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This one is a little harsher than mae de ouro but a little fruitier and makes a better capairinha. For a much cheaper price Ypioca or 51 will make as good a mixer but are not as good if you want to sip occasionally.

One thing that is bothering me - I see people giving this low ratings of 2-4 because they don't like cachaca. That is not fair, a rating should be based on quality not on your personal preference.

Clear, smells a bit like chocolate tequila. Not much of a sipper. But this is he first Cachaca I've had so my review is rookie.

In my opinion, this is the best cachaca for mixing. I believe it's a capirina..

To my understanding, this was formulated for the US market, yet the first time I had it was in a caipirinha in Sao Paulo. It's great for caipirinhas and other cocktails, but I wouldn't want to sip it as I would a true premium cacacha.

Ordered this and wished I hadn't. OK as a mouthwash perhaps or lost in a Rum punch

Not what I expected at first. On the nose this has the scent that instantly reminded me of long nights and Silver Patron. With that in mind, I did not put this near cola. I followed the directions to make a caprihana and it was actually delicious. I was extremely impressed in how the muddled lime and sugar could transform this very intense flavor into a tame beast. It still even tasted like Patron with lime. Taking that into consideration, it is much cheaper than Patron and I might try it out next time I have people over to see if they can notice the difference.

Don't be swayed by the haters...they admit that they don't like cachaca in general. This particular brand is naturally sweet and buttery, with some fruit and spice as well. Agricole lovers will really enjoy this one. It's wonderful on its own. Goes down smooth - it's very deceptive - and before you know it you're ready for another. Several anothers later, it's "Where are my pants?"

This cachaca is really good when you are making mix drinks caiphirinhas. Not good by itself is very aromatic and you can taste the anise on it.

I have to learn more about Cachaca, as a straight up rum this wasn't impressive but I need to try this again in Brazilian mixed drinks to give it an honest review

I took a leap of faith here and thought this rum would turn out alright as a mixer. I was wrong. There is no good way to drink this. I just don't like it.

I wanted to see what all the hoopla was about cachaca was. Tried this one. Never did I expect to wish I was drinking Valzola so badly! The aroma was pure alcohol with chemical undertones. The flavor was unprocessed garbage. Going down have me acid reflux for a few minutes. Avoid this at all costs.

bought this to try and recreate a mixed drink I really enjoyed at a restaurant. Didn't work out so well. Tried it in a blended frozen fruit drink, but has an odd taste that isn't even covered in the fruity drink.

I'm no expert on cachaca but of the three I've tried, this struck me as OK but it didn't grab me. Cachaca in general reminds me of a blend of light rum and tequila. It's hard to describe the difference but this seemed to have a lighter but sharper flavor than the other two (not yet rated). Considering that there's another I prefer that's cheaper than Leblon I was glad I got to sample this without buying the bottle.

Bought a bottle after reading about it. Didn't care for taste or smell at all. Ended up giving bottle away. I'll stick to my favorite rums.

I had Leblon for the first time about 5 years ago in a Caipirinha. The drink was awesome, it was like drinking a limeade in summertime. Five years ago, I would have given Leblon a 9, but now that I've had 4 to 5 other cachacas, I've found that this regional spirit is more diverse than I thought.

This is an excellent cachaca for everyday use or just Caipirinha use. This is not a sipping cachaca, but there are several options other there. If a Caipirinha is a limeade, Leblon is the water and sugar that makes it that way...with that said you'll notice it's a tad bit sweet. You can't beat the price of price of $20 to $25, so add it to your home bar.

Best Caipirinha material right here. Nothing much more to say.

Love this cachaça!
I don´t know why, but I prefer white cachaças. This one is so smooth and has those sugar cane notes!

A good cachaca to start with, it´s smooth and makes good caipirinhas.

I was nervous when I smelled this bottle after opening it. The first straight shot was different. The taste and smell is far different from a standard rum. It grew on me and I downed half the bottle one night. No ill effects the next day all natural for sure. A great choice for straight up shots and can be mixed with very little for a fantastic drink. If you want to try something different go for this!

Smooth cachaca, reminds me of actually being in Leblon, which is a cool part of Rio.

Nope dont like Cachaca, needs to be mixed in with something to add to the taste.

Good for Caripirinhas.

Came into contact with the brand during a green trade show few years back when I still wrote frequent posts for the CocktailOrganico faux blog. I'm not a big fan of clear rum, I prefer aged rums, but I commend the company for pioneering a product free of artificial ingredients. If I had a bar, Leblon would certainly be on the shelf.

Better than your Sagatiba's but nothing particularly special. Fine for a Caipirinha.