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Attention ! This is absolutely NOT a rum to drink, it's for pastries, desserts and cooking !!

This is by far the worst rum I have ever tasted!!!

Very familiar rum since I was a kid. Used for baking and some other French and West Indies' dessert recipes

Depuis l'enfance on a toujours connu sa place dans la cuisine.
Les années passent, et on se hasarde à le gouter "pur"... Et très vite on regrette l'initiative !!

Many have wonderful memories of gourmet restaurant meals or sipping special spirits many years later. But my memory of Negrita Dark from 1995 is for very different reasons and it will always remain legendary to me.

I had to get my step daughter over her fear of flying and also to show her what success can achieve with vacations to the tropics. So, my ex-wife, step-daughter, and myself flew down to Key West back in the days when it was still affordable. I would not let her have a window seat on the plane trip down there.

We then stayed at a guest house in Old Town Key West and walked everywhere. This is where I found my first and only bottle of Negrita Dark Rum. Since I had been to the French West Indies a few times, I had never seen this one before, especially at this cheap price. I could not wait to try it that evening back at our guest house. Well, that was 22 years ago, but I liked it's very dark molasses flavor a lot. I wound up drinking half the bottle that night on the rocks. I now suspect that it was rhum agricole with molasses added later.

The big day was next and we had plans to climb to the top of the lighthouse across from Hemingway's house. This was deliberately planned to get my step daughter over her fear of heights. I wisely went first up the spiral stair case. As soon as the other two got up to the top with me, my step daughter uttered, "Something stinks!". That was all that she could concentrate on was this mysterious awful smell. Seeing that she was no longer afraid of heights, I chose to lead us back down before she realized how high up she was. My voice then bellowed between the brick walls of the spiral staircase, "I've got gas REAL bad!!!". We were all in hysterics. A German group of tourists waiting to go up really frowned upon us. As we got back out to the street, they both told me that "Fart Tower" had cured my step daughter's fear of heights. She later went on to a successful adult life with no more fears of anything.

The whole moral of this story is that no matter how much a rum or other distilled spirit appeals to you, if it does a serious number on your system the next day, then it is not good stuff. I would hate to see what this would do to my system 22 years later. I don't recommend to anyone doing what I did. I have also never seen this rum for sale anywhere again.

I remember tasting this rum with colleagues on a party a few years ago, and it was certainly the worst bottle we managed to procure. The color was very dark, but both the scent and the taste was dominated by a strange, turpentine-like note that made the rum hard to swallow neat, and did not entirely disappear even after mixing it.

I don't doubt that although the rum was probably colored, it was unadulterated otherwise, because even the basic sugar treatment could make it much more palatable. So it was both honest, but very hard to swallow. I would not recommend it to anybody, even as a mixer.

At first I was like ok, its to be expected it wont be any good, but the burn that stayed in my mouth was really awful.

Au mieux pour les desserts mais à ne jamais boire directement même en cocktail

Another typical Cuba Libre rum. Excellent for that but not suited for sipping

Negrita Dark is not a true Rhum Agricole although it comes from the island of Martinique. Cheap as chips price leads to very immature flavor profile. It is super sweet, like a syrup and has a harsh burn, so not a neat sipper at all.

Peut se boire sans trop de souci avec de coca mais a éviter seul.

It smells acidic. It is so bad, my dog barked at the smell! I wasn't eager to taste it but for the sake of rating it i did. The taste was better and it might even be drinkable if not for the smell. I guess I'm going to try it for cooking or mixing.

Idéal pour se désinfecter la bouche ou avec de la pâte à crêpe.

Ok that's cheap but not very bad. That's what you can buy to drink with soft drinks.

Premier Rhum que j'ai gouté et que j'ai vraiment aprécié en cuba libre

Rhum pour parfumer les différentes recette de cuisine mais totalement imbuvable!

I'm too unexperienced to Tell what went wrong with this rum. There is some sort of nice flavor behandling the sharp "gasoliney" much mot dominant tones. It's drinkable, in small portions, but I will never purchase this rum again.

Un ron bastante justito incluso para beberlo en mezclas.

Disappointing rum that falls short. Lacks flavour and is very light for a dark rum.

Found a dusty bottle of this in the back of the closet. Thought i'd try it, for the sake of rating it. Yeah, it's not good... Quite bitter and medicinal. No sweetness. Very floral/herby but not in a good way. Like chewing on bark, leaves and nettles. Impossible to drink straight without making a face. Might suit some cocktails, but certainly didn't go well with the 7-up I poured on it.

I think it's a good rum for doing cocktails. My favorite is Fidel Castro - Rum, ginger ale and lime.

Good for drinks/cocktails no more then that.

Pour this into your coffee when you need warming. This is just alcohol not much more

Could be used for crepes preparation and for bananes flambees ... Not drinkable

A good one for pancakes... Don't try to drink it neat or on ice, you'll regret it !