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This jet fuel is the best selling rum in Newfoundland, by a massive margin. I've heard over half of Lamb's sales WORLD WIDE are in NF. Have no earthly idea why. A friend works in the spirit industry and tells me Lamb's is actually closer to a whiskey profile than rum. So, for me, it has the dubious distinction of being a terrible whiskey and even worse rum!!!

An amber, demerara rum that is best when mixed with cola. A marketing campaign years ago made it the top seller in my area. It is priced low and does not have a strong taste so it appeals to the masses looking for a rum and coke!

Drinkable and mixes well, moved on to better offerings.

Nothing very special here. It is a standard for rum based drinks has some flavour over the white but not as strong tasting as Navy.

Best rum ever! Best rum ever! Best rum ever! Best rum ever! Best rum ever! Best rum ever! Best rum ever! Best rum ever! Best rum ever!

Extremely soft taste, 40oz for the price of a 26oz, can be mixed with anything. My best all around party rum

This makes a good rum and coke for a bottom shelf rum. Smooth but not a sipping rum,light in colour with a caramel and vanilla flavour.

This rum is an OK rum, certainly not a bad rum. Best to drink it with cola and ice. We do need something to compare other rums against. A run of the mill rum.

First off, this isn't a flavoured rum so it should be moved over with the gold rums. Lamb's Palm Breeze (or as I call it Amber Lamb's) is/has been a staple rum all my life. It isn't the greatest neat or on the rocks, but as a mixer with coke or ginger ale is not bad and easy to put down. It has comparably drinkable to other stable mates such as Bacardi Gold or Captain Morgan. It is somewhat light tasting, and has a medicine like aftertaste if drinking straight, but not noticeable when mixed. A good rum to mix or to share with friends who aren't rum snobs. The ice in the glass in the picture is from an iceberg that washed ashore ;)


I thought I would give the cheaper brand a go as I'm a little on the short side of money and I'm quite surprised by the flavour of this. Very nice with ginger beer

Makes a good Cuba Libra. But there are much better choices.

This was my drink when I was 19. Mixed with Ginger Ale.

This is one that I accept from neighbours for plowing the driveway and doing good dreads

I have drank & enjoyed Lamb's Palm Breeze straight up with a coke chaser or mixed 50/50 with coke (not pepsi) for aprox. 25 years. (1 - litre per week average). Recently the labelling has changed to ALFRED LAMB'S & the taste has gone down from a - 9-/-10 - to a 1-/-2 rating. I have bought the new " blend" on 2 seperate times & at different locations - 1 in Saskatchewan & 1 in BC. Five of my friends have sampled it & they all agreed that the taste is very - very poor. Both bottles were returned to the Government liquor store for a refund. I am very dissapointed in the new taste & am going to change to a different brand. If Lambs changes back to the original taste, please notify Me., or send Me some. - - Don. G.

Anyone who drinks rum and coke in my community simple asks for Lambs and Coke (and/or more likely Pepsi or Diet Pepsi). I have heard but never heard it confirmed that we are one of the only places in the world that Pepsi outsells Coke. So no joke but if you go to a bar and ask for Lambs and Coke it is assumed you really want Lambs and Pepsi and will get that even if you wanted Coke. Just because it is the most popular rum doesn't make it great. I was never fond of this drink but my wife and friends were raised on this one. Most have stepped up to a spiced rum such as Kraken but I still usually keep this on the shelf. Currently, it has been replaced with an 8 Year Old El Dorado which seems to keep them happy.

Not bad for a cheap one but won't find it in my bar.

Smooth and easy-drinking amber rum that goes quite nicely in 7-Up or ginger-ale and ice. Simple but enjoyable with light hints of butterscotch flavor and mild spiciness that's not overwhelming. Very flexible in its uses.

commentaire a venir

A very pale amber, perhaps a bit of colour added to the white variety? Smooth, not raw, no real decernable notes, slightly medicinal.
Evaluated neat, but destined to be mixed with cola henceforth. Lowest cost rum (amber) in this area as sold by BCLCB.

Popular in my region. Just drinkable in a pinch. The best of the worst. Mediocre.

Shot and beer chaser. That is about it.

Lamb's is not good rum