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Mount gay eclipse rum

Mount Gay Eclipse rum is produced from molasses that is double distilled and aged up to 2 years in white Kentucky oak ex bourbon barrels.

Mount Gay is the oldest existing rum brand in the world, with it's oldest surviving deed being from 1703. The company developed the use of traditional double copper pot stills, a process that has been in continuous use by Mount Gay ever since its founding. The company's namesake Sir John Gay Alleyne was a good friend of John Sober who purchased the then Mount Gilboa distilleries in 1747.

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This rum is solid enough, and when I first started with rum, I thought it quite good. Until I tasted some other Bajan rums. Not to disrespect-- more to add context. It's good, but not great.

Basic rum with a good balance of spices. Nose is a bit aggressive initially then get towards chocolate and vanilla aromas. Mouth is balanced, slightly oaky and aligned with the nose. Alcoholic tail..

Mount Gay Eclipse has a rum aroma, with notes of rum as you drink it, with a warm, cherry-like, rum finish. Okay, you can tell I'm new to drinking, but I love rum, and I love this one. I pour it in an espresso cup with an ice cube and drink this delicious adult beverage after dinner. The name makes me giggle too.


Like the Cockspur, easy to pick up, a decent rum for a night of drinking

tastes much older than it is , and that's a compliment

This is a good utility Rum. I like it mixed with Ginger Ale and a slice of Lime.

I was introduced to this when I was younger from my uncle who used to take surf trips to Barbados. He recommended I try it with ginger ale and a lime which soon after became my favorite drink. Years later still a great sweetness to this rum and I prefer to mix it rather than drink it neat or on the rocks. Good value and better than any white, gold, or spiced generic rum like Captain Morgan or Bacardi.

This is an excellent Rum for mixing, at about the same price mark the Appletons (VX Or Signature) and the Havana Club especial have more depth to their flavours

Not the best one, but not a bad choice. Cheaper one and not a bad taste

Not my favourite.
Maybe good for mixing with coke, but even for mixing, there are better alternatives

Nej den duger INTE som avec.
Dock passar den mycket bra att blanda drink på. Då är den faktiskt perfekt! Bättre än många andra!
Den är därför svår att sätta betyg på. 3:a som avec och 7:a till drink, så det får bli en 5:a.

Nice for mixing. Enjoy the flavor. Not as smooth as some but still pleasant after taste

This rum is made to be enjoyed in a dark soda. It is a good rum to share at family party since everybody will like. Nobody will adore it but nobody will hate it at the same time

I think I've outgrown this one. Used to rave about it but now I notice more the sharpness and its inability to sip on the rocks. Doesn't stop me from buying it though, still a good rum for the price if you're in the mood for rum and coke. I was getting quite a strong smell of alcohol the the other day while I still had some left. Opted for the Havana 7 instead (as per my last review)
I'm looking forward to trying the older Mount Gays, being the oldest rum name recorded in history and one of my first I'll always have a soft spot for MG.
I'm giving this a 6.5 but don't know how you do that with the "rate bottles" above ^^.

This smells like rum tastes like rum and it's is pritty good. When you think of pirates and the Caribbean or the royal navy this is what it tastes like. This is some good stuff.

As a Sailor, I am partial to Mount Gay. For me it is a drink that should reside in every bar and rum owners bar.
Is it the best rum. No not by far! But for me it is a "standard", something by which you can judge and rate other rums by.
At first your nose will pick up a soft floral bouquet, then hit by spices. I find the taste rather smooth to start with then eclipsed by spice and flavor.

Nothing too crazy or special, just a good basic simple rum.

For $20, you'd be hard pressed to find a better rum. Very smoothe! A tad on the sweet side with very prevalent molasses/burnt sugar notes, but not too sweet. I really enjoy this one.

But by that all is said, it was not bad at all, but also not great. A true avarage rum.

Exactly what I look for in a great rum to mix. I don't generally drink rum straight so this really works for me. Good rum nose, with hints of vanilla but can seem harsh by itself. Makes a great monitor or rum punch...

Used to be my my go-to rum. Almost always mixed. A good value rum that drinks smoothly with no harsh methane aroma. Not too much character, either, but doesn't let you down. IMO, better-value rums can be found for just a dollar or two more.

I have been searching for rum with a traditional flavour that goes back to the beginnings. This may be the oldest known brand and the flavour is smooth and right down the middle as sweetness vs edginess goes. This makes sense as some suggest Eclipse is the benchmark by which rums are compared.
To have such a history it seems a bit plain and may have a bit too much influence from the bourbon barrels it is aged in. Good tasting straight with a nice finish a little heat and a nice aftertaste.

Light body, good taste both warm and chilled. Not a bad option for under $20.

I generally drink it over ice with a splash of water, but a good choice for mixed drinks too. One of the best in it's price range and worth the few dollars more than some lesser runs.