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Old sam rhum demerara rum

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14 Old Sam Rhum Demerara ratings

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The best Demerara I've found but sadly not available where I live (Saskatchewan). Any time I travel Young's Old Sam comes back with me. The only Demerara the local government liquor stores stock is Lemon Hart so that's my substitute and the occssional Caribbean.

Deep molasses/caramel, oak! bitter on the finish.

A bit hot and certainly one-dimentional but quite pleasant and fills a niche in cocktails very well.

Quite nice, a shade below el dorado 12 but far up from the lemon hart 1804!

Just found it in local liquor store (BC) and love it especially considering the price - $25, and the fact that Eldorado 12 price jumped to $38,
I guess it's not as "refined", though. While most reviews say it's better mixed and/or with ice -I enjoy drinking it neat.


I don't know what the others are saying this is great stuff.

First sip was not too bad but seemed to get worse with more tasting. Harsh and acidic....and not hidden by mixing with coke. Cant figure why this rum rates an overall 8. Think i will have to try again when i am in a different mood.

a newfoundland favorite. great with coke or on the rocks

I have drunk this rum for the last 10 years and it seems to be getting quite scarce here in BC......making me quite nervous.

If you don't like sweet dark rum, then this one isn't for you. It has a brown sugary taste with earthy notes. One of my favorite coke mixers. I've yet to try another like it.

This stuff is GOOD! A nutty flavor, along with the usual molasses and caramel and brown-sugar characteristics - mix this stuff with Coke and it kinda tastes like root beer. (need vanilla ice-cream and have floats!) Pretty darn sweet-tasting and not much spice but that's okay, once in a while, too. Just need lots of ice!

Not my usual drink but a decent drink with cola. Sometimes a little thick on the glass edge and stomach.

Love the bottle and old fashioned label but it's bit in your face.

And Richard, it is in Saskatoon now. I bought my bottle at the Co-op Liquor Store on the westside.

A minimalist label belies the quality of this excellent Demerara. This rum has a unique reddish colour. A very bold molasses flavour stands out on the first taste and then mellows out with subsequent sips. The assertive flavours and sweet after taste make this rum enjoyable for sipping yet it will come through anything its gets mixed with.

Those who like it like it a lot. One of my friends has the logo tattooed on his leg. Good but not tattoo worthy. Nice sipper. Like how it sticks to the glass.