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Mount Gay Extra Old (often written "OX") is a blend of rums aged between 8 and 15 years in American bourbon barrels.

Mount Gay Distilleries is the oldest operating distillery in the Americas - producing rum in Barbados since 1703. It's original name was Mount Gilboa, and in 1801 renamed Mount Gay after the distillery's manager Sir John Gay Alleyne.

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Stop! You're killing me...HA HAH ah (hack!) HAH!

That was for those rating this under a 7. This is a real rum. I suspect a tiny morsel of added sugars due to the "smoothness" - a dead give away for tossing sugar cubes into the batch for any rum less than 15 years old - but this an authentic rum, non-Western diabetic marketing concoction bordering on cough syrup.

Tasting notes are not needed. It's a better rum than Abuelo Centuria. MGXO has an almost perfect balance between of dry & sweet, wood and salivation, aged too long and not long enough. If you don't like this, head for the Zaya aisle. If you do, come on over and have a glass you discriminating, sophisticated, demanding drinker, you.

Rum crafting excellence.

Wow, this is just a perfect rum. It's impossibly smooth, naturally sweet, full of molasses and toffee, some oak, and a whole lot of perfection. Compare this miraculous rum with Plantation XO (also from Barbados), which has more added sugar than children's juice boxes. You can spend much more for rums which are as good as - but not better - than this one. Straight up, right?


Almost perfect on most levels, great neat or with single ice cube

Just tried Mount Gay XO for the first time. As someone who has never tried rum that costs more than $30 per bottle, you'd rightly expect I am incredibly impressed. Mount Gay XO has a lovely cinnamony woody aroma, and a nice full flavor in my mouth place. The swallowing action was pleasing to the throat, with a nice warmth. Nothing like that horrible tasteless burn from cheaper rums. I trust I will gain an even higher appreciation for this rum after sampling more rums of similar quality. For now, it's a solid 10 until I try something better. I enjoyed this drink neat with some chocolates


Mount Gay is a quality product to the world of rum. Mount Gay serves a great bridge point to all drinkers. It is not sweet enough to scare away those who prefer earthy/dry spirits (scotch drinkers). It also is not dry/earthy enough to scare away a sweeter preferring drinker. It is the best balance of sweet and dry rum I might ever have. It's characters of the bourbon barrel are very distinguished and give this rum 90% of its characters. The issue with mount gay is the ingredients do not stand out as much as they should. The rum straight is pretty simple in this regard with a little harshness in the back. This is best served with a light amount of cola or ice to get rid of the slight harshness. Mount gay is a great addition to the collection if it is a decision between this or zacapa 23 (2 commonly available top shelves) take this. A perfect analogy of this rum is the good but not best looking girl in the class who happens to be relatively smart and sweet. Is she the knockout with the bold fiesty personality. No, she just prefers to let her quality characteristics sell herself. If mount gay ever got brave and added more boldness to the rum (larger amounts of ingredients per batch ) we could be looking at a perfect rum.

A very heavy and balanced mild rum. One of my favorites!

My brother poured me a sample of this the other day. I have spent much more time appreciating scotch than I have rum (this may start to change ;-) It did have a sort of earthiness and smokiness reminiscent of a scotch. I enjoyed that very much!

This was a great rum. Not as sweet as previous rums such as El Dorado, but great. Reminiscent of a good scotch. Scotch drinkers will love this one. Phenomenal complex aroma that gets better as it sits in the glass longer. Drink straight up!

Nothing too special in my opinion. A rum for your standard evening sip - not the special occasions.

molasses. dry.
i smell some dark fruits. pepper, ginger, barbados!
i taste fruit and tons of spice. pepper. ginger. some hints of vanilla and chocolate.
10/10 - drop 5 from this score if you love sweet rum.
full bodied powerhouse for a very really fair price. if one god exists and would ask me: take three rums with you to heaven, i think, one of them would be this!

The aroma from the bottle made it seem this was going to be a sweet rum but it is drier than I expected. There is a bit of a molasses flavor initially but then the burn hits masking any sweetness. Those who prefer a drier rum will probably enjoy sipping this neat but it's definitely an excellent mixer for me.

I've seen various Mount Gay rums but always overlooked them and never tried any. The XO was very good and I realize I've been missing out. Very smooth. Love the babana.

First Mount Gay rum, tasted this afternoon at the expo rum at Spa in Belgium.
Coffee with banana flavor, nice aftertaste. One bottle coming back home. Testing on going...

