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54 Plantation Original Dark Double Aged ratings

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This! Is! Awesome!! This is standard procedure done really really well! Strong aroma loaded with tropical fruits and brown-sweetness (toffee, caramel, you know.) Brown-sweet takes over in the mouth with molasses coming out, but still rounded out by those fruits and a little spice joining in the fun. Finish is just a nice warm tickle as the goodness fades. And to top it off, its $25 a liter. Best value there is. Period!

Beautiful aromas of prunes and nuts. On the sweeter side, gorgeous colour. $30CAD at SAQ. Decent legs, could be better. Better than Plantation Grande Reserve for $28 at LCBO due to its complexity.


Rich caramel and baking spice... is it sweetened with added sugar??? Regardless, it stands out in most any mix calling for a dark. Recommended.

This is my absolute favorit rum for a Dark'n'Stormy.

cant beat the price. on the rocks or mixed good either way

Tuzemák? To jsem si myslel, když jsem poprvé přičichl. Aroma je silně tuzemákově pralinkové. Chuť je díky bohu mnohem lepší, surová, ostřejší ale rozhodně dobrá, bez pachuti tuzemáku nebo Cap. Morgena. Pokud by se mělo bodovat cena / výkon dostal by 8b. Pokud se boduje jen aroma a chut, kvůli přehnanému aroma 6+.

To the nose, figs and toffee. Taste of sweet and bourbon. Overall nice taste and good on ice and not bad with coke. For its cheap price, i highly recommend.

If we talking about what is inside in bottle, I give 6+
But if we take a look how much this Rum costs... it must be close for 8. I buy it for only 12 euros. It’s much cheaper than Bacardi, HC, CM in this price category.
Nice Rum.

The nose is not attractive, it smells like petroleum and it fallowed all the way to the finish. Very disappointed since I love Plantation products sooo much.

Classic bittersweet Carribbean double aged rum. I needed to add ice and a slice of lime to really appreciate it. Reasonably priced I think this rum is great in all the classic rum cocktails. Has a slight Smokey aftertaste.


I love the bold flavor. Still kind of new to rum. But i love this as a sipping rum. Not my choice for a mixer. I love the color. Aroma could be better. I found it on sale. Which is why i picked it up. So glad i did.

Schönes sattes dunkles Bernstein im Glas.
In der Nase breitet sich zuerst eine schwere Süsse aus, gefolgt von Karamell-, Bananen- und Holzdüften.
Im Gaumen, süsses Karamell mit kandierten tropischen Früchten und getoastetem Holz. Auch Aromen der dunklen Macht sind zu entdecken.
Im Abgang fast etwas klebrig, Karamell und Früchte.
Ein Rum für jede Bar, zum mixen super, zum pur trinken ok.

Beautiful rich dark amber in the glass.
First a heavy sweetness spreads in the nose, followed by caramel, banana and wood fragrances.
On the palate, sweet caramel with candied tropical fruits and toasted wood. There are also flavors of the dark force to discover.
In the finish almost a bit sticky, caramel and fruits.
A rum for every bar, to mix super, to sip ok.

A really good discovery. Tasty as we like it. Not too costly. Wonderful mixer, great sipper. Bought a bottle for my reserve.

Wasn’t expecting too much from this one admittedly given the price. However, it’s actually quite good considering. A bit heavy on the sweet aroma and lightweight on the tongue with a distinct burn from the alcohol but allow it to settle a bit in the glass and it becomes more balanced.

A good mixing rum and can drink neat if you have to but there are better rums about for that. But in saying that I’ve tasted many rums that are far worse and cost a lot more than the €20 price tag.

A decent rum at that price range but it’s a decent mixer for me rather than one to enjoy neat necessarily but I wouldn’t be disappointed if I got this as a gift - hence the 6 rating.


What a bang for the buck, If you are not really into the rum business, this is one I would recommend. For both, a good example and also a bad example.
Why is there colouring inside, might be also sugar.
But you still able to get the Jamaican part out of it, I like!
Floral notes, toffee in the nose, some sweetness and wood and caramel in the mouth.
But not very complex, no deepness? But for 15 Euros. And a RedBull Coke or on the rocks.

Brown sugar aroma. Rum barrel. Sweet, a lot of cane sugar. Has some kick

The extensive information on the back of the label states that it is mostly thin aged Trinidad rum mixed with some aged Jamaican pot still rum rich in HOGO funk. In the 1800's, this combined effect was quite desirable and still is, but mostly in Jamaican circles. As for me, I was glad to finally bid farewell to my funky Jamaican Appleton 12 Year Reserve Blend some time ago. The HOGO funk in this Plantation rum is a lot more subdued and you get it on the aroma and going down the pipe. On the tongue, the funky taste is strangely absent and replaced by fruity caramel. At 80 proof, I am sipping it neat and have no need to add ice or water. It would work really well in Tiki drinks that require two different rums and at a much cheaper cost of only $17 per liter. I would definitely buy this versatile rum again.

As for referring to this Plantation Original Dark Rum as the little brother to their OFTD Overproof, that is not even close. Yes, both have a Jamaican component, but the Trinidad part in this one is replaced in the OFTD by aged rums from Guyana and Barbados. That two-for-one switch is what makes their OFTD better than this one.

The French have achieved a bright exterior and mighty aroma.
I recognised datura, prunes & sulfur.
Taste = bitterness & sweetness are dominated, then burning & astringency, a little watery.
After some time I got the heaviness in the head and stomach.
The effect is heavy and long-lasting.

Wasn't a huge fan at first, but after some more experience with rums I honestly find this one to be extremely inviting and enjoyable. Smooth, great fruit flavors, fantastic creamy nose.

A blend of Trinidad and Jamaica rum which goes through aging in Caribbean (heavily charred American Oak barrel) and France (French Oak barrel)

Funky and fruity in the glass: canned pineapple, papaya, apple pie with sweet spices.

It tasted less funky compare to the nose and much woody with burn of alcohol. Soft/ diluted caramel with cinnamon and vanilla.

Spicy finishing of cinnamon, vanilla and anise. The party ended quite soon yet still manage to feel the burn of alcohol on the palate.

Was expecting a little more charateristic as its pretty good in the glass.


It's a good mixer and it got me drunk really quick. Goes very well with some cocktails but there are better alternatives.


Krásná láhev...výborný rum...prakticky zadarmo....upřímně nektere drahé rumy nejsou tak dobré....

Caramel but missing the vanilla and molasses notes.

Seamana mult cu A.H. RIISE dar nu atât de aromat și de dulce. De încercat dar cam atât. Oricum mult mai fin :)