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Mount gay eclipse rum

Mount Gay Eclipse rum is produced from molasses that is double distilled and aged up to 2 years in white Kentucky oak ex bourbon barrels.

Mount Gay is the oldest existing rum brand in the world, with it's oldest surviving deed being from 1703. The company developed the use of traditional double copper pot stills, a process that has been in continuous use by Mount Gay ever since its founding. The company's namesake Sir John Gay Alleyne was a good friend of John Sober who purchased the then Mount Gilboa distilleries in 1747.

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Of the rums you can find in a poorly stocked grocery store this is one of the better ones.

This rum is solid enough, and when I first started with rum, I thought it quite good. Until I tasted some other Bajan rums. Not to disrespect-- more to add context. It's good, but not great.

This is a great rum for mixing. However, I typically drink rum neat. So here is my description. It has a mild alcohol scent. Drinking it I notice at first a strong punch of alcohol, but it only lingers a few seconds from the finish. After the first few sips I barely notice the alcohol, and continue to enjoy the rum. At the finish I taste a light vanilla hint. The viscosity is light-bodied and thin. It has a golden-saffron color. Overall, smooth and enjoyable for the price. Usually the best choice at poorly stocked bars. Not the best rum, but certainly not the worst!

Basic rum with a good balance of spices. Nose is a bit aggressive initially then get towards chocolate and vanilla aromas. Mouth is balanced, slightly oaky and aligned with the nose. Alcoholic tail..

Mount Gay Eclipse has a rum aroma, with notes of rum as you drink it, with a warm, cherry-like, rum finish. Okay, you can tell I'm new to drinking, but I love rum, and I love this one. I pour it in an espresso cup with an ice cube and drink this delicious adult beverage after dinner. The name makes me giggle too.


This rum is meant for mixing and not to be sipped. Good for a rum and cola.

This isn't a bad sipping rum for the those with a few dollars in your wallet. Has a bit of an alcohol bite at first but quickly burns off. Pretty good flavor and worth a return over some lower brands.

I love Mount Gay rums, I have the Old Cask 1703 (10/10), I have the XO (8/10) and this one I just bought while travelling and you can still enjoy sipping it... has a lot of flavors for the price and still no added sugar.

Its is a good rum... with Mount Gay you never are disappointed.

So I am in the liquor store, looking over the poor selections of rums and some guy buzz's in front of me grabs a bottle of Monarch rum ,$ 7.95 , bottom shelf, so I say Hey for $4.00 dollars more you can get Cruzan made in the carribean, not in Hood River ,Oregon, here I'll even give you the $4, So he looks at me like I'm nuts rushes up to counter and leaves to go start a fire with the Monarch lighter fluid.

Like the Cockspur, easy to pick up, a decent rum for a night of drinking

tastes much older than it is , and that's a compliment

This is a good utility Rum. I like it mixed with Ginger Ale and a slice of Lime.

Funkar bra till drinkar. Ganska vas och spritglas.

Use it on people who don't appreciate rum and in cocktails.

This rum doenst have a real smell, the taste is very average.

Don't get me wrong it was ok but I had anticipated something really good.

Vůně zkvašeného ovoce, ale rozhodně příjemná. Jemná chuť, není příliš sladký. Takový nevýrazný.

Readily available and affordable gold rum. Fruity rum character with a hint of richness from the barrel aging. Makes a great complimentary rum in tiki drinks and for a wonderful take on a daiquiri (although I still prefer a white rum for the latter). Serviceable on the rocks, but a little thin bodied and lacking depth and complexity to really excel in that form. For what it is and what it's designed to be, it's quite good. Not a must have, but I'll likely buy this again.

Alkohol: 40 %
Původ: Barbados
Aroma: Vůně je suchá, nevýrazná, s vanilkou a hřebíčkem. Lihová, nevyzrálá, snad ještě zaznamenávám citrusy. (72 b)
Chuť: Hm...tak blbě nejen voní, ale i chutná. Citrusy, nakyslost, suchost, dřevnatost a seno. (72 b)
Body: 72/100
Shrnutí: Ochutnáno při posezení s kamarádem v českolipském Baru/Kavárně Kocour. Je to takové nijaké, dřevité, hodně slabý zážitek, ale rum to asi připomíná. To v Božkově umějí z náhražek udělat lepší pití.

Oak, some smoke

Very light, generic

Somewhat astringent but remains pleasant

This should be in everyone's liquor cabinet. Nice with ice or a splash of water and a great mixing rum.

Squeeze a healthy dose of fresh lime in this, add some ice, and you've got a lovely drink. Also good with cola. Mellow enough but with decent flavor and bite to remain drinkable after tasting better things out there. A good introductory rum, but nothing to go back for outside of its ubiquity.

Very strong ethalnol taste and smell is overlapping everything other. Maybe in aftertaste some hits of vanilla and sugar, but for me definitelly good for mixing only.


This rum was, I believe, the fourth rum I had every purchased. Captain Morgan, Bacardi Silver, Appleton being the previous list in successive order.
This rum was on the harsh side with some burn. Entry level mixing rum that shouldn't be enjoyed neat. 2 years doesn't do much aged in ex bourbon barrels to bring out smoothness and flavor to afford this rum to be other than a nary level sipper.