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Don’t listen to the people above! Old Nick is the only rum in my life, it is the only rum with a religion based around it. Imagine the best experience of your life and then put it in a shot glass, this is Old Nick!

In fact any one whom has spoken a bad word about Nicks you need to have a shot!

Peace out,



Ne perdez pas votre temps et ne buvez pas ce Rhum...
Rajoutez quelques euros, il y aura beaucoup mieux!!!

Enjoyed a bottle of Old Nick Rhum Blanc while vacationing in Corsica. Bottle and label design looks pretty decent, nice old school style. Very reasonable EUR 10 price. Typical dry notes from the Rhum Agricole manufacturing process straight to the nose and palate with plenty of fruitiness. Super strong burn at the end. Mix it with your favorite soda and down it goes.


This is probably the foulest brew this side of hell. We use it as a punishment for transgressors, although I am not sure it is exempt from the Geneva Convention. I have tasted worse, but that was illegal arrack moonshine at an Indian policeman’s house. Its only defence is that it helped us out of a situation when Brown paint was accidentally splashed on a white van. Otherwise I can only recommend giving a wide berth.

It was only this last year (2017), while skiing in the French resort of Val d'Isere, that I had the greatest of pleasures of not only tasting, but experiencing the phenomenon that is Old Nick.

Having now introduced Old Nick to friends and loved ones, it's popularity and demand amoungst those who have now had the pleasure of the sensation that comes with Old Nick has grown significantly. This surprisingly inexpensive beverage brings everyone such joy that often at events and gatherings held, a shot of Old Nick is offered both upon entry and exit.

It was only a matter of days ago that I returned from France with some of the rarely attainable 150cl bottles of Old Nick.

Seeing as they've been around since 1893, they must be doing something right.


One of the first rums I had. I was on vacation, camping in France and we wanted to make a mojito, so we bought this. Well the results were quite horrible. Needless to say, this is not a sipping rum. Even with coke it's not even a little palatable.. 1/10

Rhum blanc très bas de gamme tout juste bon pour les cocktails.

.....Old Nick Blanc....

Notation Personnel : 2/10


Si des personnes s'invitent chez vous et que vous ne souhaitez pas qu'ils reviennent , alors servez leur du Old Nick. A éviter

Honnêtement, difficile d'utiliser ce rhum... impossible à boire sec ou en ti punch, son goût est trop prononcé pour les cocktails ou les planteurs.
Une chose reste à faire: le laisser en rayon!

A eviter de toute urgence, limite dans une grande dose de jus d'orange...

Le passage en bouche n'est pas des plus agréable... Ce rhum brûle un peu la bouche

Rhum industriel au goût d'essence de térébenthine.

Juste histoire de dire que tu te prends une cuite au rhum... je n'ai pas encore bu beaucoup de grands rhums mais j'ai de plus en plus de mal à le boire celui-là. Mais attention il existe bien pire #expert en rhum premier prix ;)

Un rhum....qui n'en est pas un. A eviter en cocktail, juste acceptable dilué dans un mix de jus très sucré pour cacher le goût de ce breuvage...pour quelque euros de plus , offrez vous un vrai rhum.

alcool à bruler, white spirit, acétone... Je ne sais pas exactement ce qui s'en rapproche le plus, mais fuyez ce produit !

not my dope even with softs

The best way of having a headache.

a evité pour tous....

The Old Nick is the French version of the Bacardi: An industrial rum with no soul to be used in cocktails only.