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Lambs white rum

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Sugar: 0 gpl. You know you are in a Dive Bar that is working on a budget when the only white rum available is this one. Smells a bit like Kerosene and leaves a petroleum after taste in your mouth even when it's mixed with Coke. It's not good and if you are thinking of a rum and this is the only one on the shelf, then order something else or leave.

Rums like Lamb's are why I request to see what's being offered at every establishment.

Not much to say about this blanco rum. It is a bar standard and nothing more. I have some but do not know why.

Do not drink this use as lighter fluid but it likely won't burn

Most bars cheap house rum taste bad gives you bad after taste

I have not found a nice white rum. They tend to just give me heartburn. If given a choice I drink whisky over this white rum.

I really don't like White Rum I have tried it in different drinks and still not my favourite.

This ok when you run. Out go dark rum or spiced. You notice someone left it in you cabinet. On purpose

Harsh, bad taste, bad aftertaste. May give it to an already drunk person at a party to finish it. Do not recommend.

Leaves an aftertaste in your mouth that reminds me of rubbing alcohol and a terrible hangover.

Liked this even less than the dark . I'll drink it but I'll drink anything.

This was terrible, the bottle looked cool, but the taste was just horrible, total budget party drink, and when I was hungover, I had an awful headache and later in the day my legs felt terrible.


thumbs down

Interesting mint flavour. Not a fan.

Gasoline like indeed