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Myerss original dark rum

Myer’s Original Dark Rum is a blend of up to nine different rums of various ages, all of which are distilled using Jamaica's typical production method: pot-stills. The Original Dark Rum is slightly unique in Jamaica however, because some of the molasses used earlier in the process is added back in after distillation.

Myers rum has been produced since 1879 and named after its founder, Fred Myers.

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Myers is another rum which is nice with coke but too strong tasting for on the rocks.

A generic dark rum, nothing special about the flavour and not really smooth enough to drink straight.

You shouldn't have a hard time finding it in the US. It's everywhere. Sugar cane sweetness, this is ideal as an affordable molasses rum for coke. Great ingredient for rum cake and other baked rum pastries. Don't forget to soak that cake.

This is a dark sweet rum that pairs perfect with coke a cola. This should be in all houses for a great go to.

I was searching for a drink that is easy to make and I tried them all. Vodka lemon, Whiskey sour, Averna sour, and many more (ok I skipped Tequila...). So I worked my way through the supermarket's liquor shelf from left to right. One day I found myself in front of the far right side of that shelf, the rum area.
I thought "hmm, the last time I had rum I was a teenager and it gave ma a bad headache". But on the other hand this kind of liquor wasn't on my radar at all, so I knew nothing about it. I chose a bottle that I never saw before - Meyer's dark rum. Because I didn't know what flavour I was about to experience, I also bought Schweppes ginger ale, bitter lemon and cola. Just to be sure. Long story short: it tastes awesome in any event! In fact I tried orange juice, apple juice, coconut milk and even hazelnut milk. Trust me: if you like the type of juice you mix it with, you cannot go wrong with Myer's dark rum! It's gonna fit perfectly. I have to admit though... Cola is my favourite mix. I always have a bottle of Myer's at home.

Heavy molasses on the nose, and a rich caramel/treacle delight to drink. I found it better on the rocks which helped separate the complex flavours. This one is wasted mixed with cola but is pretty good in a grog or with ginger and lime.

Classic and must have for any bar. Great floater on Mai Tai's

This is a deep, dark mahogany colored rum with a very nice aroma hinting of vanilla, molasses, and sweetness. The flavor is rather dry with the molasses being detectable but quickly overtaken by a marked oak flavor due to the barrels in which it was kept. The finish is rather mild but fairly good. Take it for what it is...a rum intended for mixing. Good for tropical drinks, boat drinks, colas, et al. Readily available at just about every liquor store I've seen.

pretty smooth, decent mid shelf dark rum. Perfect for Mai Tai's or with cola

I like Myer's for making Mai Tai's and feel it would be great in other sweet tropical drinks. I thought it was a bit harsh straight. I think Goslings is slightly smoother. As for mixing with coke, I prefer Captain, but this is not bad. A good standard in dark rum to have in the bar for tropical mixers.

I like to use it in a philadelphia fishhouse punch, works very well! Not bad for the price, but i won't drink it on it's own

This is a great mixing rum for recipes calling for dark rum. I use it in my Mai Tai and hurricanes, etc.

Definitely one for mixed drinks or with cola. A solid dark rum a little underwhelming but still a good one to have in the cabinet

Smoother than other widely distributed dark rums- I much prefer Myer's to Gostling's. I find the alcohol is more subdued on the finish and the depth of flavor more complex. It is my go-to for floats and mixed drinks.

One of the most famous rums in the world, fine example of dark rum as introduction, as well as Jamaican rum, it is hard to go back once you've tasted better. But I do.

Love this stuff. Good strong Jamaican rum right here. Mixes well like everyone else has already said. A bit bitter.

I agree with others. Use it for a rum and Coke, but leave it there.

If you want a dark rum, this is easy to find, cheap, and spot on delicious. Amazing with Dr. Pepper

Especially good as a 'float' on Rum Runners and Piña Coladas. A truly outstanding dark rum!

I was introduced to Myers by my sea-loving rum-loving brother back in the 70's. It has been my go-to rum ever since. My preference is the way it was first served to me - Myers and Tonic with lime. I'm a bit older now and have modified it with diet tonic but still love it. My brother moved on to the high-end Anniversario Rum but I have stayed vigilant.

First Rum I have ever tasted, almost 20 years ago.
Bought from a Liqueur Store in Miami.
Back then I was excited with a Planters Punch.
Few months ago tasted again, straight, awaiting memories to come back.
Nothing came!!
Just some sugar cane taste was still interesting.

Another one I think is only good for mixing. Its good in a pinch cause of the low cost. There are way better rums out there.

I love this rum for mixed drinks. The dark sweet and sugary taste makes it a great rum for the perfect piña colada.

My overall favorite for mixed drinks.

Not great for sipping. Unless you have had more than a few of the good one and you run out of other options. Way too sweet.

Famous for being THE Plunter's Punch ingredient but also for mediocre MaiTais it does its job there but that's about it. Not really tasty as a sipper but a cheap alternative to the real good dark ones like a Wood's or a Lemon Hart. I don't use it at home but have been given worse in bars so it's ok...