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Maui dark rum

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I like sipping dark rums, and now that I live in Hawaii, thought I'd try one from the home state. Really strong smelling, like molasses, with a scent of vanilla. A strong aftertaste that goes all the way down your gullet, but it's good, not harsh. After a minute of two the aftertase changes to (oddly enough) bread/nuts taste. It does for me anyway. Certainly a good rum, compared to some of that junk out there. No gasoline smell or taste, not too harsh. Smells a bit like candy, tastes sweet and dark. A bit too sweet for me, is about all I can say.

This was a pleasant surprise. It pours like mault liquor as it is heavy and dark. Without any real knowledge on what is blended in we decided to taste, and were very happy with the results. We think it has hints of caramel, and of course molasses. It is very smooth, with not real afterbite.