Definitely needs some time to breathe in a glass because first you are hammered with strong alcohol smell. After few minutes you can find there some sweet,oaky and vanilla aroma.
Taste is just little sweet, also vanilla oak and smoky tones. Burns just little and everything is well balanced.
Don't waste with this stuff for mixing wiht coke!


More bite than expected, but decent stuff. You're first greeted by a sharp alcohol smell, then a sweet aroma, and a large amount of oak. In the end, a great package for an OK rum.

Revisit- Still harsh, more smoke, 6

edited to add sugar test results- 12g

I like this rum, smooth, medium-bodied, great for sipping. I commend the brand for its use of a leather sack, a unique and premium-looking packaging.

Super rum. that good! Smooth tasting, not to sweet, tastefull really good on the rocks or not if you like. Get your hands on a bottle!

My go to rum. It's in short supply right now and I found two bottles this weekend at a store about 45 minutes from home so I'm good for a while. That said I'm thinking of driving another couple of hours up the road to get another bottle or two. It's that good! Smooth tasting, not to sweet or spicy. I call it a grownup rum. If you can get your hands on a bottle do it.

This is a very well blended smooth rum, with a full very clasic rummy body. Letting it breath a bit in the glass removes the very faint alcohol taste that's there from the beginning. Great aftertaste, not much wood.

Bottle design and the leather pouch is a very good thing for those of you (like me!) who enjoy such things.

The color is golden reddish, the taste is soft and sweet with aromas of wood, vanilla and toasted hazelnut. In the top 3 of Venezuelan's rum with Diplomatico reserva exclusiva and Santa Teresa 1796.

Har været i skabet 2-3 gange, og kommer det nok igen. God rom til billige penge.

Standard and balanced rum. Not so sweet not so strong. Good enough.

Great rum both for mixing or sipping. Only the strong alcohol smell prevents me of giving a higher grade

Hade väntat mig mycket mer av denna eftersom den fått hyfsade recentioner.
För stark alkoholsmak som gör att den inte är god att dricka ren! En isbit i den gör den i och för sig drickbar men det är egentligen synd tycker jag.

The bottle looks great with the leather pouch and would make for a nice gift. Rum is a bit harsh, nice color bur no absolute highs in taste

Egy sötét mahagón színű rum Venezuelából .édes,fás,enyhén füstös,karamell és talán egy kevés érett megy jellemzi...sima,száraz...lecsengése sajna rövid,egyébkéntegy fasza kis rum,jól mutat a polcon a kis bőrtarisznyában :))

I think this rum is good for weekdays taste, and good smoothness.

It's a fairly decent rum, nothing to write home to mom about. Not in a rush to go out and buy it again, however, I would not pass up on having a sip again.

This is not special but it has fruity mixed with vanilla tones that makes it nice to go back to from time to time

Smooth, not too sweet, the oak comes through with hints of vanilla and toffee.

This one is actually okay but I'm not gonna buy it again - there are better ones out there!