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Negrita dark rum

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49 Negrita Dark ratings

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Attention ! This is absolutely NOT a rum to drink, it's for pastries, desserts and cooking !!

This is by far the worst rum I have ever tasted!!!

Very familiar rum since I was a kid. Used for baking and some other French and West Indies' dessert recipes

Depuis l'enfance on a toujours connu sa place dans la cuisine.
Les années passent, et on se hasarde à le gouter "pur"... Et très vite on regrette l'initiative !!

Idéal pour se désinfecter la bouche ou avec de la pâte à crêpe.

Ok that's cheap but not very bad. That's what you can buy to drink with soft drinks.

Premier Rhum que j'ai gouté et que j'ai vraiment aprécié en cuba libre

Rhum pour parfumer les différentes recette de cuisine mais totalement imbuvable!

I'm too unexperienced to Tell what went wrong with this rum. There is some sort of nice flavor behandling the sharp "gasoliney" much mot dominant tones. It's drinkable, in small portions, but I will never purchase this rum again.

Un ron bastante justito incluso para beberlo en mezclas.

Disappointing rum that falls short. Lacks flavour and is very light for a dark rum.

Found a dusty bottle of this in the back of the closet. Thought i'd try it, for the sake of rating it. Yeah, it's not good... Quite bitter and medicinal. No sweetness. Very floral/herby but not in a good way. Like chewing on bark, leaves and nettles. Impossible to drink straight without making a face. Might suit some cocktails, but certainly didn't go well with the 7-up I poured on it.

I think it's a good rum for doing cocktails. My favorite is Fidel Castro - Rum, ginger ale and lime.

Good for drinks/cocktails no more then that.

Pour this into your coffee when you need warming. This is just alcohol not much more

Could be used for crepes preparation and for bananes flambees ... Not drinkable

A good one for pancakes... Don't try to drink it neat or on ice, you'll regret it !

Ce rhum b a pas dinteret sauf pour des crepes et la il esrbon.a essayer sur des bananes flambees.uniquement pour la cuisine.

Même pour cuisiner, je ne vois pas pourquoi je dépenserai mon argent pour ce rhum... Je n'ai que peu goûter ce rhum dans la cuisine de ma mère mais cela m'a largement suffi!
Je ne sais pas pourquoi il est classé dans les rhums de la Martinique puisque fabriqué en Gironde...

Rhum industriel très aromatique.
Parfait pour aromatiser les babas au rhums, les bananes flambées...
Quant à le boire, le goût est franchement atroce.

I wouldn't even pour this into cola. Use it for cooking desserts or anything else, where you won't taste the finer notes of the rum. 'Cause if you do, all you'll get is a harsh product that'll make you wanna spit rather than swallow...

I have been drinking Negrita since 1970 when I came to S.A.both neat and with mix I find it rich and tasty with plenty body for my likes and find it smooth and presentable in any form.

This is the rum you use when flavouring desserts or cookies, not when you need a drink or a cocktail. harsh.

Too spicy, too strong, too harsh and intrusive. Not even for mixing.

This wasnt expensive and that reflects in the taste, harsh ethanol taste with a whiff of sweetness.