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14 Foursquare Premise ratings

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I loved everything about this bottle, starting with the nose that is both fruity and spicy. The first taste had a little more strength than I was expecting but it only added to the complexity of the rum. Taste of spice, fruit and wine all came shining through on subsequent tastes. This is easily one of Foursquare's best "sipping" rums. If I had anything negative to say is that it was a little more expensive than their previous "exceptional casks series" but I think that was more the liquor store's fault than the distillers. Trust me, if you can find a bottle buy it quickly!

Belle couleurs Ambré/orangé assez clair
Nez : douce odeurs boisés
Bouche : boisée, légèrement épicé, cacao?Belle structure et équilibre
Vieillissement Bourbon, Maturation Sherry
Note générale :7,8
Note gamme 45-60 euros : 8,3

Excellent on the rocks with a tiny tiny splash of tonic..with no lime/lemon. Smooth and most enjoyable. HOWEVER, if U look at the age and price of this rum in comparison to the Kirk and Sweeney 23, then the Kirk and Sweeney wins hands down. One of my new hot spots serves the Premise at a very reasonable price so I’ll continue to enjoy it there but at my house..only the Eldorado 21 and the Kirk and Sweeney 23. ( and yes, I know the Kirk and Sweeney is not a true 23) will be served.

This one is one you have to work with. Took me 3/4 of a bottle to find what I was looking for, but when I did, the focus was there and it opened up like a flower. beautiful.

Perfect bottle. True Barbados!
I like the sweetness from the sherry cask.

All of the Foursquare products that I have tried are very good. Some just a bit better. I gave this one multiple chances to impress me enough for a rating of 9 or 10, but I just can't. I'll enjoy the rest of this bottle and try the next Seale product that comes out. I have confidence another 9 or 10 is just around the corner.

Don't get me wrong, we are talking about the pinnacle of rums, and comparing against the Zinfandel 11yo and Port 9yo that I so loved. A good dollop of sherry both on the nose and in the mouth, but I can't help but think that it might be better at 43% rather than 46%. There is an ever so slight edge of alcohol to this one.

It's good, but no where near as appealing as the Zinfandel cask.

Having had the bottle open for a wee bit longer......the 46% is fine. However, I am used to the ZInfandel cask, and this rum lacks the natural sweetness that that one has. Its hard for this rum, seeing that it is being compared directly to the brilliant Zin cask. It is a brilliant rum in its own right, just not quite as good as Foursquare can do.

Have quite a few of the four square rums now and this one is nice however not quite to my tastes. A bit of burn on the mouth and not as flavoursome as some others.

The successor to the well made and very popular port cask finish. This one has ten years of ex-bourbon and ex-sherry barrel aging under it’s belt, weighing in at 46% vol. The nose is potent with sherry notes of ripe dark plum and cherry’s but also leather, tobacco and deep oak. There’s also a hint of brine. The palate is fairly powerfull, opening with notes of dark candied plums and tobacco, quickly fading into raisins, oak, brine and sawdust. It tickles the cheeks for a while, with the oaky note lingering in the mouth. It’s a bit more demanding then the first version and perhaps not quite as balanced but still a a very decent no nonsens rum.

mon nouveau top 1, complexe et délicieux, sec merveilleux

one of three that Foursquare released in 2018 this is number eight in the Exceptional Cask Series. Bottled at 46% this has been aged for a total of 10 years. 3 years in ex-bourbon casks and 7 years in ex-sherry casks. Therefore this is really follows the releases of Port & Zinfandel.

A very approachable rum. Light & fruity with hints of vanilla and a touch of oaky spicyness.


Lidt flad og ikke den store oplevelse som forventet

This is a large disappointment , four square did several special edition releases and awesome this is one . The flavour notes are very heavy sherry oak flavours due to the years in the cask, this was not to my liking and I would avoid it as for the price point of £49 a bottle of plantation 20 year is only slightly more money but well worth that value ...

Light and fruity with notes of fortified wine. Vanilla, oak and sherry notes