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Old port deluxe matured rum

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8 Old Port Deluxe Matured ratings

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A very enjoyable rum, the Old Port Deluxe Matured is dark, sweet and very atmospheric. It has a lot of character, although I understand some of the below sentiments that the taste can be somewhat artificial in taste, but I think that's mostly due to the lack of proper spark in it. It's a very good sipper, but I would not recommend this to the experienced tongue. I do however love it, I would always have one ready for consumption!

Using coke should be avoided, I find it to make the drink too bland and really steals away the distinct character that this rum has.

This rum has a distinct vanilla taste and is very smooth. It think it is a very undervalued rum and should be in everyone's cabinet.

I find myself Liking this one more than I should. its a decent sipper. nose is sweet oak and almost cherry red wine like. tast upfront on the tounge is a little thin but sweet with a peppery cinnamon after a bit. going down it explodes with spice and oak flavore that actualy makes this one worth sipping

A little harsh, yet thin? Artificial taste and smell too. An interesting failure. I'm glad I tried it, but I can't imaging purchasing it again.


Drinkable with coke, but thats about it.
There are better mixers out there.
Tried one sip neat before I added the coke, but its too harsh for that.
Update: Not taken in to account in my score, but extremely poor screwcap on this bottle.

Mon exploration des rhums d'Inde s'est limité à celui là qui pourtant de l'avis de beaucoup serait un bon rhum.
Alors d'abord en ouvrant la bouteille cette odeur de cerise chimique prend directement au nez. En bouche on a affaire à un alcool trop sucré,chimique et qui ne ressemble même pas à du rhum. On dirait un sherry bas de gamme de chez aldi.
Le continent asiatique devrait arrêter de massacrer des rhums qui à la base doivent,j'en suis sûr,être très intéressants.

This one seems a bit full of water. The taste is good.. But if it had been doubble the taste it had been killing.

I really enjoyed this rum. I think you get a lot of the cask flavor. It was something new and different and I'm glad I got it.