Rum. Beautiful example of pot still Bajan rum

A lesson to most in rum making

The aroma is very nice and fruity. It has a powerfull palate, with a fair amount of oak. Though fairly spicy, it's still quite smoothe, with subtle notes of molasse and burnt banana. It has a long and warming afterburn. If you feel like a break from the sweeter rums, i find this a recommendable choice.

As the title says, this is my first sipping rum. I've only had rum in mixed drinks and decided that it's time for me to grow up and have some big boy drinks. Hehe. I decided to start with this one since it is often seen as a standard for tasting rum.
Overall I'm happy with my decision.
I smell fruit and spice. It's a little sweet smelling. I don't get the banana that others report, but that's good since I hate banana.
On my tongue, I get some spiciness, mainly pepper. I also detect some fruit, but my palate isn't refined enough yet to narrow it down.
I'll be judging all future rums against this one.

This has become my go to sipping rum. Perfectly balanced and smooth, not overly sweet, rich flavor. I can’t find any fault with this Mount Gay XO. Truly a benchmark for other sipping rums.

I'm relatively new to the world of rum in that I hadn't ever tried anything outside of Sailor Jerry, Capt Morgan, or the other bottom shelf stuff.

My first thoughts on this was, "Wow". Great mouth feel, smooth, great flavor. This is my favorite hard liquor right now.

As a 'new' Rum drinker, I'm still exploring the vastness of different flavors and brands, but I specifically chose this as it's one of the better rated Rums. I've also let several other friends try this as well and they were very impressed.

Appearance: 9/10
Pours a deep amber, forms thin legs that cling to the side of the tumbler. Looks delicious.
Smell: 9/10
Initial strong alcohol sting in the nose. After it has a chance to breathe for about 10 min at room temp, I get strong forward vanilla, cinnamon and wood, like an underlying scent of a cedar chest. Upon closer investigation, honey and spice can be detected. Simply lovely.
Taste: 9/10
Taste mostly follows the nose. Altogether sweet and bracing, with an almost cola-like undertone. But it's not candy-sweet like some fortified rums (Zaya). The tannic oak notes are definitely present, but in perfect balance with cola/honey sweetness. There's a bit of fire on the back of the palate, but only if I'm paying attention to it. Very smooth.
Mouthfeel: 9/10
Vicious, slick, resinous, almost chewy. This definitely has some body.

Overall impressions: This is a serious taster's rum. I prefer this to the Zaya that everyone raves about. Although I thought Zaya was pleasant enough, like an enjoyable liqueur or cocktail, this high-quality product does not need a slathering of sugar to make it sippable. Nor does this libation need ice or water. It's perfectly fine neat. It's balanced in all the right ways, dry heat to sweet, vanilla/spice/cola to astrigent wood. It's so complex and good that thinking about it makes my mouth water. I'm glad I invested in a bottle of this. It was well worth the price.

The barrel aging comes through strong and its pretty darn dry so if you have a sugar tooth your not going to like this. This is a straight up neat in a tumbler whisky and rye drinkers rum. I like that it's bottled at 43% the extra heat makes for a warming session. This is perfect cool weather rum for occasions such as an evening spent on the beach.
I'm doing a side by side with the Brugal 1888 which has a higher grassy cane tone and maybe for that a justified 40% hence smoother quality but still I just think all rum should be bottled above 80 proof.
Both are top notch and side by side it's like Simon and Garfunkel but your not sure which one is Simon.
If you are exploring the world of Rum such as I and are coming from a single malt or bourbon background than this is a 100% sure bet must try at least once. It may not be your favorite but there is no way your going to be disappointed. For me I have placed a rather large 'YES' stamp on my file card.
I now know this is the goods.

J'ai mis une note de 7.5, mais c'est à cause que je le prend avec du cola au du perrier. Bon rhum qui a un gout de bois du baril.

nez doux, caramel
Rhum équilibré avec des notes de fruits murs, banane séchée

Not super sweet and syrupy like the Diplomático Reserva Exclusiva that I recently tried (and liked). It has a super nice balance of dry sweet and lots of barrel flavor. I am also a bourbon fan which may be why I like this so much. Reminds me of Bacardi 8 barrel flavor but without the alcohol flavor and heat that it has on the finish. Extremely happy with this and will definitely be buying again.

Just finished my second bottle, a very nice and smooth tasting rum.
Very enjoyable.