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Malibu pineapple rum

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7 Malibu Pineapple ratings

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which is pretty low to the ground already. Leaves you with the same chemical aftertaste you receive when you drink artificially flavored pineapple drinks. I wonder why?

Too sweet on the pallette and I like sweet rums . Taste like candy and wouldn't purchase again

Que dire de plus sinon que çà se boit tout seul

4/10 pas parce que c'est mauvais mais juste parce que l'on note du rhum ici

This is actually pretty sweet with coconut anything; creme de coconut, coconut rums, in a coconut, you get the idea.

Bad bad bad. If you want real pineapple rum, try Plantation Stiggins' Fancy. Save this crap for the frat boys.

So Malibu pineapple is not really a rum...but with the pineapple flavor being prevalent is actually easily tolerated over rocks....yep I said it. You can drink this Canadian concoction over rocks with no mixer. Not bad, definitely not good...unless your standards are low

i apreciate it