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Neisson rhum r serve speciale rum

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I'm not sure i've ever tasted a rum quite this dry and "green" tasting. Not for everybody. Decent agricole though, if you are in the mood for something dry and french.

Très bon rhum agricole. Boisé et floral. Pas déçu du voyage

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Ce rhum va vous réveiller ! C'est un vrais rhum agricole assez sec. Personnellement, je les préfère un peu plus doux mais il avouer que l'on aime le boisé, c'est bien visé !

Un bon agricole qui a le goût d'un agricole. C'est un rhum sec sans cette surdose de sucre qu'on trouve dans la plupart des rhums, sans pour autant enflammer les gencives. On ne boit pas du sirop ou de l'alcool à bruler mais du rhum. On retrouve en bouche la chaleur et les saveurs typique d'un agricole qui plairont a ceux qui aiment ce type de rhum mais peut être pas aux amateurs de rhum doux.
This is a good agricole that taste like it should. It's a strong and dry rum without the extra added sugar you can find on most rum but it doesn't burn your mouth either. You don't drink syrop or pure alcool here, it's rum. On the mouth you can feel the typical warmth and flavor of the agricole's rum. It will please the one's who like this kind but maybe not the sweet rum lovers.

I am not very knowledgeable concerning agricole rums so I will offer my thoughts:

The flavor has a noticeable mild sweetness but that is quickly replaced by a marked oak flavor that is not overwhelming. There isn't a harsh burn but more of an overall warmth. It is a very good dry rum.

This rum is dry, a mix of chili, pepper and vanilla, strong and long finish

This rum is quite dry; I often prefer a touch of sweetness in my rums.

Vegetal sugarcane, oak, vanilla, and pepper. Not bad, but not a great rum either, imho. Not worth the price to me of $69.99 (K&L Wines 2015).

un rhum intéressant mais franchement sec en bouche.

Definetly taste the french Cognac influences in this one.

A rhum agricole, this one is intense and complex. Butter + scotch. Add an ice cube and enjoy where it goes. Good heart warmer after satisfying dinner.

This rum is really interesting after a good meal with friends. It os not to strong and it is nice to feel this liquor going through your mouth and your tongue. Really nice