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Attention ! This is absolutely NOT a rum to drink, it's for pastries, desserts and cooking !!

Negrita Dark is not a true Rhum Agricole although it comes from the island of Martinique. Cheap as chips price leads to very immature flavor profile. It is super sweet, like a syrup and has a harsh burn, so not a neat sipper at all.


This is by far the worst rum I have ever tasted!!!

Very familiar rum since I was a kid. Used for baking and some other French and West Indies' dessert recipes

Depuis l'enfance on a toujours connu sa place dans la cuisine.
Les années passent, et on se hasarde à le gouter "pur"... Et très vite on regrette l'initiative !!

Rum który w naszym kraju jest dostać trudno, ale ogólnie jest marką globalną i rozpoznawalną w sporej części świata. Ten właśnie fakt skłonił mnie do kupna małej, 200ml buteleczki na spróbowanie. Oceny nie są zbyt przychylne a już samo przeznaczenie opakowania gdzie poprzez umieszczenie przepisu na naleśniki z rumem producent sugeruje nam użycie trunku do gotowania :) Rum nabyty został we Francji gdzie jest dość powszechny oraz bezproblemowo dostępny.

ZAPACH: Spalone kable, palony karmel. Od kilkukrotnego wąchania zaczyna już bolec głowa...

SMAK: Początkowo słodycz, potem spalenizna, rodzynki, zmęczone beczki, gorycz, zioła i lekki aromat wanilii w tle.

To już trzeci rum opisywany na blogu, który mając związki z Francja posiada wyraźne aromaty gdzie na pierwszym planie znajdują się ciężkie nuty, kable, bandaże, zmęczone beczki. Lecz trzeba przyznać jedno - były to rumy z niższej półki cenowej. Myślę ze na tych trzech koniec - czas brać się za lepsze. Chyba że znowu ciekawość nas gdzieś zaprowadzi :)

OCENA: 34/100


Minns att jag brukade köpa den här för att blanda med cola när man först fick handla på systemet just för att den var billig och i det avseendet gjorde den ju sitt. Men särskilt god är den ju inte.

Did not like this rum at all. Not Neat, not with coke, not with Ginger.

I have since deleted my original lengthy and disgusting review on this one from drinking it in Key West in 1995. Basically, it tasted good and it was too cheap to pass up. Looking back on it, it was unaged rhum agricole with molasses added to it after the fact. The next day, a half bottle did quite a number on my system.

Then I recently watched a very informative rum seminar with rum experts talking at length about rums from the 2014 Tales Of The Cocktail in New Orleans. Most of those that are pictured on the bottle of the Plantation OFTD were the guest speakers. I highly advise all rum drinkers to look this one up on You Tube and watch the entire hour of it. For the next 2015 TOTC, the OFTD was born from this panel and a few more..

At any rate, during the later part of the seminar, the subject came up on how Don The Beachcomber and Trader Vic could no longer get their hands on dark Caribbean rum for their signature tiki drinks. Coruba has been exporting theirs to New Zealand of all places. In those tiki crazy days, LOTS of dark rums were exported from Martinique as substitutes to an unsuspecting drinking public. Now what is wrong with this picture? The audience was stunned, but I knew the answer. Martinique only keeps their good rhum agricoles for themselves! A list of these dark Martiniquan export rums was quickly shown and I had to do some speed reading. All of those companies have gone out of business except for Negrita!!!! That's right! This unwanted export crap from Martinique is still available to buy outside of the French West Indies! Don't do it!

I drank a lot of Negrita when I was younger, because its disponibility and because it was very cheap. But, really, it has an awful flavour. Good for cooking and for get drunk.

I remember tasting this rum with colleagues on a party a few years ago, and it was certainly the worst bottle we managed to procure. The color was very dark, but both the scent and the taste was dominated by a strange, turpentine-like note that made the rum hard to swallow neat, and did not entirely disappear even after mixing it.

I don't doubt that although the rum was probably colored, it was unadulterated otherwise, because even the basic sugar treatment could make it much more palatable. So it was both honest, but very hard to swallow. I would not recommend it to anybody, even as a mixer.

At first I was like ok, its to be expected it wont be any good, but the burn that stayed in my mouth was really awful.

Au mieux pour les desserts mais à ne jamais boire directement même en cocktail

Another typical Cuba Libre rum. Excellent for that but not suited for sipping

Peut se boire sans trop de souci avec de coca mais a éviter seul.

It smells acidic. It is so bad, my dog barked at the smell! I wasn't eager to taste it but for the sake of rating it i did. The taste was better and it might even be drinkable if not for the smell. I guess I'm going to try it for cooking or mixing.

Idéal pour se désinfecter la bouche ou avec de la pâte à crêpe.

Ok that's cheap but not very bad. That's what you can buy to drink with soft drinks.

Premier Rhum que j'ai gouté et que j'ai vraiment aprécié en cuba libre

Rhum pour parfumer les différentes recette de cuisine mais totalement imbuvable!

I'm too unexperienced to Tell what went wrong with this rum. There is some sort of nice flavor behandling the sharp "gasoliney" much mot dominant tones. It's drinkable, in small portions, but I will never purchase this rum again.

Un ron bastante justito incluso para beberlo en mezclas.

Disappointing rum that falls short. Lacks flavour and is very light for a dark rum.

Found a dusty bottle of this in the back of the closet. Thought i'd try it, for the sake of rating it. Yeah, it's not good... Quite bitter and medicinal. No sweetness. Very floral/herby but not in a good way. Like chewing on bark, leaves and nettles. Impossible to drink straight without making a face. Might suit some cocktails, but certainly didn't go well with the 7-up I poured on it.