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Matusalem gran reserva solera 15 rum

Matusalem Gran Reserva 15-year rum is produced using a combination of rums aged on average 15 years and distilled from molasses using the solera process.

The Matusalem company was established in 1872 originally in Santiago de Cuba. The company fled the country following the Cuban Revolution in 1959 and the Gran Reserva rum is now produced in the Dominican Republic.

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This one was a disapointment for me.. A bit overrated from my friends. The taste is to much ethanol for me.. And to thin. It almost feels like somebody thinned it out with pure alcohol. It tasted good in cola but for the hefty price i would prefer to drink it as a zipping rum.

One of my favorite things about Matusalem is how they enjoy reminding us of their great history, which begin in Cuba. They have awesome ads and really do a good job of getting you excited. Now, we all know, when these rum companies spend millions of dollars on advertising, that they are trying to over compensate for their lack of complexity / taste or they want us to know that their brand is for making frozen cocktails.

Matusalem is a stupendous, refined rum that is slightly above average sipper and mixer. It's beautiful in everyday - beautiful bottle, color, smell - but to be honest, I've used it more to spice up ice cream, milkshakes and cake, than make a cocktail out of it. At about $35 a pop, I'd personally still buy it because it's one of a kind: smooth, light, fragrant. I would recommend trying it as a digestif, instead of the typical port wine. But hey, if I could, I would replace every beverage with rum.

Matusalem Gran Reserva 15-Year

Notation Personnel : 6/10


If this rum was a sound, imagine going into a small room with dirty beige walls.

You scream from the top of your lungs, and you expect the sound to reverberate and echo.

But nothing. No echo. The sound stops when you stop. And that's it.

That's this rum. It doesn't make a dent anywhere.

very disappointed with this one, not cheap but not as good as the name, not complexe, short taste and thin, without any character, It tasted good but just sweet and annoying .. i won't buy it again

I like this rum, but it is a little to sweet. So one drink with this is enough

Too long ago to quite remember it, but I think it had too much of an ethanolic taste to me.

I enjoy the smooth, sweet flavour of Matusalem. It seems to be quite underrated by most, it is not the most aromatic or filled with varying flavours as other rum of the same quality but it packs a nice taste with little bite.

This is a good rum. I see lots of bad reviews, but for a 15yr rum this is nice. Drink it straight, mix it. Sip it. It works for everything.

Aceptable, aunque considerando añejamiento y precio, hay opciones muy superiores. Sabor y aroma fuertes.

It's important to know that this was the first rum produced to be a sipper.
The first rum to use solera aging system, previously used only in sherry and spanish brandy making.
This is an icon, a symbol of what rum is.
Can we find something better at the 30€ price? Yes we can.
But this is still a very good rum, balanced, nothing extraordinary but a flawless spirit.

Il n'est pas mauvais....mais pas aussi bon que le nom ou la bouteille le laisse supposer.
Au nez on retrouve, comme pour beaucoup d'autres, des notes de vanille et avec un peu d'originalité des notes de noyau.
En bouche rien d'extraordinaire, le feu de l'alcool gâche un peu le plaisir.
Au final on s’ennuie... comme avec le Botran 15 ans.

I think you can get much nicer rum for this price. Haven't provide anything what would catch my attention in this bottle. By saying this I don't want to sound like this is some garbage, still decent rum, just you can get better.

Very nice rum. Sweet and litle bit spicy. This is very good party rum for me.

Rien à dire de plus !

5/10, prix un peu trop cher pour la qualité du produit

Starker rum .
Könnt vieleicht ein bischen mehr mild und süss sein .
Aroma sehr gut .
Mein lieblins rum für cocktails.

This is a great value rum; at only 40 bucks I usually find myself drinking this as an everyday rum.
It's smooth and tasty and maybe the only negative comment is; it doesn't have much depth.

Not too sweet in tastem but with a nice sweetish smell. I just love this rum.

good it as a present, checked it out but it 's not my taste
also the price seams to be good but lacks quiet a bit.

I enjoy using a pretty good rum to make my rum and coke (diet coke). This one works great, at a decent price.

This is what I start my rum journey with. I dont remember it quite well, but it was easy to drink. There are better rums, but this doesnt offend you.

Rhum très agréable quoi que meilleur en coktail...

Cam dur... Un Cuban simplu... Poate că la banii ăștia e ok... Prea acid pe aftertaste-ul ăsta foarte scurt. Tot așa, poate ok în mix-uri.

A little on the sweeter side but smooth and enjoyable to sip neat. I look forward to trying Matusalem's older siblings! If they are anywhere as good as the 15 year, I will be very pleased and impressed. Great representation of how tasty and popular rums hailing from the Dominican Republic really are!
Rum this complex should not be mixed and watered down, especially when their is a plethora of rums on the market geared towards mixing and at half the price or better.