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Old pascas blanco rum

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11 Old Pascas Blanco ratings

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Alternative to the nearly unusable market leader. In my opinion a little bit better than Bacardi, but not much. Can be used for mixing, when the mix tolerates a somewhat harsh rum.

...then better have a beer. It's methylated spirit, just not strong enough to burn.

Well what to expect more... sharp alcohol fumes, unpleasant to sip, bites in the throat. Not good for Mojito but maybe in Cuba Libre the coke can hide its flavour.

To me it is cheap option for mixing. If you use it right, it serves just as well as any other cheap Blanco. Not worse, not better. The price corresponds with the performance.

Very bad rum that does not deserve a review.
The whorst rum ever made.

You can do a mojito from it, but it will not be a good one. Lowest possible choice.

Jednu láhev jsem dostal a po ochutnání bych ji nechtěl ani zadarmo. Podivná vůně po zatuchlině. Chuť pronikavá až řezavá.

It has quite a low price, which is good. But even for mixing with white rum it pays up to choose a better one.

Wenn man sich mal ganz billig die Rübe wegschiessen möchte und keine Angst vor dem nächsten Tag hat.

guys, save your money, with price of two of these, your stomach and tongue will get incomparable better outcome.

Měl jsem jen jednoho frťana od kamaráda. Rum tak špatný, že si ani nezaslouží klasickou recenzi. Ještě horší, než už tak špatný tmavý rum stejné značky.