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Mocambo 10 pistol 1821 rum

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10 Mocambo 10 Pistol 1821 ratings

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The reason for owning this is quite obvious. It's not the liquid, wich is actually insanely overpriced as the bottle only holds 20cl. The rums best quality is the aroma. It's Sweet with notes of figs. From there on it's pretty much downhill. The palate is slightly sweet and spicy, with qualities that makes me think of white pepper and dry cactus. The aftertaste is lightly sweet and dry. It's a fun but in no way fantastic product. Considering the amount of rum in the bottle, similar money will buy you some of the best rums around.

Nose is molasses and raisins. Taste molasses slightly burnt with a little oakiness and a hint of caramel after taste of stale cigarettes mentioned by another poster is not nice but fortunately does not linger for me. 6/10 at the front end 3/10 for the after taste. Drinkable but nothing you would rush out to buy

All I can taste is charred wood. At least the bottle is awesome. I picked this up on a trip to Mexico as a souvenir.

I have tasted over 400 aged rums over the past 15 years and I know the Mexicans can produce some amazing tequila's, but the Mocambo 10 year Pistol rum tastes horrific, leaves a very bad afterburn and you will reek wood notes and stale coffee for the rest of the day. The bottle looks super different, that's for sure, but the contents are very sub par. The most surprising fact is that the 10y Pistol is much better than the 15y and 20y which are one of the worst rums ever produced. Maybe they have been soaked in the moldy barrels for too long.

Je l'ai principalement acheté pour son côté décoratif, pas encore ouvert

You got me... I bought this rum on impact due to the nice buccaneer pistol presentation and the fact that this rum was made in a very limited edition size. Each bottle has its own number and is aged for 10 years creating an deep mahogany color and flavorful, complex taste. Not to dry and smooth with just a hint of alcohol burn. Nice Mexican rum to be enjoyed neat ...

Il faut dire que le bouteille est super belle, le liquide quant a lui est minime 200ml. Une senteur de caramel unique en son genre. Son gout très boisé et épicé unique en son genre. On sent et goûte un peu le tabac.


Som tosset samler, måtte jeg bare eje denne. Kommer nok aldrig til at smage på den.

The aroma is amaretto but a little astringent. Fairly light body. Nice flavor again with amaretto but turns very harsh very fast. Better than a mixing rum but barely good enough as a sipping run.

Purchased because it's a glass gun, the liquid doesn't really do much. Quite thin, dry and forgettable